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Geralt in high level fractals : am I doing it right?

02 May 2013 - 03:42 PM

Hi all.
Currently I am running in the higher regions of fractals ( high 30's and 40's levelwise ) and I feel like I probably won't learn much from the PUGS I usually run with.
Furthermore, I am usually the only guardian in a group, and he is the only character I bother to do fractals with.
As such, I almost never get a chance to observe other guardians playing in this ' high end'  PvE area.
Watching video's and all is one thing, but it isnt the same as actually playing with someone and asking questions along the way.
As such I thought it would be worth it if I list my basic approach weapon and traitwise per fractal, so you guys know what I usually do, and can comment on that.
traitwise I pretty much always run the 0/0/30/30/10 AH build.
Unless I specify differently, I will use staff + hammer in my weaponsets.
when using traited behind something, I will usually mean the -20% CD trait, unless specified differently.
I do not consider myself a pro-player, so some of my choices might seem stupid or overkill to those that have more experience.
Please do not hesitate to tell me, just keep it civil :)

Swamp fractal :

Whisp running

I always trait pure of voice here besides the usual -20% shout CD.
Combined with the bonus of my soldier runes this removes 2 conditions per shout.
Utilitywise I will run triple shouts ( hold the line - stand your ground - retreat ).
hold the line simply for its fast recharge, stand your ground for stability ( for when a trap knocks me down ) and retreat for swiftness.
weaponwise I will camp staff.
Just before we run i will use the staff swiftness symbol, then pick the whisp and run like hell.
when swiftness runs out I use retreat, and aegis from virtue to block any hit coming my way that retreat's initial aegis cannot absorb.
whenever possible I will save stand your ground for cripple and knockdowns.


Hammer as melee set, scepter+focus on switch.
hold the line and wall of reflection + shield of the avenger as utilities here.
wall is traited for CD reduction and longer duration.
With a melee heavy group I will pop a wall/shield in bloomhunger's face so the group can DPS him in melee form the other side, while his projectiles get reflected.
With a ranged group the same procedure, but wall+shield on a distance, camping scepter+focus.
When I see his spirits i will switch to hammer, because mighty blow will one-shot them.


Hammer as melee set, scepter+focus on switch.
retreat and wall of reflection + shield of the avenger as utilities here.
wall is traited for CD reduction and longer duration.
In the 30's I use tome of courage because agony does not down people, in 40's I use renewed focus, because I find the prevention of agony using aegis ( and again aegis after renewed focus ) more useful.
I use shield/wall/partywide aegis whenever mossman goes invisible/wants to throw his agony thing, while giving aegis as soon as he tries that one-shot-downed axe attack.

Cliffside fractal

I do nothing special.
I usually range the boss with scepter+focus.
Utilities I used to bring bring hold the line, stand your ground, and save yourselves.
But after advice from forummer indure, I decided to switch hold the line for contemplation of purity.
I find that this combination might take a bit higher skill to pull off, but it is worth it, since you can save the entire party if they screw up.
When you stand in one of the boss his red circles you get a load of conditions ( I call it being condi-bombed).
Use your stand your ground to clean 2 conditions ( from soldier runes and pure of voice trait ) when only a single party member ( or yourself ) makes a mistake.
When two or more get condi-bombed, use save yourselves and contemplation of purity inmeddiately after.
It will convert everything into boons, and will grant you loads of regeneration and protection among other things.
I find it to be worth it to trait for -20% CD on meditations so purity syncs with save yourselves in cooldown.
The triple shouts I mentioned earlier is easier to pull off, but in a critical situation it will have less effect then the save yourselves+contemplation combo.
When doing the seals I switch save yourselves for wall of reflection, and put greatsword in my melee set, to pull mobs.
elite: tome of courage in 30's or not facing the boss in 40's, renewed focus during bossfights in 40's.
Why bother using a healtome when a block can prevent the biggest damage ( agony ).
You can dodge the agony as well.
Dodge when the archdiviner gets the protection buff.

Underwater fractal

I really have no idea what the best utilityset for a guardian is in this fractal.
I have gone from shouts to signets to full spirit weapons and back to shouts again.
right now i have settled for full shouts ( hold the line + stand your ground + save yourselves ).
When attacking the krait I pretty much try to create a superpower button for my team, using all shouts+virtues at once, renewed focus, using courage and justice again, then spamming my blinds and aoe's on weaponsets.
Nothing special versus the Jellyfish.
From my experience everything works.
But I refrain from spear because its agony attack is restricted to close-range.

Dredge fractal

staff+hammer ( 2 HM traited ).
utilitywise wall of reflection+shield of the avenger+ stand your ground.
I found that most dredge attacks get stopped by the wall and shield, as long as you stay behind them a bit. It seems like the attacks go through the wall for a few steps before being absorbed.
I use hammer and staff #5 to line up mobs for team members to DPS them easily.
In case we run bombs I switch hammer for sword+focus, and wall of reflection for sanctuary.
When placing bombs I put sanctuary over them so the dredge cannot disable them, then protect myself with stand your ground/focus #5 to get out. if I am bodyblocked and see a dredge near the edge of the crowd, I use sword #2 to get out of trouble.

Dredge champion:

Greatsword DPS him, dodge the one-shot mechanic, nothing special.
However, if you want to tailor your skills to the extreme, bring shield of the avenger and sanctuary while engaging him.
The reason for this is that his one-shot attack counts as a projectile attack.
It cannot be reflected by wall of reflection, but shield of the avenger and sanctuary CAN absorb it.
You can even opt to DPS with 1 handed sword and bring shield in your off-hand for more blocking fun.

Dredge suit/elemental boss

Camping scepter+focus set.
renewed focus/focus #5 when the agony comes, scepter #3 followed by weapon switch and hammer #3 to keep the boss immobilized in the hot stuff coming from above.
his agony can also be dodged, but it needs pro timing and 2 dodges in a row.
dodge when he gets the stability buff.
For utilities I run full shouts when facing the elemental ( hold the line - stand your ground - retreat ), and hold the line - retreat - wall of reflection versus the dredge suit ( use the wall to reflect his bombs back to him, he will telegraph this by standing still and moving both arms down and some shaking).

Asuran fractal

I use scepter+focus and greatsword mostly.
utilities are wall of reflection ( traited), shield of the avenger, and stand your ground (traited).
usually I trait wall of reflection, but I trait spirit weapon duration instead versus Old Tom.
In the golem fight I run sword+shield as melee set, because the bubble on shield as an emergency agony absorber has saved my pugs just way to many times..

Grawl fractal

The fight versus the big grawl mob

hammer+staff ( 2 HM traited ), area control is king I found.
utilities: wall of reflection(traited), stand your ground ( traited), hallowed ground(traited).
movement control, stability and projectile reflect.
I feel it is the best support I can give my group at this stage of the fractal.
We usually camp the small hill, blocking off ( hammer/staff # 5 )the part that the grawl need to walk to come up the hill.

Grawl and prisoners

I change everything to as much CC as possible.
I run hammer on one set ( hammer #3 and #5 shine , trait them for -20% CD here ) and scepter+shield on the other for scepter #3 and shield #5.
For utilities I bring traited sanctuary, and the two signets ( the one that immobilizes and the one that knocks your foe down, signet of wrath and bane signet if I remember correctly ).
I basically CC every grawl on the planet, so my party can DPS them.

Grawl Shaman, first stage

If possible I switch my utilitiy signets for shouts(traited) ( hold the line and stand your ground ) and sanctuary for wall of reflection ( traited).
Weaponset wil be ranged mostly, using scepter with any offhand ( usually shield, so I can protect a low health ally from a fireball ).

Grawl Shaman, lava stage

Bringing the mandatory wall of reflection and shield of the avenger, wall traited.
weapons are scepter+focus and greatsword.
I will put down a wall in front of allies whenever possible.
I try to save shield of the avenger for the lava adds.
Using focus #5 to ensure the shield gets off, using smite on the shaman shield, then if possible wall, then DPS with greatsword on shield/adds.
As elite I use the tome of courage, as i find many PUGs sitting at low health and their heal on CD when the elemental adds come in, and this way I can save everyone's butt and prevent a chain-wipe.

Snowblind fractal

First fire and ice elemental

Greatsword + staff as weaponsets. ( 2HM traited )
Utilities: wall of reflection ( traited ), hallowed ground ( traited ) and stand your ground ( traited).
tome of courage as elite.
I find long periods of stability so everyone can get their skills off more important then for example another projectile absorber like shield of the avenger.
wall is enough to deal with elementals from my experience.

Svanir boss

Greatsword+ staff again. (2 HM traited )
utilities are full-shout : hold the line, stand your ground, and save yourselves.
I will melee whenever possible, spamming save yourselves and other shouts for heals+boosts, and dodging his ice breath.
When he teleports away, I swittch to staff, and try to time the might of staff #4 in such a way that I get it off when the boss appears again, and i can switch to GS to make use of my partywide might stacks.

Ascalon fractal

Siegemaster stage

Hammer+staff ( 2 HM traited )
utilities are full shouts ( hold the line, stand your ground, retreat).
Basically area control with staff #5 and hammer #3 and #5.
When we get to the siegemaster, I usually run in first, and use banish to get him away from the gate.
That way everyone can DPS him without worrying about the boiling oil.
Sometimes I get unlucky, and my banish hits after the NPC charr have used CC on him, causing Banish to fail because of defiance stacks.

Inside the city

Hammer+staff ( 2 HM traited )
utilities are full shouts ( hold the line, stand your ground, retreat).
Before every pull i will use staff #5 or hammer #5 to interrupt the first burst of the melee, then use my CC's and utilities whenever needed.
Basically I try to line everything up, and keep things away from teammates in danger.


Hammer+staff ( 2 HM traited )
utilities are wall of reflection ( traited )+shield of the avenger+ stand your ground ( traited ).
Once again, hammer/staff #5 for a pull, combined with wall/shield.
When there are to many monks, I usually throw down a wall, run through with aegis up, then banish a monk towards my party.


Camping scepter+focus set.
Full shouts ( traited ) for utilities ( hold the line, stand your ground, retreat ).
tome of courage as elite for fractals in the 30's, renewed focus in 40's.
Basically I kite him around until he dies, while sitting in melee protected by focus #5 at the start so NPC charr will aggro.

Jade Maw

Scepter+focus for tentacles, melee weapon for the jade constructs, usually greatsword.
utilities I run hallowed ground ( traited ) and hold the line + stand your ground ( traited ).
Most people seem to die when the tentacles get them into a chain KD, so when my stability van prevent that combined with the occasional aegis..
Alternative that is riskier but quicker if your group is good is the suggestion made by forummer xtbx.
greatsword+sword/focus, and chain your blinds on the tentacle ( greatsword #3, sword #2, focus #4).
The tentacle attacks slow, so your blinds should be able to intercept most of its attacks.
Elite is tome of courage in 30's, renewed focus in 40's ( since we all die to the agony from maw there anyway, and renewed 's extra aegis might be crucial for someone to survive a tentacle later).

Experiences during runs of fractal levels 51, 53, and 61,65

Fractals I got : underwater x2 , cliffside x 3, asura (harpy), swamp, ascalon x2, dredge, grawl x 2


Tactics do not really change compared to the 40's, but at these levels as a guardian, you will start to use your virtue of resolve a lot more.
Provided your group is not filled with total idiots nothing will truly one-shot you ( ascalonian fractal warriors are an exception ), but there is more pressure.
Virtue of resolve will give a 2k-2.5k heal with regen, and that can be enough to safe people's butt.
You will also start to run renewed focus as your elite way more then tome of courage.
Basically, tome of courage will get a lot of interrupts on #5, it seems stuns are more noticable at these levels.
At least they were for me.
renewed focus + 2x resolve will give a partyheal close to the healing you get from your own healing skill ( 5-7k+regen ) and aegis+protection from courage, all on 90 seconds recharge maximum.

Ascalon 50-60+

In ascalon at 60+ I would actually recommend going  full berserker gear for the first time.
This is so far the only fractal ( and only at this high level) where 1 hit = downed, even when you have over 17k health and 3k armour.
And because of that, you should dish out the best damage you can.
If you get downed in one shot, then get downed in berserker.
Warriors will down you with one shot, the AoE of eles will down you with one shot, and ranged will focusfire down you in seconds.
Because projectile reflection is so important here, we forget about stand your ground and bring sanctuary.
Traitwise we take protective reviver instead of superior aria.
You will do a lot of ressing here, and this trait gives aegis+regeneration+protection for 10 seconds on revive to you and the person you revived.
It stacks when u res multiple people within seconds, and also works with NPC's.
Considering the NPC army in this fractal your aegis/regeneration/protection can easily stack to over 30 seconds this way.
Do not forget to heal the npc's with virtue of resolve and tome of courage.

Grawl 50-60+

Same tactics, but instead of a shout we bring sanctuary alongside wall of reflect and shield of the avenger.
We need all the projectile reflect/absorb we can get at this stage ( talking about the lava stage).
Just like in ascalon, switch superior aria trait for protective reviver.

Jellyfish (underwater) 50-60+

Nothing really changes, but there are some things you can do differently at the krait.
At levels in the 50's and especially 60's that poison field they throw hits really hard.
It is a projectile, and the krait hypnoss are the ones that throw it.
Make them your priority target.
Besides that, you can bring shield of the avenger and sanctuary to block their poison fields.
But be aware that your party will have to clump together for this to work, and that means you are screwed if a poison projectile hits during the few seconds between absorption bubbles from the shield.

Dredge 50-60+

Nothing really changes tacticswise, but once again, you want more projectile reflects during the normal parts, and especially when killing the ads in the dredge boss room.
Sanctuary instead of stand your ground.
Just like in the other cases where we use sanctuary, switch superior aria trait for protective reviver.
Do not forget to switch utilities and traits again when you face the final boss ( as described earlier ).

In ' short' this is how I do fractals.
well community of GW2Guru, shoot and help me to improve my tactics where needed.
Thanks in advance for reading this massive wall of text :)

Lore behind legendary weapons?

18 February 2013 - 09:27 AM

I was wondering if there is anything we know about the legendaries currently in the game lorewise.
The wiki only lists the weapon stats, skin, and what mats are needed to make them.
But what makes legendaries so legendary?
What heroic acts have been performed with these weapons, or what great hero wielded them?
Why are they legendary?
What happened in the 250 years between GW1 and GW2 that caused these weapons to become legendary?
Perhaps I am thinking to much into this, but I want to know why a legendary weapon deserves its legendary status lorewise ( and not just " because Anet makes them legendary / they are legendary because you need legendary patience to grind all mats for them ).

My current guardian setup..and how to improve it.

30 January 2013 - 09:20 AM

For a while I have tried to simply do my own thing on my guardian, and the setup as I have it right now has served me well in pve and dungeons.

But since I am currently playing in 30+ fractals, I feel like I am not contributing as much as I could statswise.

Therefore, I would like suggestions about what gear/traits I should replace at this point.

Traitwise I run a basic 0/0/30/30/10 setup.
honor traits : superior aria, empowering might, pure of voice.
valor traits: purity, retributive armor, altruistic healing
virtues : depending on the situation  Master of consecrations/ improved spirit weapon duration.

For gear I currently have 6 pieces of soldiers armor ( power/toughness/vit, exotic ) with soldier runes ( so shouts removes conditions ).

jewelry wise it's one berserker ring ( ascended), soldier ring (ascended)+ backpack ( also ascended), rest knight's ( exotic).

This gives me roughly the following stats:

~ 2900 power
~  22-28% precision ( depending on if I have a berserker weapon equipped or not )
3000-3250 toughness ( depends on if I take berserker or soldier weapons )
18,700 health.

Basically you could say I fell for the " newbie" trap and built myself a walking fortress.
And I like it.
But in GW2 you need to be able to do anything, and I feel like my damage suffers because of my low crit chance ( which also means altruistic healing+empowering might is not as great as it could be ).

Basically I would like to do more damage, which probably means getting some more precision and possibly crit damage ( +30% from traits and berserker wep+ring gives me around + 47% crit damage, but with only 22-28% chance to crit my numbers aren't that impressive ).

At the same time I would still like to be able to soak hits for my group, meaning I would like to keep my toughness at a high level, combined with a decent vitality stat ( I simply shiver of the fact of a 12-13k health guardian).

My question is : What can I change to contribute more to my party, while keeping an impressive toughness stat combined with vitality to shrug off some hits?

Bonus points for people who can recommend me an ascended amulet. Its currently an exotic knight's, but since there are not ascended knight's amulets I am at a bit of a loss here.

Ascended Amulets : No knight stats ( tough/pow/prec)?

28 January 2013 - 10:28 PM

Did anyone else started to notice that Anet hasn't added any ascended gear to the game with toughness/power/precision stats?

For some this might not be a problem, but I would like to see knight stats on rings and amulets.
I am currently running a guardian build that has the minimum amount of precision to work.
However, I will probably need an ascended amulet sooner or later as I progress in fractals.
Missing the combo of knight's will screw with my build by quite a noticable margin.

Now I understand that this game is all about swapping builds and equipment, and I am fine with that.
But if I decide I need knight's, I would like the amulet or ring with those stats, and not having to settle for something else because the stat combo I want is available in every rarity but ascended.

Anyone else having opinions about this?

This is not a QQ post, I love new content.
I am just wondering why pretty much every desirable stat combo is available in ascended rarity ( soldiers, condition dmg, berserkers, mix of these three etc ), but knight's isnt.

Server for PvE

03 December 2012 - 12:28 PM

Sorry of  a topic like this already exists, didn't see any that quick.
In short, I dislike the PvP in this game, so I stick to PvE, and mainly dungeon running.
However, my current server is pretty much deserted ( Far Shiverpeaks ).
All people do is fractals, and all on a different level then me ( I am at 21 ) or just doing a daily then logging off.

Other dungeons are impossible to group, even AC or CoF takes over an hour to get a group.
Normal zones are simply ghostmaps.

So I am looking for a server with an active PvE guild/population where I can hop to a dungeon spot without worrying if I will find anyone.

If there is a decent amount of people playing in ordinary maps thats a plus, since I stopped leveling alts because playing alone is boring.

I'd prefer an EU based server, due to  possible lag issues.

If its important : I don't mind RP érs.