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In Topic: Noob questions about the shattering effect by mesmer...

Today, 12:37 AM

It's alright I guess. The issue is that condition damage simply isn't very good in pve. Don't get me wrong, you can run it, but it is less effective.

Something like this could work in pvp or wvw with a few tweaks.

I'd advise some skill and trait changes: http://gw2skills.net...hwiQAA9Be1fAA-e

That's, in my opinion, a little better, without loosing the core concept of your build.

In Topic: Noob questions about the shattering effect by mesmer...

Yesterday, 01:19 PM

View PostCiv3player, on 30 July 2014 - 09:46 AM, said:

Thanks for your reply.

1. What do you mean by “assuming it hits it's mark”?
Assuming you're foe doesn't dodge, block, or kite out of shatter (it can happen)
2. So if my foe is not in the 240 radius around my illusions, they won't be affected by my confusing effect? I can see that F3 is dazing and the radius is 1200. so a larger area/more foes will be affected I suppose? That's weird with only 240 radius. What if all my clones are not using melee attack? They are not likely to confuse my foes when shattered!
Correct, if they get out the area in the splitsecond before impact, they won't get hit. If your clones are range, they'll run to the target and shatter, they won't do it on the spot. F3 does not have an Area of Effect, it only hits your target. Worth noting that CC (daze, stun) does not stack, so you won't get 3 seconds of daze, you'll get 1, potentially followed by 1 and 1, depending on the timing of you clones reaching their target. Check the tooltips, Range is how far away you can cast from, Radius is the size of the impact area.
3. If my targeted foe is not in the radius and I toggle the shattering effect, all my illusions will run to my target and suicide?
Good question. Your clones shatter on the target they have. So if I cast 1 on a ghost and 2 on a Pig, then shatter aimed at the pig, only 2 will aim for the pig, the other will go for the ghost. If you're outside of the range of your target, they COULD just shatter on the spot if they're also too far from target, or they could shatter on target, it's a bit picky as to if it works a such ranges.

I'd advise going to the heart of the mists (pvp) there's a few training NPCs and target golems which you can try this out on.

It's difficult to see how many clones and Illusions I currently have. In my control panel, I can only see 3 purple holes which shows how many copies of my character exist.

Either use the 3 dots on your bar, or just remember what you've cast recently. Clones are not important, Phantasms are. The general rule of thumb is if you have 1 phantasm up, then cast 3 clones, one will disappear rather than loosing the phantasm which is stronger. If you've cast 3 Phantasms, and try to cast either a clone or another phantasm, you'll loose one (the 1st?) so the newest one is in play.

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Yesterday, 12:55 AM

Forgive me, but that sounds crazily imbalanced.

In Topic: Noob questions about the shattering effect by mesmer...

Yesterday, 12:53 AM

I'm going to assume you have no traits which change your shatter effects (there is a few).

1. 1 stack will be applied per shattered clone - assuming it hits it's mark. (other conditions can be applied, and an additional stack dependent on traits)
2. Nearby foes is nearby the shatter "impact". The radius is 240. (if you have "Illusionary Persona" traited, shatter effects will also trigger on your character)
3. If you clones are a long distance away (like more than 1500) I note they may just shatter on the spot. However, the range of your shatters is 1200 (you can target something 1200 away from you), so all nearby clones will run to shatter on that target - unless you used F4, in which case they will shatter where they stand.

As to your post script, clones do very little damage. Phantasms/Illusions (there's some naming discrepancies) do more damage and generally serve some purpose.

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23 July 2014 - 12:21 AM

well, that was short.