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In Topic: Elementalist Staff stats help

19 February 2013 - 07:20 PM

10 Stacks of Might is actually quite easy: Start in Earth. Place an Eruption. Switch to Fire. Place a Lava Font. Arcane Wave (1 Might from Fire, 3 from Eruption, 3 from Arcane Wave = 7). Place Lava Font. Switch to Earth. Roll into the Lava Font -> Another 3 Stacks of Might. All in a window of 10 seconds. Rinse repeat. All but the one Might from the Attunment should stay for about 30 seconds.

@ Thaddeuz: A glass canon ele can definitly dish out a lot more damage. BUT a glass canon dies a lot faster. And dead people don't do damage. Most likely it is possible to run my build with berserker gear, but at least for me full berserker was too fragile. As I posted the trick is to find balance. In the end you are comparing drag racing (glass canon) to the 24 Hours of Le Mans (balanced).

In Topic: Elementalist Staff stats help

18 February 2013 - 11:40 PM

View PostBlaineTog, on 15 February 2013 - 08:53 PM, said:

It's counterintuitive, but Staff actually isn't the Eles damage weapon.

Now that's just wrong. People are underestimating the staff. With fire attunement and a proper play style Elementalist can dish out a lot of damage while supporting the party with defense/healing and a lot of might.
The trick with Elementalist is that you don't need a lot of defensive stats. Especially with a staff equipped. I'm running with 50/50 Knight Soldier Armor and all other Items Berserker and I have no problems surviving anything at all. Elementalist can take quite a beating considering their low health and armor. And the reason for that are traits and spells.
I'm running with Earth Embrace and Renewing Stamina. That means that if i get low an Armor of Earth Proc will make sure my next heal gets through properly and I have a 100% uptime of vigor.
The trick is to find some kind of balance between defense and offense. Since the staff is rather defensive (Frozen Ground, Stoning, Magnetic Aura, Burning Retreat etc.) even with Bosses (Stuns and Dazes don't work there). It is possible to really go almost full Berserker if you throw in some defensive traits. (For example the ones i use) But that means you have to fully utilize all skills that can save your butt.
If you are doing everything right, it is possible to maintain at least 10 stacks of might for the whole group, a solid uptime of weakness and protection and dish out considerable amount of damage.

My Build for Dungeons:
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