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In Topic: How is Guild Wars 2?

09 May 2016 - 07:00 PM

As Ark said, I'd definitely try it for free first. I don't know if you can get it cheaper elsewhere, but Gw2 Base and HoT is currently £34.99. My own measure of if a game is worth it's price tends towards 50p-£1 per hour of enjoyment out of it. So on that basis I'd say it's good.

I play both pve and pvp, but I'll go for the pvp angle since Ark covered pve.

PvP is currently doing alright. It's still populated and the Leagues are doing a good job of attracting players that might normally avoid pvp. The reward system can be very good, you earn items and currencies that are attainable outside of PvP (there's a tiny amount of pvp exclusives) and in some cases you get the rewards faster.

Balance-wise, I'd say it's okay. It could be a lot better, however I think the core issue is the power of the Elite Passives (specializations) from HoT. At the moment these seem a lot stronger than the base passives - but anet has said there will be more elite lines and they are intended to be on a level with each other. We just don't have one yet. I would say if you're good enough you can still play comfortably in pvp without HoT.

View PostOleron, on 18 April 2016 - 02:03 AM, said:

Also do I need to buy the expansion to obtain the full experience?

Just a quick one for this bit. In my opinion, no. The expansion is what it says it is - an expansion. You will be better off with it, but it is by no means necessary for I would say 99% of the game, the spare 1% being the top end of pvp.

If you've not yet paid for anything and aren't in a rush, it could be an idea to wait and see if a sale comes around. I recall Gw2 Base Campaign was on sale for less than half it's price just short of 2 years after release.

In Topic: New legendary shortbow to be released, no more legendary weapons thereafter a...

27 April 2016 - 03:49 AM

I'm late to this party, but imo this is a reasonable decision to make, if unfortunate that it had to be made.

We all seem to be aware that HoT was rushed. That much is obvious. As such I'm not surprised that the new set of legendaries was to be released in this format of 3 every "so often".

Personally, I support the priority shift (I'm assuming that's what it is). Much more of the player-base will surely play through another chapter of the Living Story - which I think is improving as it goes - than will craft a second generation legendary.

As pointed out, this does raise the questions of why this had to be done, incorrect focus/priority/timescales and the like? I hope it is simply the developers being more thorough, however the recent patches and previous legendary collections do not help this view. Perhaps someone has given Mike some information about what people like to do, and what they are most interested in. I'm in the more story content camp, rather than 12 more extra shiny skins.

TLDR; I hope it's just Mike doing some prioritizing and I support the shift, but I think the problem is likely to be an issue with timescales and manpower in dev corner.

In Topic: Heart of Thorns expansion experience?

26 April 2016 - 09:10 PM

I don't think HoT impacts organic leveling much, if at all.

The elite specs are currently overpowered for the most part. At least in non-HoT content. However you can't do anything with it until L80, so it's not really an issue.

I'm not 100% clued up on the differences between F2P and bought-acc, I do have a F2P but I only pvp on that, but I would imagine that the only benefit from HoT would be the GH buff, which could be +XP% (your choice), or +XP% accountwide (not sure), so levelling and playing the base campaign would not be much different.

TLDR; Buy the expansion - cheaply/on offer if possible - and continue to play at your own pace :)

In Topic: Full install file transfer?

15 May 2015 - 05:11 AM

I remember trying this a few times, I've also had to re-install more than my fair share.

As I recall, it worked fine for Gw1, but Gw2 just doesn't seem to realize that the .dat file is there.

In Topic: Best Way Out Of The Following To Make Money?

13 May 2015 - 05:46 PM

I believe that speedrunning dungeons is the fastest way - bar playing the TP, which I don't do and don't have the patience for anyways.

You'd be looking at AC123, CM123, TA - UF, SE13, CoF12, HotW1, CoE1(2)3, Arah12(3). Pick a class people want and that you're good at and you should be fine to burn through a few of those quickly. Warr, Guard, Ele, Thief are all pretty desirable. Most non-specific groups won't kick you for using a necro/ranger/mes/engi though.

Aside from that, Silverwastes can be good, be that chestfarming or Breach/VW. My tolerance for SW is quite limited though, as I farmed the pants off it a few months ago for the lumi collections.

Hope this helps.