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Nov 15-18 trial invite question - region compatibility

14 November 2012 - 07:20 AM

I haven't played this for months, but recently noticed the trial invite announcement.

So I was reading gen discussion and came across someone who was requesting an invite for a EU trial.

Can anyone confirm if EU players are able to use NA player invites? Does it work the other way around?

Idea is, if I can't expend my invites by the end of tomorrow, I'll let them loose to anyone who asks (currently I've giving them away to my deviantart/tumblr/calguns followers).

I want to make sure that those getting them are able to play, otherwise it's a waste of time for both me and the recipient.

1. LFG tool - adding a cross server quest search tab 2. Adding rewards for participatin...

21 September 2012 - 12:40 AM

Now, before we begin, I want to make clear this is NOT a DUNGEON LFG tool and unrelated to that.

1. LFG tool for questing
So, as it stands the current party finding interface is well, not very useful. I hardly see anyone using it out in the world, since PvE doesn't really need any sort of organization and most players I've encountered know how to assist each other without being in a group. But giving it a cross-server quest search could multiply the LFG tool's effectiveness by quite a bit.

Anyways, remember that you get a confirmation window that asks you, "are you sure you want to enter your quest instance/continue your storyline" with a yes/no option? Well what I'm suggesting is, add a third option - "request party/search for party"

So you're not forced to use it. If you want to continue solo, hit yes. If you are not currently in a quest and you feel like jumping in on someone else's quest, just open the LFG tool and the quest search tab (as explained below).

Now if you hit "request/search for party," the LFG tab will open up with a quest-related GUI. You will have two options at this point. You may host a quest and wait for others to join, or you may go out and search for open quests. When hosting a quest, you can set minimum level restrictions at your option and your max party size - you may also remove uncooperative or unruly players before starting the quest. In addition, there will be a chatroom in the quest lobby that is open to all servers, as well as private chatrooms for quests that you are currently hosting. These can be used to discuss strategy and whatnot.

On the other hand, if you just want to find a quest to join:
Quests will be sorted by level, which can be filtered. You may also filter by race/order. You can see how many people are currently in each quest lobby/room, in addition to their classes. Since the search will return results from all servers, there shouldn't be a shortage of quests once people start getting familiar with this tool.

2. Rewards for party members who join quests that are not part of their chains

As you know, if you participate in a quest that isn't relevant to your background, you won't get ANYTHING out of it besides the exp/loot off trash mobs that you kill. You might as well continue completion in whatever PvE zone you're in. To give an incentive to grouping in quests, I suggest adding karma/money/exp as rewards. Maybe crafting materials as well.

Of course scaling the rewards right is an issue, but the way I see it, just give them exp/money/karma equivalents to a small/medium DE at the quest's set/downscaled level.

Mystic forge: resulting soulbound equipment needs to bind on equip, NOT acquire

28 August 2012 - 09:27 PM

Long story short. My warrior is dumping old green gear into Zommoros at Lion's Arch. Unfortunately, I wound up with a lot of gear that wasn't designed for my class. But a good chunk of those were bind on acquire, meaning that I couldn't sell or transfer any of it to my alts. It was simply, useless.

At the moment, I'd say that the risk of dumping good gear into the forge for a fair chance of getting a completely unusable item is unappealing. Leave bind on acquire to heart-karma items - it has no place elsewhere.