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In Topic: ArenaNet to "address [...] the dominance of Berserker/DPS"

14 January 2014 - 01:39 PM

There is no "easy fix" to this. Increasing condition stacks or removing all together will just cause the meta to swing to conditions, and alienate zerkers.... no, they need to address the very core of combat mechanics in this game...

Games like this will always have a meta, direct dmg will ALWAYS be favoured in speed runs, because no matter how hard you make it, good players will always favour direct dmg, and the ability to use positioning/endurance control to their advantage. That said, I personally despise the zerker/scholar meta... it's boring, face tanking is BORING, stacking is BORING. Yes it is "optimal", yes it is quick, yes it is mathematically the best way to get gold/hour, but it isn't FUN!
I have a couple of points and suggestions which I am sure echo that of many people's previous posts...

a) to fix the balance the key is giving us equally GOOD options, not just nerfing the strongest one. I would not want zerk to be completely useless.. but I would love to see healing power coefficients dramatically increased so that healers have a purpose, maybe if they got access to runes that boosted party member damage when at 90% health or something (similar to scholar bonus), or a way of making conditions attractive in pve.

B) The holy trinity is also, a lazy mechanic. Having one person hold aggro, whilst everyone else hits it in the face, is a lazy mechanic, it is boring, and the BEST thing about gw2 is that it does not have a holy trinity requirement. Giving us OPTIONS means MORE than just dps/healer/tank.

c) The key to this problem, is actually a rather big thing, it's basically the entire pve combat system. PvE enemies are not challenging. Because of a lack of combat variety. I saw a brilliant post which detailed some possible mechanics for bosses, but honestly.. why not have this for normal mobs too? Boss fights are hit and miss, some have really fun mechanics but the normal mobs are the real dirge of the game. No wonder people just skip them

At the moment, the fractal difficulty scaling = higher level = MOOOOOOAR MOBS = MOOOOAR STACKING because you *have* to kill them before they kill you, if you aren't full dps you get overwhelmed and wipe. BUT wouldn't a cooler mechanic be, the higher the difficulty, the more combat mechanics the mob ai has access to?? e.g.

1-10 = mobs fight like normal, 10-20 mobs have acccess to a dodge, 20-30 mobs have access to dodges, AND projectile reflects, 30-40 mobs have access to dodges, projectile reflects AND melee counter attacks etc etc < this is a random, bad example :P but you get the idea? the fights should be harder because you have to pay attention, you have to look at the mobs, you have to dodge, evade, time your skills - Don't just give us hoards of mindless enemies! I would rather fight FEWER, BETTER enemies, than a mindless blob, especially at higher levels

d) Final point: this game rewards lazy players. (sorry guys, but it's true), and that's ok... that's part of being "casual" - it's not a bad thing in itself. The bad thing is not having anything for the people that aren't lazy, for those that want a CHALLENGE! IMO dungeons should NOT be easy, they should NOT be a face roll. They should be challenging, they should be interesting, and they should be REWARDING. At the moment there is no real challenge to this game, at least nothing that isn't a straight gear check (fractals) and a zerk faceroll fest...

Maybe we could learn some things from WoW... and one of those things is RAID STYLE CONTENT - dungeon runs on a bigger scale, things that are truly challenging. Things that take weeks to get right, things that guarantee you glory and richness and awesomeness when you DO finally get it done! Things that make you legends.
Raid style content is NOT for everyone, but you would make it totally optional and have it there for the hard core players who are bored out of their skulls and desperately wanting something to do. Even "hard mode" dungeons would achieve this - even "8 man dungeons" would achieve this, it doesn't have to be a massive scale. I remember doing Urgoz Warren and The Deep in parties of 12... and yes, that was the MOST fun I have had in gw, ever!!

Parties of 5 are great... but having that as the only option limits this game exceedingly.*

I really hope anet listens to this community, if they balls up this balance they could potentially make every full ascended zerker in the game rage quit and never come back...

In Topic: Glitch-o-rama, Screenshot heavy!

09 January 2014 - 10:33 PM

Posted Image

This glitch has bugged me since release.... the hidden pistol (charr racial ability) has a corresponding engineer tool belt school called "hidden pistols" which has the offload animation, very similar to the thief offload p/p. But.... I look like a texas oil baron or something because I'm all waving my guns and shooting them into the air :P which is amusing.. but looks stupid. and is a stupid glitch that really shouldn't be in the game a year from release....

In Topic: Building Around the Bomb Kit

04 January 2014 - 08:20 PM

I love bomb kit so very much, I prefer bombs to grenades every time. The 30 in explosives is vital for me, because although I prefer bombs to grenades there are some situations (bosses etc) where melee just isn't viable :P SO having 30 in explosives allows you to very quickly specc to grenades WHILST ALREADY IN THE DUNGEON, then a trait swap back and you're ready to bomber man again :) Full zerk with bomb kit is incredible, I have so much fun, especially with all that melee stacking in end game pve.

I dislike speedy kits.... as it is atm it's such a pain to keep constantly shuffling kits for that measly 4s of swiftness... I'd rather put that 10 in inventions if I wanna go a bit more defensively, or firearms for the lil boost to cond dm (OR for sitting duck if you want to take advantage of the imobolises from rifle and glue bomb) or alchemy up to 30 (because I love elixers and bombs <3) Rocket boots OR slick shoes are a must for me, just turn around with slick shoes for that massive aoe knockdown, and the speed boost on the tool skill, rocket boots I just love the animation!!

Nice build and guide though, ty for sharing :D

In Topic: Post a Picture of Your Warrior.

04 January 2014 - 06:33 PM

Here is my warrior, I finally got the t3 I had always wanted on her (I love the charr t3, I love the over the top legion look, and the lion detail makes me super happy) - her name is Khovac Dyakovic (bonus points if you get the cheeky tenis pun :P)

Dye combo is abyss, caramel, and mdnight blue for the blue detailing. (one of my only chars that uses really bold colours, I usually prefer "realistic" type dye combos, but charr are so brass and crass and over the top, I sort of love that about them, especially warriors ;D  just seemed to fit the exuberant blood legionaire so very well!)

Here is a close up

Posted Image

This is her with her hammer <3 in orr, because I love orrian architecture and I love doing the temple circuit with her, because of the glorious tagging ability from axe offhand and the longbow burst
Posted Image

Another favorite screenie of mine, with the mystic rifle (I do like the blue weapons <33) and an awesome "are you feeling lucky punk" pose ;)

Posted Image

Her Arah longbow (aaaat laaaaaast) such a gorgeous skin, dead happy with how it goes.
Posted Image

She's a big softy really ;) loves her cuddly toys backpack <33

Posted Image

In Topic: So What Does Your Engineer Look Like?

29 December 2013 - 12:22 AM

sooooo I love engineers a lil bit too much...here are much offerings to this fine and wonderful thread:

Gilfi Huldublod - my runt of a Norn


Aaaaaand my most recent project (and current pride and joy <33), my Charr engineer: Gromyak Griefbacon, a haggard old ex-legionaire with a penchant for ascalonian trinkets, and explosives. He's kind of... a mercenary scholar/explorer/adventurer, and often sells his cryptological and speleological services to the priory..

When I first made him he looked like this:
Posted Image

Nothing to write home about... then the new faces come out... and I gave him a complete overhaul and I have to say... the results aren't half bad ;))

Close up of his face:
Posted Image

Posted Image
I finally found a chest piece THAT WASNT A TRENCH COAT (dont get me wrong, I love trench coats but I wanted something different for him) -- the rest is Priory stuff, I love the strong lines on the gloves and boots, with a CoE shoulder pad, for a "lighter" look

Posted Image
Finally fully kitted out with his new Golden Pistol and Canthan shield

He likes to burn things....*evil laugh*
Posted Image

and spends his r&r time studying up at the priory maps, looking for more clues that lead to hidden human ruins, ripe for looting :D
Posted Image