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#1610445 BW3 Start from Fresh? Some Servers deleted

Posted Verene on 18 July 2012 - 06:13 PM

Aww, crap. Eternal Grove is gone :(

Gonna migrate over to Jade Quarry, then, and hope that EG is brought back for launch.

#1562057 Speculative release time thread?

Posted Chalky on 30 June 2012 - 12:48 PM

Oh we're so not doing this.  Lets try to find a topic that's got some discussion content rather than just literally guessing random numbers.

#1489955 Guild Wars 2 Story Summary

Posted Lyssa on 03 June 2012 - 04:45 PM

Hey all,

Just wanted to make a new thread to announce the begining of a new series that i'm doing which is a summary of the Guild Wars 2 universe for new players. It begins with a video that establishes the setting of the game: Tyria (which I released today) and will go on to tell the story of Gw1 for those who didn't play it or pay much attention the first time around.

Beyond that, it will explain the 250 years between the two games and will be 8 videos in total. Would love to hear what you all think about it!

Part 1 here:

Will keep updating as time goes by.

Part 2 here:

#956897 World of Warcraft General Thread

Posted Luregas on 23 October 2011 - 07:56 AM

Calvar Draveir said:

I know really nothing about the intricacies of this game, would anyone be able to tell me what they think about the videos?  The presenter sounds cool, but for all I know he might be talking about changes that really suck. : P

Here's the gist of it as I see it, as both a WoW player and someone that's browsed the summaries from various WoW websites.

  • Added lots of extra play modes, such as different PvP maps, and PvE instanced "events", and challenge mode dungeons (all ho-hum stuff, really).
  • Slight overhaul of the class abilities, and MAJOR overhaul of the talent setup (both of these sound good to me, but still won't break it from the "role trinity," basically making things simpler without changing the core game).
  • And standard(ish) expansion material (new class, new race, more dungeons, more quests, more landmass, etc...).

So, summed up, mostly basic stuff for their expansion, but a few things that can be hyped up easily. There is no real game changer, except that there is a LITTLE more variety (just the PvE scenarios, really).

At this point, the game is surviving on sheer marketing and player tenacity. The core game mechanics are good enough and the presentation slick enough that all it needs to do is keep players interested in that to keep them hooked (if you want to see a game missing these, play Lord of the Rings Online... so loaded with meaningless time-sinks and problematic combat). Everything after that is gravy and is a content train. If players start to question why they are playing the game, they will unsubscribe. This has happened to a few notable players (namely TotalBiscuit), including some of my co-workers and myself. In fact, my co-workers are looking at switching to SW:TOR or GW2, or even both (I put all my eggs in the GW2 basket... no more monthly fees!).


ogion said:

Guild Wars has challenge-mode missions where an NPC keeps a list of the players/teams with highest score for the day, month and quarter.

Never played GW1 beyond the trial (got to post-searing Ascalon and got very bored), so that explains why I never heard of it before. =P

While I'm on that note, someone explain to me what is so interesting about Guild Wars 1? Combat felt too basic and boring to me, the skill system far too open-ended, and too much walking time required to go places. (For reference, I played a ranger, then set warrior as second class). No offense, but the original game didn't grab my interest. :(