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#1929138 Warrior, outclassed in every way

Posted Giac on 14 September 2012 - 02:14 AM

The best defense in this game is mobility in combat and damage evasion. Incidentally that's exactly what this class is not good at.

For those playing at the high levels of TPvP, think about which classes actually engage in melee. It's guardians, thieves and warriors.

Guardians lack in-combat mobility, though they have access to an insane amount of evasion and prolonged stability with a lot of stun breaking utilities that are actually useful for the role they assume. So while they are not hard to catch, they are incredibly hard to lock down.

Thieves have incredible in-combat mobility and evasion. Locking them down is almost impossible. Pistol Whip also offers excellent control, damage and defense all in one ability and thanks to Shadow Return, they can break out of stuns at will, as long as they have initiative.

The warrior has very weak in-combat mobility and is easy to catch. Their strongest burst weapon offers limited evasion and absolutely underwhelming utility, while their burst roots them in place. Once you have fired 100 blades and whirlwind, you better switch weapon set, because any other offers more sustained damage. The warrior's utility skills are one-dimensional, poorly thought through, nonetheless some of them are absolutely mandatory, if you want to deal damage that is considered a threat.

The stun break on frenzy is ridiculous for instance. When are you going to break a stun with frenzy? You'd be insane. In order to use your stationary burst from the GS, you better bring balanced stance and endure pain, or you will simply get shut down or killed. So you have now used up all of your utilities to be able to use the one skill that hurts and if that wasn't enough, you'll have to pick up a control ability as well, forcing you to pick up a hammer (stun), a sword (root) or a mace (stun). After this, you are locked into the GS for at least 5 seconds (more like 10, since not everybody picks up fast hands and even if you do, it doesn't work for the first weapon swap in combat)

That's just too much compared to what a thief needs to do to deal equal or superior damage.

#1904412 My Apologies topic regarding Grind. There is no true Grind.

Posted Knuckledust13 on 09 September 2012 - 01:23 AM

Hello guys.

So I've been complaining alot lately about the grind on endgame etc, and I have been receiving lots of messages regarding Grind being optional and the easily accessible crafted Exotics.

Turns out all of this was true and I'm here to apologize to the community as a whole and to ask people to stop complaining about grind. I took the time to spend 4-5 hours today doing DEs around Orr with some CHEAP (2s each piece) magic find gear. Turns out I raised about 6 gold and could be even more if I had magic find food. I also raised about 30k karma, which almost buys one piece of fugly Orr exotic.

I am now, 12 hours after I started my intensive play test, decked in full level 80 Exotics in Dolyak Runes, and sporting also a level 80 exotic Greatsword with Accuracy Sigil. All of those were my desided stats and my just true complaint is the fugly skins. But I transmuted my HoM skins into that and solved this for now.

Posted Image

I only need the Trinkets set now but that is a non issue, since the +% magic find greens are still good to make some quick buck.

The grind IS THERE, I do not back off on my statement, but I do agree now that it is entirely optional. Dungeon gear is not needed, but since Dungeons are great to make Gold as well, I think the grind is lessened.

So, there it is my conclusion:

There is grind? YES.
Is it obligatory? NO.
The game kicks ass? YES
Was I stupid for complaining more than actually playing? DEFINITELY.

There, you can all bash on me now.

Have fun and regards,

#1884926 So, you hit 80 and you have to 'grind for gear'?

Posted Proseidon1 on 05 September 2012 - 03:32 PM

Hi. I'm Proseidon. I've been playing MMORPGs since I was 12, starting with Maple Story. I've played the original Guild Wars, WoW (and all expansions), Age of Conan, WAR, SWTOR, and multiple free korean grind fest games.

I'm your average player. I have a girlfriend and a full-time job, but I still love to play games all day. Even when I can't, I love to read the forums and learn about everything. This isn't what I'm here to talk to you about, however. I'm here to bring you a message. A message that is very important to me, and that I think you need to hear.

Are you ready? "Shut up."

Sorry, I had to get that out of my system. Seriously. Let me address some of the most mind-bogglingly stupid things I've read on this forum.

You don't know what grind is. If you use this phrase to describe Guild Wars 2, you are so very, very wrong. Do you want to know what a grind is? A grind is playing Maple Story, where to progress to the next level (out of 250+ levels), you have to spend one or more entire days only killing one type of monster over and over again. THAT is a grind. Doing quests is not a grind. Playing PVP is not a grind. Daily events are not a grind. Hearts are the closest thing to a grind in this game, and they aren't grinds, either.

Horizontal Progression.
Here's one I've been seeing recently.
"Proseidon, I hit level 80 and I don't have max gear! I'm supposed to have max gear now because it's horizontal progression, just like guild wars!"
Okay. Let me lay some logic down on your neurons. Guild Wars 2 is the very definition of Horizontal Progression. Once you get max gear, you never upgrade again. Ever. Across any new dungeons, new pvp, new expansions, etc. Not once. That's horizontal.

And you bring up Guild Wars? Are your rose tinted glasses messing with your eyes? Let me run down the list of what you had to do in Guild Wars after hitting 20.
  • Get Droknar's Forge gear (the first gear that had max stats). 5k, not even including mats.

  • Get a 9 req max stat weapon. Sorry, did you forget how expensive these were? 5k+.

  • Get the appropriate max-stat upgrades for your weapon. The best ones were expensive. I'll be generous and say it was only 5k.

  • Get a full set of the best runes for your armor. Depending on your class popularity. Still about 10k.

  • Get all of the appropriate skills (and elites) necessary for your build. At least a day or two worth of playing.
So we're looking at LEAST (and I do mean least) 25k, the time spent farming that, and the time spent farming skills, all just to be equal to a PvP character. And you have the audacity to say that Arena Net has "fallen" or "changed" because you have to do some work after hitting max level? You barely have to do as much as the original game! I FEEL LIKE I'M TAKING CRAZY PILLS!

So, to wrap this all up. For the Love. Of. God. Stop whining. Stop making up stories. This game is very simple. You play it and enjoy it or you don't. No subscriptions, no worry, no hassles. If you have legit criticisms, by all means, say them, but sometimes this feels like I walked into a kindergarten class and one kid said "There's too many vegetables, we wanna eat cookies for every meal!" And of course all the other kids love cookies too so they're like "YEAH $^@$ HEALTH LETS GET SOME COOKIES!" And logic and reason flies out the window and an angry mob of 5 year olds destroy an entire town.


#1854354 Kinda bored of the game already

Posted Vayra86 on 31 August 2012 - 11:53 AM

I kind of felt the same way as OP in the past week of playing GW2. But then I realised that the only reason this feeling comes up is because previous games 'forced' you into a certain task (ie. get capped, get geared, meet min requirements for Quest A to progress to B etc.).

Now that I have gotten used to a different game, I also came to realise that a game is actually way more entertaining, more fun without goals that are set for you - I now set my OWN goals for the playtime I have available. One day I'm hunting down skill points in random zones, the other I try to grab some vista's and get 100% completion elsewhere, and when something gets tedious I switch to some sPVP.

I have never been so relaxed playing an MMO as with GW2. Truly a great change. But you only notice this when you realise that in every other MMO you're actually a slave of the system. GW2 does not have that.

#1854197 Kinda bored of the game already

Posted Domynic on 31 August 2012 - 11:19 AM

Maybe try dominating people in PvP with superior skill and tactics, rather than gear?

#1872293 what ever happened to horizontal progression?

Posted Agent Noun on 03 September 2012 - 02:54 PM

View Postraspberry jam, on 03 September 2012 - 02:50 PM, said:

It's not absurd at all. ANet claimed GW2 would not have grind. They claimed that you could have multiple playstyles. They claimed that you didn't need to craft anything.

Are you really telling me that two weeks of playing to go from level 1 to level 80 in maxed gear counts as "grind" these days?

And I stand by my other statements: more people will be crafting max-level exotics as the game goes on. You can hit 80 and buy them from those people on the trading posts. If you haven't noticed, crafted gear isn't soulbound. You don't have to craft it yourself.

View PostTiglatpilesar, on 03 September 2012 - 02:50 PM, said:

Wow, have ever people who defend enormous grindfest GW2 is in comparison to GW played first game?

It is absolutely blowing my mind that the game, in its current state, is being called grindy at all. I'm floored. If it took you a week to get to 80 and two months to get max gear, that would be grind. That would be intolerable. But as it is right now, this isn't even close to a real grind.

And again: we can't really judge how easy/hard it is to get max-level exotics because the Trading Post has been screwed up. You can buy them from other players. Those other players will have a much easier time getting the necessary materials once they can reliably use the Trading Post.

#1820197 Why are guardians and warriors considered overpowered?

Posted Red_Falcon on 25 August 2012 - 06:59 PM

Because in 99% of other MMOs melee classes are jokes you can perma CC and kill with ease; infact I have an hard time recalling a game where pvp isn't ranged-class-centered.
So balanced melee to traditional MMO folks means "I should be able to kite/chain CC him to death 100% of the times".

Thankfully, Arena Net has always puts melee on par with ranged, the traditional MMO crowd can complain all they want but they will continue to get rolled until they learn to play or quit.

#1846000 Traded Trinity for What (PvE)?

Posted Kichwas on 30 August 2012 - 07:24 AM

View PostElfen Lied, on 30 August 2012 - 07:06 AM, said:

Lich King fight. All I have to say. Have that epic fight in GW2 would probably be impossible. And if you had one player screw up on HC LK you'd have to do it again. If someone fails to move you have to do it again.
Beat that on second try of my first time there (we had one wipe, one person cussed up a storm, booted him, and problems went away). The raid lead just said "listen to DBM" and we did...

It was just a timer boss, with very repeatable "move here at this moment, then there at that. Then when this happens shift to that.

Its just a ballet - you learn a dance, and do it. And if there's a show tomorrow, you do the same dance for the next audience.

GW2 is like a mosh pit or a street brawl - you have no idea where things are going or coming unless you pay attention. Its like this in City of Heroes too... chaos. Like a big battle should be.

Even you sort of hint at this difference up there: If someone fails... basically, if the swan over on stage left fails to catch the other swan, she faceplants on the stage and the audience laughs... but... EVERYBODY knows that one swan is going to dive towards the other at a certain point in the ballet... So the timing is learned, and then repeatable.

#1836940 Conversation With A Level 80

Posted BloatedGuppy on 28 August 2012 - 08:29 PM

"Grind" has become such a catch-all word it is now synonymous with "playing". Back in the day "grinding" used to mean repetitive monster slaying as the only form of content/advancement possible. Now it means everything. Questing? Grind. PvP? Grind. Storyline? Grind. Crafting? Grind. Roleplaying? Grind. Exploration? Grind.

"Oh what a loathsome grind," people moan, whilst playing for hundreds and in some cases thousands of hours.

Used to be a good word too. Pity.