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SW build for sPVP

05 August 2012 - 10:34 PM

SW Build

I am looking for input in regards to this build. Since hammer spirit weapon didn't get a significant nerf it is still good.

1) Weapon choice -  I liked sword/scepter combo to avoid getting kited. Will GS or another weapon work better if we loose 15% crit to 1h?

2) Utility Skills - Is the sword spirit weapon worth the damage or another shout or 2 meditations be better by swapping out save yourselves?

3) Traits -
Eternal spirit and Improved spirit weapon duration are required I think. I am open to whatever goes best with weapon choice/ utility skills for the rest of the points.
20 points in zeal is required for eternal spirit ( sw not destroyed)
10 points in Virtues to have sw last longer
30 points in Radiance for 15 percent extra crit on 1h and fire inside (sw cause burning)
10 points in Valor for more crit

4) Sigils -
No clue here what works best with traits

5) Runes / Amulet -
I went for vitality/toughness since traited for precision/sw. I wanted atleast 17k health.

Heal/Support Specs for WvW

28 July 2012 - 02:59 AM


I am looking for couple specs for support / heal for WvW. I don't care about damage. I care about ticking for 400-500 regen to group around me with couple utility or weapon spells that heal for 2-3k. I would like weapons to allow ranged cc/remove conditions abilities.

Also I didn't get to play other support classes during BWEs. How does the healing of ele/engi compare with guardian.

Thanks for your time.