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#2141179 The Guild Wars 2 Endgame... Let's be realistic here..

Posted I'm Squirrel on 13 January 2013 - 02:57 AM

View Postjthamind, on 13 January 2013 - 12:50 AM, said:

i've never played GW1, so this question isn't intended to sound sarcastic at all. was GW1 as good as it ended up being right from the start, or did it take a while to get there? i'm just curious, because i see people saying GW1 was so good at such and such, but GW2 is still bad in such and such way.

of course, you could say that if certain things were already in a game x amount of years ago, then why couldn't they also have them in this game at launch, which i would agree with. i just hope they bring back some of the awesome sounding ideas from GW1 into this game, because i want more fun content that won't lose its luster so quickly, especially on the PvE side of things.

I thought it was a masterpiece from the start. I remember the game being released, me and four friends all created warrriors and "beat the game" and that was the best adventure i've ever experienced at that time.

The skill system was amazing at release. We had a warrior who would kill and then use his necro abilities to explode the bodies for aoe. We had warriors who used bows and ranger skills, etc. It was all 100% original builds, crafted to however you wanted it.

The story in all the GW1 games make GW2 story seem so lackluster... They had memorable characters, missions, they were all straight to the point-- no "filler" bullsh*t.

No grind for gear, no grind for levels, you simply followed the amazing storyline they had set out. They also had traditional quests for lore, xp, skills, and items-- these were in fact much more enriched in lore and story than GW2's events.

GW1 was 10/10 for me. GW2.... 4/10. But I still play it, sadly. I just hope the next official expansion brings back what GW1 had, god damn, that was a beautiful game.

#2141129 The Guild Wars 2 Endgame... Let's be realistic here..

Posted Perm Shadow Form on 13 January 2013 - 12:26 AM

There were no monthly fees in GW1 yet end game was so much better than in GW2. I never got tired of doing UW and FoW. It was my way of having fun even though it was repetitive.

#2130688 What do you want in the January update / future expansions and patches?

Posted Lasareth on 29 December 2012 - 10:30 AM

Crafting needs an overhaul, badly.

Party finder... this is an almost necessary core element that for some reason was completely overlooked...

Further adjust loot pools to player level so that Orr isn't the only place that level 80s go to farm mobs. Liven up lower level areas a bit, please. I would be a bit disappointed if they added new maps and didn't attend to the underlying problem of nobody populating current low level maps because there's no reason to.

Enable player-to-player trading. Again, another fundamental element of the MMO that somehow never made it here. (Sorry, but the 10-15% gold sink of the TP isn't reason enough not to have a trading system...)

No new fractals. The first few were great, until I had to grind and experience the same ones over and over til they became stale and boring. I don't want to experience this again for a while. I would recommend using the concepts behind a lot of the fractals we have (which are innovative and immersive) and apply them to something not as... repetitive...

Some class-specific armor would be nice.

Minor wall of text, read at your own risk: Anet jumped into microtransactions too fast and dealt a substantial blow to a relatively young game in that every update includes some black lion trade co. gimmick. This projects an image as being too focused on their bottom line. It would be good to have a major content update that doesn't include their RMT system in any way. I would even go so far as to say that they would do well to introduce more in-game ways of acquiring stuff like black lion keys, boosters, and mystic forge stones to convey that they want us to play the game, not buy more stuff. A company doesn't necessarily have to try to capitalize on every event they do to profit in the long-run.

#2130538 What do you want in the January update / future expansions and patches?

Posted Arquenya on 29 December 2012 - 04:36 AM

View PostTellia, on 29 December 2012 - 04:30 AM, said:

i hope youre prepared for disappointment...
Honestly, I expect nothing else.

#2130526 What do you want in the January update / future expansions and patches?

Posted Just Horus on 29 December 2012 - 04:11 AM

What will realistically happen (best case scenario):

-Fractal improvements that were already stated
-WvW improvements that were already stated
-MAYBE 1-3 new fractals
-Small changes to dungeon rewards
-Another small boost to open-world loot (not enough to compete with dungeons/fractals)
-1 new map
-1 new jumping puzzle
-a bunch of stuff added to the gem shop and BLC
-some bug fixes and balancing

Don't put your hopes up people...

#2130413 What do you want in the January update / future expansions and patches?

Posted Sheepski on 28 December 2012 - 11:51 PM

View PostProtoss, on 28 December 2012 - 11:37 PM, said:

I seriously hope that people rage if we don't get shitloads of content. Because one needs to be seriously dumb to  set up the update as "expansion worth of content" and then not deliver on it.
Now clearly we shouldn't hope for new classes or races or skills, but I absolutely expect multiple areas, dungeons and a shitload of pretty.

Yeah well I think A-net have lost their credibility with things they randomly say in interviews, and can't be taken literally. Also what defines an expansion's worth of content for you, me, them etc will be different. Literally you could say that they would mean similar to Nightfall, which just won't happen. So already they're below what they would normally define, so the questions is, how much less will it actually be?

I really can't see it being a lot of new content, not in terms of pure new zones/dungeons (maybe 1 or some few Fractals etc) but I'd see it being a lot of the quality of life additions and balancing instead.

#2130294 What do you want in the January update / future expansions and patches?

Posted this a pointed on 28 December 2012 - 09:54 PM

more game less gambling

#2129084 Senseless Boring

Posted Dimos Zargarda on 27 December 2012 - 11:23 AM

I feel you man, ive been playing GW1 for 5 years, but GW2 gets me bored so fast, as soon as I hit 80 I get the best gear, try out few dungeons and reroll.... only Necro and Engi missing at 80, wonder what il do after lol.

Anyway, the problem (for me atleast) are the weapon based skills, the thing that skills come with your weapons. In GW1 we were able to make our own builds, hell look at GW1 wiki, ul find over 1000 builds for EVERY class, thats not possible in GW2, hence why it makes it so boring. If you take 1 class, only 1 from GW1, it will have more skills than ALL classes put together from GW2.

I do love this game but I came here from such a great game like GW1, idk how they could make such a big mistake with not allowing us to make our own builds, it was THE one thing GW1 had that no other MMO I know of did.

#2121003 why so much negativity

Posted Daesu on 17 December 2012 - 05:01 PM

View PostMAUL0r1, on 17 December 2012 - 02:42 PM, said:

@People who think that complaining on this forum is the best way for Anet to get feedback: NO. Just NO. All you're doing is destroying the community with your negativity. Want to give good feedback? be constructive and show evidence on the OFFICIAL forums.

I don't know why everyone who hate others to give negative feedback like to ask them to post them to the official forums instead.  Is this some kind of conspiracy?  Perhaps they hope to make use of the moderators there to "punish" them by getting them banned? :D  I rather post here, thank you.  I don't believe in the draconian moderation that they have in the official forums.  

When people complain about the game, they should have a suggestion on how to fix it, otherwise it is not a constructive feedback.  On the other hand, if anyone is against their suggestions, then they should address why the suggestions are good or bad for the game, instead of resorting to personal attacks or name calling.  Otherwise they sound like a stupid fanboy.  

Therefore, negative threads by themselves are not the problem.  I welcome constructive negative threads and I can learn from these.  Closed-minded, overly zealous fanboys are the ones that are doing more harm than the frustrated players.  Their posts are just full of personal hate against individuals and they rarely address the suggestions, if at all.  You can't learn anything from their hate posts and they only serve to spread more hate around.

#2120948 why so much negativity

Posted Arquenya on 17 December 2012 - 03:55 PM

View PostMAUL0r1, on 17 December 2012 - 02:42 PM, said:

Also, it should be noted that Anet is WAY more interested in statistics than other MMO developers... they analyze data to help them make decisions, not the moanings of an emotional child.
What statistics?? Well I always wondered why ANet doesn't make extensive polls about what the community as a whole thinks about the game, what they like to see added, how to improve and fine tune their gameplay.

You can't even make polls on the forum .. it's almost as if they don't even want to know what people like. So they give in to vocal minorities? Or just think out the most profitable thing to do, using "RNG sells better than just selling" statistics?? I don't see any players being involved at all.

Look for example at the ascended gear and that it seems that there's no majority that actually wanted it (see poll on this forum, the rage on the official forums - and take into consideration that the unhappy players already left). And it was already intended to be in the game before release? Really?
Or the fractals split into seperate levels instead of, say, brackets of 10 so the community is now split up into 100 little pieces and "LF Healer", which we all hated in other games, is replaced by "LFM lvl X".

Customer contact and beta test servers can be good things, really.

#2119092 why so much negativity

Posted Rielesh on 15 December 2012 - 04:17 PM

I complain about game a lot. Why? Because I been watching this game for years and I am sad with direction they are heading while loving game they created.

original forums are like prison ...
let me give you example yesterday there's been this one guy I don't remember his nick he posted 3 post long topic feedback about pve, guilds and what anet did wrong and how should they fix this ... this was really well written and constructive. name of that topic was something like What Anet did wrong and how can they fix it? .. guess what? it was deleted in 10m probably because of name what anet did wrong ...

I got 3 infraction in 1 day there ... reason trolling second was lying and 3 was something like flame on mods?

trolling was because I posted link to most viewed topic about bugged outdoor drop rates (about 35k views and 1000 replies but with no Anet reply) saying that this game is forcing you to fractals while leaving whole orr contested and no under flow or whatever will help if there is no reward ( with today patch that boosted fractals even more and with no fix to champions and vets I believe this even more)

I used to be raider in wow (top 10 guilds in world at tbc) I done so much dungeons in my life that I never want to do that anymore EVER
this game was marketed as no grind do what you want ...  while lost shores force you to grind dungeons not only because they are ascended items there but outdoor drop is soo nerfed that I can't even get 1 rare per 3 hours ... and that used to be 5 - 6 in 1 hour at orr

so again I am negative because I love this game I don't want it to fail but every time I look at some post replies or new patch I feel they are heading same route as swtor (that game is pay 2 win now )...

This patch today is really great I love collectables tab etc etc

but then when I look at gem store as mini collector and see them account bound and only obtainable with RNG  "gifts" I really wonder what Anet is thinking
I am happy to spent 2000 gems every second month that is about 10 euro / month just like subs
isn't 2000 gems enough to get few pixels do I need to spent 10000 gems every second month to get complete collection ?
I could farm any mini in WoW or buy almost any in GW1 why GW2 is so different and all about money money and even more money
you needed to buy Halloween minis twice then lost shores added them to drops so I was really happy but now you can't even buy minis but only RNG chest hoping for luck ... and again you need them twice if you want all + quagan pet

so here is summary why I am so negative ....

I love game I hate this new direction that game is heading full of grind and rng slowly changing gem store to swtor pay 2 win model ...

#2118995 why so much negativity

Posted beadnbutter32 on 15 December 2012 - 12:54 PM

Paid posters just doing their job.  Heck, this entire website is a thinly disguised PR subcontractor to Anet.  The new customer relations manifesto they operate under is "the customer is always wrong" coupled with "we know best".  Criticize anything about this game and open yourself up to personal attacks and general harassment.

Maybe there would be less negativity if Anet did not release half baked, buggy content.

#2098171 Anet on why there is vertical progression

Posted Baron von Scrufflebutt on 27 November 2012 - 02:24 PM

I have better games to play if I want to satisfy my vertical progression-needs.

#2105186 Seems like we'll get a big content patch on January/February

Posted Fizzypop on 02 December 2012 - 11:43 PM

View PostGilles VI, on 02 December 2012 - 09:12 PM, said:

Much less..
Not to forget WoW had muuuuch bigger bugs at launch.
But people tend to forget that easely..

Who cares? Having a lot of content doesn't matter. It's having enough content that's fun, entertaining, goes with the story you are trying to tell, and isn't full of game breaking bugs. Right now? GW2 hasn't really delivered a whole lot of the good kind of content. I don't really care how often it happens either. I've waited a year for major content before. I just want the content to actually be good...silly I'm sure.

#2104808 Colin Johanson is Lead Content Developer

Posted ErrantVenture on 02 December 2012 - 06:12 PM

View PostNaevius, on 02 December 2012 - 06:01 PM, said:

Colin Johanson is Lead Content Developer and no longer Game Designer. Tin Foil Hat brigade, the floor is yours.

Anyone is better than Izzy though.