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Has anyone seen this "alcohol" in game.... (repost)

13 November 2012 - 11:29 AM

Hello all, I'm trying to organise a guild event based around alcohol (a tavern crawl if you will ;P) the wiki [http://wiki.guildwar...m/wiki/Alcohol] tells me that whilst these items are consider "not" alcohol (i.e. they cannot be consumed) they are small bundle items so they can be held, presumably dropped and therefore passed between players.

The items in question are:
Grenth's Grog,
Abaddon's Absinthe
Balthazar's Brew
Dwayna's  Draft

Could anyone please tell me where these items are found in game? what zone? is it part of a quest? such information is currently lacking on the wiki, so I ask the community :D

Thanks in advance :D

"Named" armor sets - does anyone have pictures/in game codes?

07 October 2012 - 10:18 PM

re: http://wiki.guildwar...amed_armor_sets

So...exotic "named" armor sets with specific runes, apparently they drop as rare loot, location and level unknown (I'm assuming orr however...) ...I've only seen nika's armor set (which is the same skin as Duelist's exotic) via the in game codes someone posted on guru. My question is does anyone have a screen pick of the skins? or seen where they drop? or can generally shed some light on these sets? If nika's armor is just an exotic skin with unique stats...maybe they're all just for the stats/name and not actually new skins?

I know some people must've had them because they're on TP! (if ONLY you could preview from tp :(()

Info on the wiki isn't exactly helpful ;) any clarity found here could be used to update the page too. Confirmed sources/screenies would be the best. Thanks for any info in advance :D

[Questions go in Q&A - Arduin]

GS + Scep/torch = burn build. Would love some feedback :D

02 September 2012 - 09:51 PM

Ok, only just started playing a guardian, still trying to get to grips with it. I love how it has the ability to pack quite a punch damage wise, and still feel like I've got decent survivability and able to support allies indirectly through virtues, cc's and shouts. Was messing around with greatsword and teleport ideas...plus pAoE fire..came up with this, but I would really like some comments to improve it.

here's a link to the full build (which I gave a lameo name so please don't judge me too harshly...it's in reference to ZF and the "iron" chains of multiple immobs I guess >.<)


Offensive burn spams, with condition removal and some shout buffs. The idea behind scepter secondary set is for the immobilise, pop zealots flame, then weapon switch, teleport and wail on em with a massive greatsword. What's not to love? ;)

Not sure about utility slots or the intricacies of trait allocation..so constructive feedback is very much welcomed :D Thank you all your time ^.^

BTW this is intended as a general pve build, though if someone could point out if it could work in pvp (or indeed, why it wouldn't work in pvp xD) that would also be helpful

Staff necro...am I just not "getting" it?

01 September 2012 - 11:27 AM

Hmmm...I've just made a necro, at around lvl 10 so I'm not exactly pro by any stretch of the imagination :P and yet I've tried all weapon sets and combos, the ones sticking out for me are D/horn and scept/D. I tried staff as it's something I see on a lot of the kind of builds I want to play (condition DoT necro) and I hate it. Can't stand it.

Several reasons:

>ground targetting spells - they take twice as long to cast as any other skill if you're not using "fast ground targetting" (you essentially have to double tap, and mid fight I often panic and forget to do so) OR if you do have FGT...then it's impossible to position your marks -.-

> auto attack is slow and underpowered

> long cool downs on all but mark of blood (means you'll only really have time to place one or two sets of traps down before the fights over)

> If we're talking condition stacks...other weapon sets are just as capable of stacking things up, without the need for long cooldowns and slow casting.

Am I just not "getting" staff play? Is there some reason (or reasons :P) pretty much all condition builds I see use it? People who've been playing necro longer I'd much appreciate a hand with this as I'd hate to be missing a trick here. <3

EDIT: also this build: doesn't use marks...I still think is viable for condition dmg... thoughts are very much appreciated :)


Rebinding keys: turn character

25 August 2012 - 09:39 AM

Hey all,

I'm fiddling about with key rebinds (the defaults are so counter intuitive to the whole cast n move thing xD), and a lot of "movement guides" I've looked at for gw2 talk about rebinding character turn to LMB (hold it down and turn the mouse) I can't get my character to turn with a mouse...am I being a tard? is there some really simple way to do it? >.>