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Error 3032 when opening Guild window

01 September 2012 - 09:17 AM

I have logged a support call with Arenanet more than 2 days ago.  The have so far failed to respond to the call.  I think the support is really bad.  I understand they have other issues, but still...

I have a weird error and wanted to know if anybody else have the same issue;  The client is stable, until I open the Guild window ("G" key).

A couple of seconds later the get a popup with Error 3032 and it simply says "Network failed ."  When I click OK, the client closes and I have to login all over again.

Prior to me logging the call I also received Error 11 (Incorrect login), when opening the Guild windows.  It looks like they fixed that however.

I've run a -repair, and everything is good.  I even deleted the %userprofile%\documents\Guild Wars 2 folder.  That also didn't resolve it.

Currently I'm unable to join or represent or do anything with guilds.