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#2214769 What The Hell Am I Doing Wrong?

Posted by Majigor on 27 June 2013 - 03:52 PM

Regarding your issues with Kholer, I just lifted this from the wiki:
  • When Kholer lifts his hand and glows, he is casting Shield Stance. Shortly after his Shield Stance ends he will pull everyone nearby to him by using a special Dagger Storm. Every pulled player will be stunned and Kholer will begin a whirling attack, generally meaning death.
  • The dagger - and therefore, the pulling effect - can be dodged with rolls and blocked by Aegis. Guardian's Virtue of Courage and "Retreat!" may come in handy. It's also a projectile, and can be blocked or reflected with skills such as Smoke Screen or Feedback. Additionally, skills which give Stability can prevent players from being pulled in to their death, but need to be activated right after the glowing animation

Basically, Kholer gives an animation so you know when he's about to pull you in. What the wiki doesn;t tell you is that his pull is actually 3 scorpion wires that fly out to people nearby. This counts as a projectile so it can be dodged and blocked. You need to keep your eyes on him and when you see the animations described above you dodge. It's simple once you get a rhythm going.

I have noticed that animations in GW2 aren't always as obvious. I have played many action games where dodging and timing are key. Heck just go play Zelda and the mechanics in boss fights are the same, however there is something about GW2 that just seemed to be a little harder to get the hang of. I can only really put it down to bad design or programming. It's literally the only one where I couldn't seem to figure out HOW people were getting so good at dodging when I seemed to get hit by everything. Eventually it all just clicks though and you get good at it.

Make sure you start experimenting with skills you have always overlooked as well. I was pretty static with my skills during leveling but I'm way more willing to change skills and traits on the fly now. I change them nonstop in dungeons to fit the situation.

I would recommend valkyrie armor as well. Keep your zerker trinkets etc, but change the armor to valkyrie for extra health. Also, what traits are you using?
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#2208182 Whips

Posted by Majigor on 31 May 2013 - 12:04 PM

Add some profane armor, I don't see the problem :P

Imagine dual wield whips! :o

I immediately thought of this: http://i205.photobuc...lash-marvel.jpg
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#2190773 Improvisation - overlooked?

Posted by Majigor on 12 April 2013 - 08:41 AM

I updated my "Bug report" and asked that it gets moved to the suggestions section, so the trait (and hopefully thief traits inn general) can be looked at and revised. I feel our traits are slightly underwhelming due to balance issues, and it's a shame really. From what I've seen of thief compared to other classes, we seem to be a bit more pidgeon-holed into certain builds and traits than others, so it would be nice to open up our options a little more.
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#2096776 Feedback about the thief and its gameplay - Official Forum Link

Posted by Majigor on 26 November 2012 - 02:35 PM

game dev's which use their official forums for feedback makes me a sad panda, these days the console kids only use this to complain, thief nerf inc.

Actually this thread they made is a response to thief nerfs... It seems odd that they would nerf it, ask thief players what they feel needs looking at as a result, then nerf some more...?
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#2096672 The Real Reason Mesmers Seem Over powered

Posted by Majigor on 26 November 2012 - 01:21 PM

Except this is wrong. Yes you need to decipher which is a clone and which isn't, but in reality so much of fighting a Mesmer relies so damn heavily on their spec. Anyway I'm rambling, what I'm trying to say is if your fighting a phatasm Mesmer and you ignore his clones your just gonna get killed cus those phantasms will hit you with immunity. I'm blessed with the AoE of an Ele though so meh. If anyone from anothe thread is looking for info on how to kill a Mesmer specifically check the Elementalist threads there is a thread there with a wealth of info.

The OP just made possibly the longest with the shortest point I have ever read, and you think you're rambling after only 1 sentence? Trust me, you aren't!.

To the OP.... You spent all that time and effort repeating yourself, making up figures from the top of your head, just to tell us to master a technique, then didn't even tell us HOW to master it?

... WHY?


For anyone who hoped to gain anything from this thread, just go to this one instead: http://www.guildwars...ke-on-a-mesmer/

It basically says the same thing but is a better read, contains actual facts, AND gives advice.
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#1926376 which is better, 15% more bleeding duration or 45 more condition damage?

Posted by Majigor on 13 September 2012 - 12:20 PM

Condition Damage :) (assuming you are asking this question because you mostly rely on your conditions to do damage)
And the formula is: Bleeding - 2.5 + 0.5 * Level + 0.05 * Condition Damage

Where did you find the formula?

Also, this just made me think that a sticky thread centered around thief formulae with breakdowns and explanations would be good.
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#1514078 Now THAT'S what i call a class mechanic!

Posted by Majigor on 13 June 2012 - 12:35 AM

I felt that necro needed a bit more focus on it's class mechanic to make it stand out, so I came up with the following suggestion. I'm going to make comparisons to thief because I feel it is in a similar situation, yet certain factors are being overlooked.

First, class mechanics go further than just the F skills, however for the necro this is less apparent. For example, fear is meant to be a class mechanic, yet there simply aren't enough skills that inflict it. The staff is the only weapon with a fear skill. When looking at the thief however, they have dual weapon skills, Every weapon combo gives a special skill. While this is a lesser mechanic, it is definitive in every weapon combo and stands out more as a mechanic than fear.

Second, life force only really exists for death shroud, which I find pretty boring. it's always the same, always has the same skills, always used as a panic button and never really feels like it sets necros apart. In contrast, the thief has steal which, although needs work in itself, provides a variety of abilities, meaning there is always a motivation to use it.

Third, necros are supposed to focus on inflicting conditions and buffing allies, yet the conditions they inflict don't feel particularly unique because every class seems to spam conditions in this game, and their buffs (ie removing conditions from allies) are available to other classes too so necros just don't seem to shine.

Fourth, the following is stated on the official wiki: "Necromancers are masters of the dark arts. They summon the dead to fight for them, channel blood energy and rend their enemies' souls. Necromancers draw on life force and use it to strengthen or heal themselves and others."

This is completely untrue because they do not spend life force on strengthening or healing allies. My suggestion addresses this description and fits more with the official description.

Fifth, A class mechanic should be something that shines through in the majority of your playtime as that class. Currently, death shroud is used in the Minority of our playtime (because we use it purely for survival when health is low and healing is on cooldown). This is backwards. We should have a way of playing with our class mechanic, the very thing that makes us different, in the major part of our playtime, not the minor. My idea addresses this because it gives us a chance to constantly way up our options and make a decision on whether sacrifice life force for an immediate benefit, whether we sacrifice it to benefit allies or ourselves, or whether we conserve it to the last moment for that all important death shroud.

I have therefore come up with an idea which I feel may help to diversify necro a bit more and make them 'feel' more unique. It comes in the form of F skills, because I feel that these are instant indicators of class disparity, as well as bonus skills which do not take a space on the utility bar, therefore providing you with a bonus class ability that other classes would need to use a utility slot to accomplish (for example, other classes have 'panic button' skills, but they aren't free to them like the necro's F1).

My idea is to add another core mechanic in the form of 'Offerings'. i was considering 'Rituals' but I believe other classes already have 'Ritual' skills, so this has more identity.

The plan:

Firstly, change the life force bar by breaking it into 6 mini bars (or charges), similar to the warrior's 3 adrenaline ones. Then add the following skills which act as toggle abilities. Ie, you activate, and they drain 1 charge of life force every 4 seconds and provide an effect, until you press the button again to deactivate them. The final one has the exception of taking 2 charges per pulse instead.

F1: Keep as death shroud - It works, but alone is just too plain. The following skills should solve that. (The 'pulses' of life force degeneration would not be required here either).

F2: Blood Offering - You sacrifice life force to inflict bleeding on surrounding enemies every few seconds. (Traits could then multiply this effect or add other conditions). it can be accompanied by a bleeding animation on your character to show they are sacrificing blood to do it.

F3: Life Offering - You sacrifice life force and convert it into healing for yourself and allies. (Traits could add additional effects to this, such as condition removal per pulse). It can be accompanied by a spiritual aura to show life pulsing from your character.

F4: Death Offering: You sacrifice 2 stacks of life force per pulse to inflict a 1 second fear on surrounding enemies. (Traits could either up the fear duration, or add additional effects, such as buffing yourself and allies). This can be accompanied by a skull simply flashing over your characters head or something as a visual indicator.

I believe this will not only provide the necro with a more solid grounding in it's current mechanic, but would also allow for more varied play styles as death shroud alone just doesn't feel like enough.

It can also be tweaked a bit through testing (ie the seconds per pulse can vary between each skill) but I somewhat addressed this by making the final one take 2 pulses as I feel it could become overpowered otherwise.

Would love to hear peoples feedback on this.

EDIT: I would like to add my replies further down the list to save trawling through to see other suggestions I've made to this.

1. Blood offering could potentially act as a life steal instead of bleeding. (someone said they felt necro needed more lifesteal). Maybe it could simply add lifesteal to attacks, or drain a bit of health every pulse.

2. Someone stated that traits such as blood, death and curse needed work. My reply is that each of the proposed abilities could have traits in their respective trees. I had taken them into account when thinking up the idea. Ie, death offering can have traits in death tree, blood in blood. this way, our trait specs feed a little more into class mechanics meaning more build options without necessarily forcing us into 'turtle spamming' death shroud.

3. Others stated that death offering looks too overpowered. I suggest it either using all or half of our life force. If all then possible traits could allow us to increase duration to 2 seconds, or retains a bit of the life-force spent (ie 25-30%).

4. Each of the proposed skills can have individual or global cooldowns for more balance.

5. Some people are saying necros just need lifesteal and traits reworked. My suggestion addresses both of these issues because it adds a lifesteal ability, and traits can be altered to match the new skills.

6. Some have believed I seek to revamp death shroud. this is not the case. i am suggesting we leave it in, how it is (fix the traits though) but add these other skills that utilize life force to even us out a bit more.

----> 7. Others have said that they don't use Death Shroud purely for survival, and instead spam it every time LF if full. That is fair enough, however I still feel this is problematic gameplay-wise. Having an either-or scenario, where you either use it every minute, or every time you need to survive, makes it get boring pretty quickly. Imagine 80 levels, plus end-game, just spamming it non-stop. The same four skills over and over. The same grinding strategy. GW2 is meant to avoid boring, routine builds. Forcing necro into a black and white 'spam or save' does not solve this. My suggestion is not intended to totally revamp necro, nor break it in any way. I am simply suggestion something which fits the class description and allows for more diverse and strategic gameplay. Having us constantly decide how we spend our life force, in a similar yet different fashion to thief's initiative, will mix up gameplay and the suggested abilities will allow for a wider variety of build<----

What I have created is merely a base idea so i'm still looking for it to be revised and balanced.

EDIT 2: Suggestion by Thyar

Thyar took a look at my idea and made an alternate version which I believe to be simpler yet still running on the idea of out-of-death-shroud abilities. I believe his idea may be a bit simpler and and easier to balance so I could see it becoming a more viable option.

"F1 – Death Shroud with its usual skills.

F2 - sacrifices Life Force to enable each of the Necro's weapon attacks to steal health (per attack) from an enemy for 6 seconds. This would stack with other life stealing skills, effects from sigils, etc...

F3 - sacrifices Life Force to enable each of the Necro's weapon attacks to provide health (per attack) for self and nearby (within 600 feet) allies - including pets, minions, and illusions - for 6 seconds.

F4 - sacrifices Life Force to inflict a random condition on an enemy for each attack that the Necro receives (infliction period lasts for 6 seconds)

I would make the cost for F2 to F4 abilities a flat 33% cost of one's total LifeForce bar, to help keep this balanced.

Unless I am mistaken here, all Necros of whatever playstyle and weapon sets would receive some benefit from at least two of those three.

I reduced the duration time for F2 to F4 from 7 seconds to 6 seconds, which at a 1.5 average basic attack from an enemy would mean they trigger (in optimal situations) for about 4 attacks. "

It still gives us a bit more to play with as death shroud always has a chance of being a panic button, and alone makes the class a one-trick pony. This addition adds strategy because spending life-force means potentially weaker death shroud duration if it is needed, but that sacrificial nature of combat feeds well into the nature of the necromancer.

Please Read

I think I need to clarify something about this thread. It is not a 'let's knock death shroud' or 'death shroud sucks' thread. The purpose of this Thread is to suggest that Necromancer overall needs a bit more class identity. I feel that Life force could have been a much better mechanic, but all it is is a fancy cooldown for death shroud. I don't want to lose or replace death shroud, I simply want to add diversity to the class to utilize it's unique resource, and in doing so will give the class something unique to accomplish OTHER than death shroud. All other classes have other mechanics aside from their 'main' ones. Necro apparently has life-stealing and fearing as a core mechanic, but this really does not shine through. I am proposing a way to utilize life force as the class was described to do, and to give it more identity when not using death shroud. As an example, people notice the warrior's unique style even when they aren't using their burst skills. People notice the thief's unique style even when he isn't stealing. they notice the Mesmer's identity even when they aren't shattering their illusions. What do they notice about the necromancer that the other classes aren't already doing?

Thanks again for the great response so far!
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