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#2087357 Worth coming back, or is the game still bad?

Posted Fluent Fox on 19 November 2012 - 12:07 PM

I'm locking this. A completely unproductive thread that's descending into name-calling and petty spitefulness.

Apologies to those of you who were being adult: please feel free to discuss the subject in a new thread in a productive way.


#2009126 Why i am bored.

Posted Zorian51 on 10 October 2012 - 06:50 PM

As you can see from this post above Guild Wars 2 really splits people into groups more then any other MMO since it does things much differently. I find it intresting to see. People like and hate it and there isnt as many in the middle type players you see (at least vocal ones).

Its amazing to watch it unfold. Removing the handholding of quest and the treadmill and giving players more freedom in what they want to do is amazing for some and dreadful for others. Some people really need that structure and being told what to do where to go and what to grind.

#1661327 Mesmer Videos! - Post Here!

Posted Tellure on 01 August 2012 - 05:10 AM

Hi all,

New pvp video with mesmer mantra, french player here so sorry for bad english and title in french. :3

#1663292 Mesmer Videos! - Post Here!

Posted Tellure on 01 August 2012 - 05:03 PM

Sorry i was at work today.
Build : http://www.gw2build.....


#1663911 Mesmer Videos! - Post Here!

Posted Tellure on 01 August 2012 - 07:29 PM

Halting Strike deal some bonus damage per interrupt , i can interrupt by the 5 of pistol, the five of 2H sword, the shattering skill diversion ( F3, wich i don't use often even if i should ^^ )  and mantra of distraction ( maybe Moa morph but i never look closer to see if this count as an interrupt ) ,
It deals around 400 damages ( not sure in fact ) wich is not bad i think. And interrupt in this build is quiet necessary because it's one of the only way to prevent damage from the enemies.
Furious interruption is here to get more Crit Chance , wich give me not only more chance to do more damage but more chancee to inflict bleed and finally do more and more damage :3
And Wastrel's Punishement help me to inflict more damage when the ennemy is interrupted.

Edit: Stress Test tomorrrow yeah !!!!

#1595626 new mesmer footage from latest(?) build

Posted That Happy Cat on 13 July 2012 - 08:09 AM

There has always been a 5-target cap on all AoE skills.

IMO Clone AI is fine. What isn't fine is the fact that all Clones have inherent quirks that makes it very obvious they're Clones even if you try to act like one, e.g. Sword Clone unique lunge animation, lack of off-hands, long pauses between attacks that you don't have, etc.

If you act like a Clone, you should be indistinguishable from a Clone. If you're not (as is the case currently) then Clones aren't Clones.

#1565843 Mesmer feedback from BWE2

Posted TYphoon34 on 02 July 2012 - 04:15 AM

Instead of trying to rework the class, wouldn't it be better to fix the current class. I believe it's entirely possible.


Mind Wrack - Have it deal X amount of damage per clone. 1500-1800 per clone seems sufficient making for 4500-5400 damage with 3 clones and when traited  5400-6480 damage. That is a pretty nice burst amount for when the situation requires. Have Mind Wrack do this as a flat amount of damage, not influenced by critical chance, crit damage, power. I say nothing is wrong with allowing Sigils to affect it (5% more damage) but that is pretty much all.

Cry of Frustration - No problem here at all!


Right now confusion is 80 damage without a condition damage build. 8 stacks of confusion (which is pretty easy to obtain I've seen) will cause 640 damage per attack.

Now, my math may be incorrect, but I heard Confusion follows the same Condition damage formula as bleeding, which means 20 condition damage equals 1 additional damage for a stack of confusion. Your average conditon damage focused build should have around 1300 condition damage. So we will work with 1300, an additional 65 damage per stack of confusion. Now confusion deals 1160 damage per attack, which is actually pretty respectable considering a condition damage build would be using more than just confusion to inflict their conditions. Now, builds centered around Confusion may not have much luck in -shutting down- their opponents, but 1160 damage is quite a bit for a SINGLE condition. If my math is incorrect and anyone has a recent, up-to-date formula for condition damage and confusion, please do let me know.

Weapon Skills

Scepter - Remove the clone from 1, increase the base damage to be a somewhat hard hitting skill. 459 per hit seems decent, comparable to the Elementalist's 1 skill on Scepter. Everything else is fine as is.

Sword OH - Bump up the damage of the Phantasm to about 1k-1.5k a strike.

Pistol - Fine
Torch - Fine
Focus - Fine
Staff - Fine

Greatsword - Ok, here we go. The greatsword should be our go to weapon for a bit of spike damage.
-Make Spatial Surge do equivalent damage to the Ranger's longbow 1 skill
  • 1000+ - 509 damage
  • 500-1000 - 302 damage
  • 0-500 - 254 damage
- Mirror blade is fine as is, maybe a bump to 300-350 damage
- Mind Stab is fine as is
-Berserker - Cripple is perfect for this weapon type.
-Illusionary Wave - Equivalent damage to the ranger knockback, 539. I would also not mind removing the knockback and bumping the damage to 700 with a condition such as 3 stacks of bleed or aoe cripple with a 10 second cooldown increase.

These changes, although they seem small, would certainly add a bam to the greatsword and make it a nice spiking weapon alongside MH sword.

Elite Skills

Moa Morph - Fine

Mass Invisibility - Yes, swiftness seems like a nice addition to this skill or maybe a regen effect.

Time Warp - fine

Trait Lines

Funny, my problem with the Mesmer's trait are because so many revolve around dazes and interruptions. I swear, there are like 15 traits (exaggeration). A little more variety will go nicely in the Mesmer trait line, but it's not terrible compared to other classes. I actually find myself upset I cannot pursue another trait line to pick up X trait.Unlike my elementalist, where I generally knew that 20 points would go in Arcane, 10 in Water, 10 Fire, 10 in Air and the remaining 20 points wherever I feel like it.

Downed State

The goal of the down state is to not save you 100%, but to give you a chance. The daze on the 2 skill would be helpful, and the teleport is pretty bad...a cloak like stated above would be excellent.


I doubt we would get a skill mechanic rework by now, but I think most of the mechanics are fine. Now I haven't played the class, and my reasoning is all second hand knowledge. If you feel I am incorrect in any form or manner, feel free to bring it up or correct me. From what I see, the only problem is number changing that is required.

#1532730 Necromancer: Overpowered, and Wells? UP?

Posted Nyth on 19 June 2012 - 02:18 PM

Don't focus too much on balance yet, it shifts a whole lot both during and shortly after the beta.
I'd just play the class you like; ANet aren't bad at making each class viable in it's own way.

That said; death shroud is strong but not really OP. The problem simply lies with people not knowing how to counter it yet, due to lack of experience.
Death Shroud plays in on the necromancer's strength, which is surviving for a long time. Which is easily offset by it's attrition gameplay, which has a long windup time to do some serious damage.

Lich Form was a bit OP last BWE, but that was due to a scaling bug (at least I assume it's a bug). Since all the attacks scale nearly 1:1 or even better with the power stat; whereas most abilities scale like 1:0.3 or less.
So again pre-launch balance issues that can shift on a dime.

As for Wells. They can be quite useful but you have to use them strategically. First of all when you can ground-target them they become a lot better; and you have to put them in the right spot. A thief assaulting your on the capture point can easily move out of your well, but then he's losing on 2 fronts. Not only is he not dpsing, you're also capturing the point.
I do agree though that a 60 second cooldown is quite long for an ability that lasts 8 seconds and pulses 4 times.