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Building a new gaming PC - mobo suggestions?

06 July 2012 - 12:48 PM

So my current computer is an oldie, he's done me a great service, lasted though many mmos but now it's time to put the old man to pasture. (I've had him a good 5 years) :)

I'm going to see about building one for around August, when GW2 releases. My current computer is a trooper, and does very well with GW2, but I'm running:

Intel Core2 (dual core) X6800 @ 2.93Ghz
6GB of RAM
Nvidia 9800GT (1gb)
(Windows 7, 64bit)

So in order to get the best framerate for WvW, I need to create a new beast.


My goals: I want to splurge on the mobo and cpu, because that's what will carry this system forward 5 years, the graphics card and RAM can be upgraded whenever. I want the ability to SLI some nvidia cards in the future (I used to get nothing but radeon, but the last two computers have been nvidia, and I really like how their drivers handle video games) so the mobo and case need to be able to accommodate two cards and adequate cooling. And I'd like to stay around the $1500 total mark. I don't need a monitor or other peripherals, because I already had to buy a new monitor two months ago when my last died, and my headset, keyboard and mouse are good to go.

A friend of mine has been swearing by asus motherboards, so I started checking them out, the one I grabbed is kinda weird/neat looking, as it has a dust case over it, which looks removable if needed. Anyone have any experience with dust cases on motherboards? Does it impact cooling rates? It looks plastic, which is the only thing that concerns me, as I'm used to being able to see my mobo's parts, and I don't want to give myself cooling issues.

I'm open to suggestions, and I'm not in any real rush, I just want to get myself a nice xmas present, maybe a little early, this year.

Server Timezones

06 July 2012 - 12:27 PM

Does anyone know if there will be timezones on the servers after launch? I haven't seen anything released, but the collective knowledge might've caught something I missed. :)

I ask because if GW2 is going to do timed events like the BWE finales, I don't want to find myself on a west coast server, as I'm east coast. I did that to myself a long time ago in WoW, being on a west coast server, and everyone was cool with staying up until 3am my time, because it was only midnight for them. Lol. I'm not a spring chicken anymore, I can't go to work on 4 hours of sleep.

I'm mostly wondering because while the launch servers wouldn't have a finale type event, what about end game events, like fighting dragon champions that take half the server to beat down? If that spawns up at 4am and no one is around to fight him, will he make a sound? :P

If Anet isn't going to have official server timezones, are there any loose timezones that have been 'announced' by fans? I read that Sea of Sorrows was one of the unofficial oceanic servers, but not any others.

If it helps, I'm looking for a high population pvp oriented server on the east coast to call home. I've been on Eredon Terrace for the BWEs, which did alright according to the first BWE WvW stats released by Anet (3-3), and on other fansite forums is reportedly an unofficial GvG server. (Though not sure how that would work without a lot of coordination in sPvP lobbies)

Thanks for any insight you all might have. :)

[Rampage] is recruiting (GMT -5, East Coast USA)

02 July 2012 - 12:56 AM

Hey all,

After looking through many GW2 fansite forums and seeing what other great established or start up guilds had to offer, I realized none really fit how I play. So I figured, especially with GW2's ability to join many guilds at once, starting my own wouldn't hurt.

Posted Image

We're an east cost located guild, created exclusively for Guild Wars 2. The goal I have for Rampage is to create a fun environment for hardcore-style players who cannot handle an 80 hour playtime requirement. (Yes, I'm exaggerating) I expect there are more people out there like myself and my fiance who are hardcore at heart (or were during high school and college), but have a regular full time job and other obligations, and just can't do it now, as much as they'd like to. As such, the biggest points to take away are;

  • We're requesting mature players. I'm not imposing an age restriction, but you've got to be aware we'll swear. I don't tolerate cruelty or overboard crass behavior, but we're pvpers first... we swear.
  • Hardcore play style without a time requirement. By that, I mean: log on, and when you go to accomplish something in a guild group, you aren't going to find someone who has a total lack of situational awareness.
  • I'll kick people idle for more than 30 days to keep the roster tidy, but if you weren't removed for some nefarious reason, you're always welcome to rejoin.
  • We want to do it all, from scouting out the hidden jumping puzzles, to being active in world scale dynamic events, dungeons on every difficulty, dominating in WvW as a server, to pick up PvP and structured PvP after we find some solid gamers.
  • We embrace being able to join multiple guilds, and certainly won't fault you for it. Nor will we turn away alts (they are subject to the same 30 day rule, to be adjusted as needed when the guild member cap is closed in on). All we ask is that when you play with us, you try your best. Nobody expects you to be perfect, just give that dodge button some good exercise and don't die slowly to something you can avoid or remove.
A little about me; I've both lead and been in many guilds in the past (I'm 27), from GW, WoW, Warhammer, Aion, and others along the way that I played briefly. I've played main tanks, healers, dps, in high end raiding guilds and in pvp-centric guilds/arena/teams. I've put a more detailed bio of myself up on my guild's forums, which is viewable after you're either an alliance member to the guild, or a guildmate.

Currently my fiance and myself are playing on Eredon Terrace for the BWE weekends. Once we know the release list of servers (if they differ from beta) and their time zones (if any) we'll be able to figure out where we're going to be permanently. I'd like to be on a server that has the same do-it-all attitude, and wants to dominate in WvW.

I love that GW2 is all about working together, because as much as I love PvP, I'm ready to just compete in the Mists and help my fellow players everywhere else.

See you in game! :)

Kathleen (Paiyn on Beta-Eredon Terrace)