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#2206056 Eugene's Warrior Video Guide

Posted BrazilTheHue on 25 May 2013 - 10:29 AM

#2205169 PVT Armor / Soldier Runes

Posted Quack530 on 22 May 2013 - 08:40 PM

View Postpackotictacs, on 20 May 2013 - 09:11 PM, said:

Exotic (jewels) ones only go into trinkets. You can only use the rare (orbs, gemstones) ones in armor/weapons.
I agree with above posters that your DPS will be too low to be worthwhile.  Any class' DPS comes more from your gear than from your traits.  I'd rather see you go full Zerk gear, and then full defensive traits, but I'm guessing that you're hoping to use a single armor set for both WvW and for dungeons?  If you haven't bought the armor yet, you can spend the money on Zerk Gear, and then spend Karma on Temple of Melandru armor (It's almost a full set of PVT armor).  And Temple of Grenth will buy you PVT Exotic Trinkets with Karma.

#2175018 Anyone else slightly disappointed with the story in GW2?

Posted Lunacy Polish on 05 March 2013 - 03:32 PM

Basically it is like this.  Meet Dave.  Dave is an expert bartender who can tell you everything you ever wanted to know about any *tail imaginable or any beer wine or spirit.   But he hasn't worked in six years and lives in his mom's driveway in a 1974 Ford van.

You are moving a couch one day when Dave says oh hey let me help you with that all I do is live in a van and I know a lot about booze but I don't actually do anything.  And he says it with a really nasal lisp.

Then suddenly the heavens open up and a beam of light shines down on Dave and gives him the power to shoot lightning bolts out of his ass.  He uses this amazing new power exactly once to save a kitten from being baked into a pie.  The three largest governments on earth are so taken with Dave they dissolve their laws and pledge allegiance to him.

And Dave decides he likes you so now every soldier in the world is told you are Dave's personal slave.  Dave makes you clip his toenails and pick up his dry cleaning but h also makes you solve world hunger, cure AIDS, end racism and regulate the temperature of the planet.

With each assignment completed everyone talks more about how great Dave is and he becomes king of earth.

#2174945 Anyone else slightly disappointed with the story in GW2?

Posted astromarmot on 05 March 2013 - 01:47 PM

View PostDarkOrange, on 05 March 2013 - 12:35 PM, said:

Before I start, I would like to say that I have played GW2 since release, and I really like the game itself.

My problem is that, to me, the story seems so weak and bland. It doesn't engage me, or make me care about the characters and the fate of the world it's set in. Even compared to GW1, where PvE and the story were a supposed 'afterthought', I find GW2 lacking. I found the story in GW1 really enjoyable to play through and in places it really did seem like an epic struggle.
In GW2 I find alot of what happens underwhelming, especially in Orr, where the story elements seems quite rushed through.

My feeling is that alot of this is down to the level requirement for the quests, which effectively kills the flow of the story and makes each quest feel like an individual mission, rather than part of a bigger story. I also find myself missing the group elements of story progression that GW1 had, as having to do the entire story on my own gets a bit dull.

I fully understand that ANet has made the game they want it, (and they have got alot of stuff right), and I'm not asking for any changes. I just wanted to give my opinion, and ask if anyone else agrees/feels the same.

The "narrative" to me felt like it was Velcro'ed on just to say they had one...

#2171780 Guild Missions!

Posted Gli on 27 February 2013 - 12:28 PM

View PostDarkobra, on 27 February 2013 - 11:43 AM, said:

A guild is like a relationship. Or rather, you should have a relationship with your guild. I know every single person in mine. I know their names. What they do for a living. What their hobbies are. What kind of things they like to do in the game. I also build my guild to what they want because we don't just do one thing.
All of this holds completely true for my guild. This won't split it up. It did cause us to agree upon finding a different game though, and perhaps get back to this one when some interesting new content is added.

Another update without significant content to reinvigorate our desire to play was one too many.

#2171769 Guild Missions!

Posted Resolve on 27 February 2013 - 11:59 AM

I don't see why you should have to pick between being loyal to your guild and playing content in the game in the first place.

The lengths you guys go to defend these constant bad decisions is mind blowing.

#2168445 Warrior Builds: Success and Failure

Posted backwards25 on 22 February 2013 - 07:00 AM

Success or failure isn't the right way to judge a build, the most inefficient build/s can be successful in completing content. Just as a runner placing last in a race has successful ran the distance - the difference is in completion time. Having experience/training is how you win that race and in GW2 you gain that experience through using the more defensive setups, learning your class, and graduating into the glass cannon. However there are still avenues for improvement, there are significant gains in specializing your equipment and in utilizing the various consumables.

I've main'd a warrior since release, I didn't know the ins-and-outs of GW2 for quite a while, after I reached level 50 something I decided to try AC for the first time. It was quite the shock to find myself dying so easily, I felt like tissue paper. Obviously I was not ready for dungeons, but the experience made me re-evaluate my profession choice, I became a guardian.

I leveled this guardian to 80, I avoided dungeons and open world PvE was effortless. During this time I became quite familiar with the combat of GW2, but I didn't enjoy it as much as I had with my warrior. Returning to my warrior, I leveled to 80 and began my hunt for exotics, settling on knights armor and berserker weapons/trinkets.

It was a while before I reconsidered dungeons again, I knew that I'd need a more defensive setup, after searching the forums I ended up using the then current version of Red_Falcons Invincible Berserker. This is where I really began to learn the warrior as a profession. To elaborate a little, IMO, open world pve and leveling to 80 requires little to no real skill (as a warrior), it isn't until you start dungeons that a warrior must focus on developing their skills.

The various builds with "boon" in their names (e.g. Sonic Boon), I would qualify as defensive setups, designed for really learning the warrior/content with. The authors of these builds themselves seem to advocate substituting in berserker pieces as your competence increases.

Strife's Axe/Mace Dungeon build is the sort of build you might also graduate to, you no longer focus on defensive traits. Instead, you look for survivability in your newly gained skills, particularly with dodging, some CC (mace 5), and perhaps a touch of toughness from gear. It resembles a glass cannon build and rewards you with a reasonable boost in damage. This is where I see the OP being at as well, having recognized that a build is only for hitting key/desired traits and that offensive traits are the most worthwhile. The OP also mentions specialization in a broad sense of dps, support or control, not true specialization.

Specialization is the final step in reaching the full damage potential of the warrior. GW2 has many ways to do this, the most notable is through sigils and potions yet, oddly, no one seems to promote the idea. The sigils/potions I refer to are the slayer variety and the sigil of night. Obviously they can't be used everywhere, but where they can, you can get up to a +33.1% damage boost coupled with -10% damage taken - that is huge. The damage boost is more than any support others could possibly provide (for a GC) and the damage reduction is roughly equal to +250 toughness.

Then there are plenty of utility consumables to consider as well. Skale Venom (consumable) is universally useful, it provides weakness and vulnerability for ~4 seconds on ~10% of all your hits and lasts for 10 minutes, two people using this could permanently weaken the target. Grawl Ritual Totems are also good, on demand fear without any CD, a perfect solution to CC without sacrificing anything in your build. Most build creators have caught on to the Omnomberry Pie/Ghost lifesteal, few have noticed that it deals 314 damage on proc, so it really is the ideal nourishment for glass cannons and their high critical rate.


On this issue of support, provided it does not sacrifice damage or go to waste, it is fine. I take concern when I see healing shout builds, builds focused on self stacking might, or these superman builds the OP speaks of.

How to define the usefulness of shout heal builds? How do they use their shouts? Do you use them for their offensive support or save them for a minor heal? Is it worth the additional 20 points in tactics for the shout to be able to heal? Are you likely to swap utilities when the need arises or are you set on those minor heals?

I've personally concluded that it is not worthwhile save for learning purposes, yes, you might be providing greater support for other players, but at what cost? Brand sets the cost at ~12% personal damage and argues that this is outweighed by his team support, particularly through party-wide fury and might.

However, I suspect this doesn't factor in the utilities the GC may bring or the true strength of a GC. Banner of Discipline is a standard skill to find on a GC warrior, it provides +4-5% critical chance and +10% critical damage, it also comes with its own skill set. Banner skill 2 provides 8 seconds of aoe fury that anyone can use, skill 3 is aoe swiftness, if there is a fire field, it's 3 aoe might stacks for 20 seconds with skill 5. Skill 5 isn't limited to only fire fields, warriors have access to a water field through a Healing Seed Pod consumable, and while its not practical, a blast in it will heal for as much as a healing shout.

Self stacking 25 might through boon duration runes/traits for example, reduces the worth of other peoples might support. Forceful Greatsword against 3 foes with sufficient critical chance will achieve it, sure, it also reduces CD by 20%. With +80% boon duration, you'll nearly always achieve it, even against a single target.

How much might (or other boons) should you stack yourself? There wont be any clear-cut answer, but you should not stack it to the point that other sources of it go to waste. Take for example Strife's Dungeon build, it has 99% critical chance, which is great, it will however waste most of a rangers Spotter trait.


Where does that leave me? I've been running a GC build for quite a while now, I feel comfortable with its survivability, impressed with its dps and down half my inventory space with situational items.

Is it for everyone? Certainly not, some may never feel comfortable as a GC, some GC users may never invest into specialization. After an extended break, some may drop down a level or to substitute in more defense to suit a particular group.

That said, damage is the warriors greatest strength, our best support is killing faster - there is no threat from the defeated. Aim for as much dps as you can provide while staying within your skill limits, going below this will only hinder your group through lost potential.


I've also built up a spreadsheet to compare various warrior builds, some may dismiss it instantly saying it will never adequately describe real-world, in-game conditions. They are right, but its representative damage numbers are good enough to compare builds.

It is done in Google docs, if you are signed in to any Google service I believe, your email is partially visible, so if that's a concern for you, sign out or use another browser.

Spreadsheet Link

Hopefully all the assumptions are acceptable, not all are listed. While I don't have much evidence to support the spreadsheet, I do have this video showing how high you can push damage, and a screenshot of the combat log taken inside the Volcanic Fractal (partially supported). Comparing the appropriate Hundred Blades value should be a good way to confirm its accuracy.

A few notable things I discovered include;

-There is very little damage difference between GS and axe/x builds using either a 25/25/0/10/10 or 20/25/0/10/15 build in an unsupported environment.

-That axes will benefit from might support significantly more than GS builds will.

-That full GC builds using their ranged options still deal respectable damage, almost rivaling support orientated builds in melee.



Posted builds don't "succeed" or "fail", they develop your experience as you edge closer to full GC. A warriors greatest potential is in his dps, aim as high as your skill level allows.

Strong focus on support significantly limits that potential, defensive traits do not match the potential of the offensive ones. Don't waste the support of others by self stacking.

Don't neglect situational sigils and potions, they are very strong.

#2161646 are tanking builds viable for dungeons/pve?

Posted Shrimps on 10 February 2013 - 04:45 AM

Imo tanky builds are viable but that loss of DPS isn't good for the group and overall makes it take longer because you kill things slower. If you learn to play well with little toughness and vitality and don't get downed much you will be a much better asset to your dungeon group because you will be up doing lots of DPS helping them get through faster. Obviously if you are constantly getting downed then it isn't good but tanky builds are really just to provide some cushion room for when you get hit hard and make mistakes.

#2162383 Warrior Builds: Success and Failure

Posted Thaddeuz on 11 February 2013 - 07:19 PM

View PostLunacy Polish, on 11 February 2013 - 06:35 PM, said:

Now I made those numbers up, but the point is, whatever the numbers actually are in reality, there's a big slice of DPS range where the results are about the same as far as time spent to kill the mob, and it takes a huge, absolutely huge, relative performance boost in raw damage that possibly doesn't exist in this game to make the killing signifcantly faster.  Clearly there's a range where the results suffer and a range where they're better, but without looking at everything else in play we don't know where those ranges are.

I understand your point and it make sense. But people don't want more DPS in their group for small mobs that you can kill in 2-5 attack. Without good DPS, you gonna put a lot more time against champion and boss or against large group of mobs.

#2156537 Dynamic Leveling Adjustment

Posted cyclopsje on 02 February 2013 - 10:09 AM

Tbh the no level thing worked fine in gw1 20 levels and 90% of the game after that gave a challenge

#2156309 Would you go back to experience the lower level areas with the new Dynamic Le...

Posted Perm Shadow Form on 01 February 2013 - 11:17 PM

More DE? No, personally don't want to see more events, they're boring. Renamed Quests.
I want to see new Dungeons and New Instances.

#2146497 Group DPS calculations

Posted GuanglaiKangyi on 20 January 2013 - 01:00 AM

I've already had these numbers lying around from various other threads I've done so I decided to put them together so we can figure out what the ideal team is, DPS-wise.

- Tooltips take into account power and weapon damage.  They do not account for crit chance, crit damage, or other damage boosts from sigils or traits that do not directly affect stats (i.e. Fiery Wrath).  The "base" damage is the amount from the tooltip alone, plus any traits that affect base damage for certain skills only, i.e. Grenadier or Writ of Persistence.
- Skills do not begin recharging until they finish activating.  As such, the "additional" damage per second from a skill is how much it would do over the auto-attack in the same amount of time (the "net" value) divided by the activation time plus the recharge time.
- Trait damage boosts appear to be compounding, i.e. Fiery Wrath + Radiant Power (+10% each) = +21% damage, not +20%.
- Ergo, to find overall damage, I am using the formula [base damage] x [1 + (crit chance x crit damage)] x [trait damage bonuses].
- Major traits are listed below.  Minor traits are not listed, but if the points are there for them, you can assume I accounted for them.
- Buffs that cannot be maintained permanently are adjusted by their uptime.  For example, if a class can maintain 50% fury uptime, I have treated that as a 10% boost to crit chance.
- I am assuming Sigil of Force on 2H weapons, and Sigil of Force and Sigil of Accuracy on 1H.  I don't think the Force sigils stack.  The exception is engineer, for which I am assuming Sigil of Force and Sigil of Earth.

Might: 5 stacks to all allies (from Empowering Might)

Tome of Wrath:
Quickness: 3s, twice
Might: 5 stacks for 10 seconds, three times
Fury: 20s

Greatsword (10/30/0/30/0, berserker) - Fiery Wrath, Writ of Persistence, Empowering Might
Auto: 645 + 645 + 968 = 941/s
WW = 3504 total, 1152 net, 92/s
Symbol = 3101 total, 2160 net, 103/s
Bind = 3213, 2272 net, 73/s
DPS = 1209 base, 3252 solo, 5455 with all buffs

Might: 10 stacks to self (from various traits), 3 to allies (from For Great Justice)
Vulnerability: 10 stacks (from GS auto and Rending Strikes)
Fury: 100% uptime (with Banner of Discipline and For Great Justice)

Battle Standard:
Might: 3.33 stacks for 65 seconds
Fury: 65s

Greatsword (10/30/0/0/30, berserker) - Berserker's Power, Forceful Greatsword, Heightened Focus, Rending Strikes
Auto = 564, 564, 726 = 745/s
HB = 3544 total, 592 net, 168/s
Bladetrail = 1210 total, 465 net, 36/s
Rush = 1371 total, 626 net, 37/s
DPS = 968 base, 3534 solo, 4802 with all buffs

Might: 10.5 on self (from HGH and Elixir B), 3.5 on party (from HGH tosses)
Vulnerability: 20 stacks (from Steel Packed Powder and Precise Sights)
Fury: 63% uptime (from both Elixir B skills) on self, 16% uptime on party

Engineer grenade (30/10/0/30/0, rabid) - Grenadier, Short Fuse, Shrapnel, Precise Sights, HGH, Long-Lasting Elixirs, Potent Elixirs, HGH
Grenade = 450/s
Shrapnel G. = 747 total, 297 net, 59/s
Freeze G. = 681 total, 231 net,  14/s
Poison G. = 273 total, -177 net, -8/s
Total = 515/s
Sharpshooter = 5 ticks per proc = 2.08 ticks/s
Shrapnel = 21 ticks per proc = 9.45 ticks/s
Shrapnel G. = 63 ticks = 12.6 ticks/s
Sigil of Earth = 8 ticks per proc, 58% chance of proc/sec = 4.65 ticks/s
Poison Grenade = 100% poison uptime
Total = 28.78 ticks/s (caps at 25), 100% poison uptime
DPS = 515 (direct) + 2349 (condition) base, 950 (direct) + 2835 (condition) solo, 1218 (direct) + 3537 (condition) with all buffs

Time Warp:
Quickness: 10s

Sword (30/30/0/0/10, berserker) - Compounding Power, Empowering Mantras
Auto: 484 + 484 + 807 = 740/sec
Blurred Frenzy: 1936 total, 1196 net, 114/sec
Bonuses: Compounding Power (+9%), Empowering Mantras (+12%), Wastrel's Punishment (+5%)
Total: 854 base, 2152 solo, 3698 with all buffs

Phantasmal Warden: 73 x 12 = 876/14s = 63/sec base, 131 solo, 225 with all buffs
NOTE: I think the tooltip is incorrect.  It looks like the phantasm actually hits 3x as much per hit as what the tooltip says.  If that's the case the actual damage would be 393/sec, or 675 with all buffs.
NOTE 2: For the purposes of these calculations, I will assume that you will be able to keep an average of 1 Warden up 100% of the time.  This is pretty generous already but just bear with it for the time being.

Total: 1043 base, 2359 solo, 4154 with all buffs

Total group composition damage:
5 Warriors = 24010/s
4 Warriors, 1 Mesmer = 23362/s, Time Warp adds ~137k damage (x1)
3 Guardians, 1 Warrior, 1 Engineer = 25922/s, each Tome usage adds ~78k damage (x3)
2 Guardians, 1 Warrior, 1 Engineer, 1 Mesmer = 24621/s, each Tome adds ~70k damage (x2), each Time Warp adds ~118k damage (x1)

The numbers speak for themselves pretty well.  A guardian/warrior/engineer team has the highest sustained DPS at almost 26k/s, while warrior/mesmer team arguably has the best burst, at least for the first ten seconds or so, but the lowest sustained DPS.  A full mixed guardian/warrior/engineer/mesmer team is probably the most well-rounded with high sustained damage and strong burst.

#2122519 Present Etiquette - snatch and run?

Posted Barbieslayer on 19 December 2012 - 01:31 AM

View PostKhlaw, on 19 December 2012 - 01:00 AM, said:

... what would be a less selfish approach?

Apparently posting self-righteous bs on a fan forum..

#2120702 Update Notes for December 16th

Posted Lordkrall on 17 December 2012 - 10:00 AM

View PostAKGeo, on 17 December 2012 - 09:50 AM, said:

Yeah it's supposed to be hard...but when it's a certain way for 3 months straight and all of a sudden they change it without explaining it, causing the team to get ambushed at a place with a specific method of completion, it's pretty lame. At least spell it out in the notes so we know to expect something.

So people should never have to actually think you mean?

I for one would love to have the dungeons randomized so that you can't simply learn a exact pattern and then use it over and over and over and over and over again.

What they did by changing this is forcing people to actually play the game. Simple as that.

#2097968 Anyone else starting to plan around never having guesting?

Posted Red_Falcon on 27 November 2012 - 11:09 AM

The whole concept of "worlds" is complete bullshit. They should have left it to WoW.
GW1 district system was much better, allowed for all people to play together.
WvW can be done without servers, just have people and guilds pledge to a different "house", "god" or whatever you can come up with.
This system is obsolete really, I wonder why they decided to keep it. It has big flaws.