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#2162060 WvW State of the Game

Posted Bodyshot Hero on 11 February 2013 - 04:22 AM

View PostImpmon, on 10 February 2013 - 02:03 PM, said:

WVW state of the game.  Same as its been from day 1.

1.  Culling issues not fixed yet
2.  No rewards
3.  Badges of honor as loot bags & not directly to account like karma
4.  Paper keeps
5.  Zergs
6.  Actually read one of the million other WVW suggestion posts to see some good ideas
7.  To say the WVW community needs to step up is an insult.  They stepped it up months ago asking for specific changes and have been ignored.

well, the sPvP state of the game casts have actually gotten developers in there with them, and were able to directly converse with them. Perhaps instead of just constantly getting angrier and angrier, we should take a step back, and actually try and converse with these beings that we call developers, and maybe, just maybe, we will discover that they are human too.

Trust me, i've been a WvWer since day 1, i've made threads and posts detailing my personal feelings as to how WvW could be made better. I've seen the way that WvW has been neglected, and shoved under the rug, but until we start really trying to have a conversation with Anet, instead of just screaming at them like children who just got bored of their newest toy, we'll never really get anywhere. I think that Anet, despite the fact that they created the game, don't really understand the type of people who play WvW, so we need to let them know exactly who we are and why we are here.

#2159592 T1 - Jade Sanctum’s Sorrow

Posted AngelSpark on 06 February 2013 - 10:52 PM

View Postcoronbale, on 06 February 2013 - 09:54 PM, said:

Yea, sorry, was more talking to the collective flame thrower wielding trolls that pounced on my original post like a baby lowered into a raptor cage.

Anywhose, almost time to get into WvW!  I wonder if normal people get as excited about crap in their day as we get about WvW...

Well like a /salute after a wipe, its never meant as sarcastic, and always as an toast of the highest regard!  Least not when it comes from us.  Our posts are the same, and while some come on here and bash their opponents, I reserve the bashing for WvW, and the /praise for here (and the occasional 3v1 vs forum trolls when class is dragging on).

I have to say, I don't think everyone who had issue with your post was a troll, so please don't do them and yourself such a disservice by blanketing them all under that group. Some of them had very valid reasons to have issue with what you said - when SoS would get a huge spike during Oceanic times and the few Aussies on JQ would be at a loss to match what you had, we werent going "Oh grats SoS, but it's all because of your superior coverage, dw we'll hold workshops and get better".

Sure you may have congratulated us before, but almost every post of praise I have seen before has had some kind of allusion to how you guys are great, have been training hard, or "been kept on your toes". There is nothing wrong with admitting that you may have lost, because I would honestly not believe you if you said you don't get beaten - even RG and PRX get beaten in open combat, and I have seen those first hand. Please, don't bring up the time you wiped ~10 PRX out of a whole group as an example of "beating" PRX, and then losing to them a few days later once they got more members in down to good training, because while I'm sure they do train, they always were terrifying as a force when they had their members in.

When it comes right down to it, try just admitting that you may have lost, and leave it at that. No "we will train to deal with X" or "your superior coverage does X", All servers have periods throughout the day where they break the trend of an even split between points. Now, please don't take this as an attack against you, I respect you guys as competitors, but the irony in saying that we are only winning because of superior numbers and coverage really makes such posts sound downright silly. Again, labelling everyone who disagrees with you a troll isn't helping your image. For the real trolls out there, it doesn't matter what they are called, but calling those who have legitimate queries or issues with something you say is downright offensive, and doesn't help your image.

#2156215 T1 - BG, JQ, SoS

Posted MikeSr on 01 February 2013 - 07:53 PM

View PostCirus, on 01 February 2013 - 07:44 PM, said:

Do explain?

Listen Cirus and all of the SoS folks here who complain about JQ being stacked. Answer the following questions:

1. For the past 2 months, do you think Sea of Sorrows had coverage advantage over SBI and JQ?

2. When a Tier 1 server cannot hold its own area in even 2 maps (lets say its home BL and EB) - Is that a lack of manpower or a lack of skill?

3. Has SoS ever had queue on a map and still faced heavy losses on that map?

4. Will crying about how stacked server X is while being defeated by that server make you feel like a pro who was the most skilled but only lost due lack of numbers?

#2156164 T1 - BG, JQ, SoS

Posted MikeSr on 01 February 2013 - 06:31 PM

View PostFidee, on 01 February 2013 - 06:24 PM, said:

Quit crying already, you massively outnumbered every server for 2 months - did you transfer off to another server to balance populations then? No you did not. You rode the zerg to victory and now you are crying because with equal numbers you get wiped off.

Either get your "Tactics" right or get used to getting wiped. Stop this whining :)

#2151466 T1 - BG, JQ, SoS

Posted EvilSinzGW2 on 26 January 2013 - 06:41 PM

View Postxarallei, on 26 January 2013 - 06:18 PM, said:

Zergs are on every server. No server is free of them except perhaps the really low tier servers (and then I'm not even sure about that).

Agreed but when someone from JQ claims SoS rolls into a supply camp with 30 and calls if 'overkill' ....   apparently we're the only server that should stop at the entrance and draw straws to see who goes in to fight.

#2151422 Disappointed with same skin for Corrupted Long and Short Bows

Posted Arewn on 26 January 2013 - 05:00 PM

I don't really understand why you would spend all that time and resources for such an expensive skin without even checking what it looks like first...

#2150632 T1 - BG, JQ, SoS

Posted Hecksa on 25 January 2013 - 01:45 PM

View Postcoronbale, on 25 January 2013 - 12:33 PM, said:

BTW a note on the golems, they are flat broken, and anyone using them knows it.  Then again so is runing your team in and out of veils to use the broken rendering, and standing on that tiny little spot of invuln in the back of vale, but ive seen TONS of respectable guilds using all of those, so eff it.  GIBvGIBvGIB FTW.

I think there's a pretty clear difference between Veil and the other two "broken" things you mentioned here. If the golems weren't available in WvW, no one would use them. If the invulnerable patch wasn't there, no one would use it. These two are quite obviously broken and need fixing, I agree.

If culling wasn't a problem..guilds would continue to use veil before hitting people.

Veil before going into a fight is just a sound tactic. Sure, rendering problems make it even stronger, but don't pretend that people use it "to use the broken rendering". They use it because it's awesome, and will almost certainly continue to use it after the culling issue is fixed, unless the skill itself is altered in some way.

Don't blame guilds for using the utilities a class offers simply because the utility happens to be slightly stronger due to an issue in the game. If all guardians "Tome of Courage" elites were bugged to make everything instant cast, would you complain at people for running guardians with the tome? Using the best abilities a class has is just good sense. Let's just get the bug fixed.

#2149091 T1 - BG, JQ, SoS

Posted Kreen on 23 January 2013 - 03:34 PM

View Postcoronbale, on 23 January 2013 - 02:43 PM, said:

and we had far less players than they thought, hence the drama after.  Culling is a sad state of the game, we operate as if there are 100 enemy units in front of us until the fight is over.  To do any less is to get run over any time you didn't GUESS the right number.

ANET will fix it, but till then, we play to the current state of the game.

As for the altercation with RG, we do still respect their training, ability, and skill.  This is a team that NEVER loses, and they were getting hit pretty hard by us.  A few bad words in the heat of the moment shouldn't label them in any way, and I hold no grudge whatsoever.  I've said it before, WvW is intense, if you don't fly off the handle a few times a day, your not doing it right.  All part of the fun!

Hope to see more of the same today JQ, great job on your recruitment, and keep up the good work on all fronts!

Coron, its not of my business at all given this is between RG and Tsym but I watched both your stream and RG's and its clear you had quite a few more players than them, really culling is such a lame excuse at this point. I know how many RG have on our server. Your guild puts in great performances every day and I respect the work that you and your guild put into training but don't do yourself a disservice here by tarnishing your guilds reputation.

#2148897 T1 - BG, JQ, SoS

Posted Shiren on 23 January 2013 - 10:02 AM

View PostFriendlyFire, on 23 January 2013 - 08:40 AM, said:

Queues are how you win WvW, but no ones coverage is ever perfect. Guilds that are transferring to JQ aren't transferring to win at all costs, they are transferring because we have one of the best communities and we have one of the most well rounded servers, in all aspects.

These transfers seem like a lot now, but down the road, we will say "remember when..."  Come February we will already start to see some new Tier 1 contenders.

I'm curious on why you think we will see new tier 1 contenders. What makes you think the WvW scene will change all that much in the coming weeks? Once free transfers close, it's unlikely we will see many people changing servers at all, if you're already in a tier 1 or 2 server (which seems to be what everyone is trying do looking at the population numbers) why would you bother changing? If a server doesn't have the coverage to get to tier 1 by the end of the free transfers, what realistic chance is there that they will fill that coverage gap once it starts costing money? I can see the possibility of one of the tier 2 servers rising up into tier 1, most of the tier 1 servers were nearly impossible to get into this week (I've seen guilds break the EULA by swapping account information and passwords so they could swap each other's accounts over while people were sleeping or at work), so many guilds went to tier 2 instead, boosting their coverage a lot more, servers which had full populations but poor coverage (population caps have nothing to do with active WvW players as far as I know). What I'm saying is, if you don't have the coverage before free transfers ends, how are you going to get the coverage to get into tier 1?

@ the whole JQ/SoS drama, this shit is why so many people don't post on forums or want to be involved in WvW or top tiers. A handful of people (seriously, it's a handful of monkeys slinging poo at each other) painting entire servers with broad paint brushes. The drama over winning or losing tier 1, gaining or not gaining large transfers and the dellusion that WvW is supposed to be a balanced competitive arena where objective and meaningful achievements are made, it's all just really depressing. You can do some really cool shit in WvW but people talk about it like it's GvG from GW1, where guilds competed on a balanced playing field and skill triumphed. The best sPvP in this game (and the bar is pretty high) would get crushed by any large guild. If you want to build a reputation of being a competitive skilled team that stomps their competition, do it in sPvP. If you want to have zergy fun, siege towers, defend keeps and crush enemy militia (with tactics and strategies, good commanding and a giant force to back you up), WvW is great. Let's stop pretending it's something it's not.

#2148834 T1 - BG, JQ, SoS

Posted RawNG on 23 January 2013 - 07:59 AM

The whining I see from SoS members is mindblowing.  You guys have been dominating T1 for how long?  Now you see that you actually have some serious competition and now crying all over the forums saying "blah blah so many guilds xferring to JQ a 'already stacked' server!"  
Seriously, grow up and face the fact you guys aren't top dog anymore and you're going to have to really fight to win T1 once the guilds get settled on JQ.

View PostMagikarp, on 23 January 2013 - 07:22 AM, said:

DC and others combined with FoO makes an unbeatable Oceanic presence as is visible here

All I read here was "oh my god we actually have to try and fight to win now?!"

It's sad to see how much you guys downplay your own server now.  Scared much?

#2148009 T1 - BG, JQ, SoS

Posted Global_GW2 on 22 January 2013 - 08:43 AM

Coronbale: "As usual, before we do (bleeping) anything, we have to stomp the (BLEEP) out of Blackgate. If you let them live for (bleeping) two seconds they will stab you in the back".

Epic quote.

#2147602 T1 - BG, JQ, SoS

Posted Cyril on 21 January 2013 - 06:18 PM

Here is a video from RG 13 of us in an insane keep take if anybody wants to know what we are all about.



#2144510 Moving On!

Posted ayoblame on 17 January 2013 - 01:35 PM

Who is this guy? And GL on the bate thread. Hope it works out for the Lulz.

#2143871 The Continued Crusade on Kaineng & War Machine

Posted Vihar on 16 January 2013 - 06:32 PM

View PostThe Mighteous One, on 16 January 2013 - 06:03 PM, said:

Be advised. Admission to Team [USA] is not automatic. Passing an intelligence test is required.

  You do realize, oh Mighteous One, that you have named your guild after a nation that is ranked 17th in the world for education, and applied an intelligence test to get in?

  Just sayin'.

#2144348 What is the best Guilds out there

Posted Gully on 17 January 2013 - 09:21 AM

Watched the first minute or so and then turned it off. A large 'coordinated' zerg fighting doors, how is this a 'great' fight?