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In Topic: The New Leveling

Today, 12:18 AM

Having made a new char recently, onl to be dumped into the world with no guidence other than "go help out the locals", I unfortunately instantly used a L20 scroll.

While delaying the story into chunks rather than every few levels seems to be a reasonable idea, it seems to just compact the grind rather than spacing it.

Can't say I'm overjoyed with having to unlock basic traits, but that was in fairness earlier than this patch.

Overall, I'd say the new system is marginally worse, although the per level rewards are a nice touch.

In Topic: Account blocked

20 September 2014 - 05:33 PM

Wait for them to get back to you. I can't remember exactly but the typical response time is longer than 3 days.

In Topic: Gaile Gray returns to the community team

20 September 2014 - 04:56 AM

Good news in my eyes, Welcome Back!

In Topic: Is it worth making one?

16 September 2014 - 12:02 AM

You don't need to be 80 to pvp. If you mean wvw, being 80 would help, and necromancer is useful there.

Regards to pve, necro is pretty standard, you can make a strong direct damage build, or go for the conventional condition damage setup.

In Topic: Crafting Time-Gated Items for Gold

16 September 2014 - 12:00 AM

View Posthanzapepi, on 15 September 2014 - 10:45 PM, said:


I just achieved 500 in Weapon and Armor smithing.

Now I would like to earn back some of the money I invested by crafting.

Are there any items that I want to focus on?

I hear you can make decent cash with crafting Time-Gated items.

Any help is welcome,


Elonian Leather, Deldrimor Steel, Spiritwood Planks.

Not sure if there's decent money to be had, but they're the items you use your time gated stuff for.