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Thief's lair - blog

17 June 2012 - 08:40 AM

Hallo everyone!
I just wanted to advertise my little new blog about the Thief profession.
I just started, from very basic stuff, but I will improve it as I learn more about this class.
I have always been involved in rogue/assassin classes in all MMORPG I played, so I decided to play a Thief in GW2.
The blog is not structured as a "teaching place", as I don't want to teach anything to anyone, but it's more like a "let's learn together" place.  So contribution by everyone is extremely welcome.
Also, please note that I am not an hardcore player, but I will try to provide every info possible about the Thief profession and what I am learning about it.  
So, if you want to participate in the discussions feel free to post!

Thief's Lair



Last update on the blog -> December 13th, 2012