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#1936073 What runes / orb is better for the final set

Posted paradiselight on 16 September 2012 - 01:54 AM

6 ruby orbs add 120 power, 12% to critical damage and 84 to precision.

In comparison, 6 runes of the ranger give +165 precision, +8% crit damage and +5% to damage while you have a companion. You'll always have a companion around so the last bonus is just a flat +5% damage increase.

How much is 5% damage increase? Since we are talking about DPS builds here, ignoring condition damage, the 5% is equivalent to current power * 0.05. So if you have 2400 power, then the 5% increase is equivalent to an increase of 120 power. The +4% crit damage is  harder to quantify and depends on current power, precision and crit damage (though for DPS builds, I think it should be in the region of 2% damage increase or less). But even then for pure DPS builds, runes of the ranger should win out.

Regardless, ruby orbs are good alternatives to obtain if you are poor since they are relatively cheap.

#1770183 Tournament sPVP - Strategy - Tactics - and Guardians

Posted Sycthrex on 20 August 2012 - 10:27 AM

View PostPhalanx10, on 20 August 2012 - 02:09 AM, said:

No point in going round and round with you trolling the thread (I created the thread FYI).  There were many good discussions going though for awhile now it is just denegrating.

Your sentence quote here took many pages for "some" people to agree with.  Yes there were those that thought a balanced guardian at one point produced more dps than an offensive spec and yes they thought a guardian could out DPS a 100b/axe warrior so at least we finally got past that nonsense.  Finally there are some threads on defense and support guardians (but even still had to remind some about the mace).  There was a huge retaliation debate that ANET finally settled, etc...   It's like some just want to argue for trolling sake and no other purpose even if the position they are trying to take is ridiculous.

I almost forgot  - we had "someone" try to argue that a "balanced" guardian spec was more "defensive" than a defensive spec ;)

You can't make a thread and then when people tell you, you are wrong or criticize your build or come up with a build which they and other people consider better you just start telling everyone else they wrong without proving anything.

You say you have videos but won't post them because they are precious to your Guild Forums, thought this was a community?
We are about sharing things and helping each other, if you are part of a Team then you are not going to get far with your thinking, you are too narrow minded.

If we all thought like you there would be no Guides out there and there would be no discussion at all, just plain old arguing.

Just because you can't find or get a Guardian to deal nice damage doesn't mean other players can't.

I am closing this thread as it is clear you can't discuss with other people, if you feel you can talk with other Members of the community with respect and can convince me to re-open it i will, until then...case closed.


#1594169 LBvSB Revisited

Posted Lawn Pirate on 12 July 2012 - 07:40 PM

The problem is that flanking becomes exponentially harder to achieve the further you get from your target.  Which is why backstab on a rogue in WoW uses daggers.  In melee, you can easily get into position.  At range, you have to overcome a greater distance in order to achieve the right angle.  Thus, it is actually unrealistic to assume that you will ever be able to achieve flanking in a 1v1 scenario outside of an opener on an opponent who doesn't see you.

That said, I guess you could use the shortbow like a melee weapon.  Though if you do, the kiting perks of the weapon are almost useless.

#1592525 LBvSB Revisited

Posted Nyth on 12 July 2012 - 03:03 AM

View PostTeagen_Presley, on 12 July 2012 - 12:22 AM, said:

I think when you look at the whole picture, they both do their own job well, but they are very different tools.

Aye, this is the key sentence.

GW2 also seems to be far more complex than say WoW (I'm mentioning this game because I used to do a lot of theorycrafting for it). Whereas in the latter your role in a lot of PvE encounters is very one dimensional (9/10 times the role of the dps is to do as much dps as possible); in GW2 it seems to be much more multidimensional. Sure you try to pump out maximum damage, but when you get aggro you got to shift in different mindset.
PvP in both games can't be calculated, but the weaponswap makes things even trickier then they are.

Longbow plays a different "role" as a weapon in pvp (and pve for that matter) than the shortbow. I'm not talking playstyle here, but when you use a longbow and you're dpsing from range there is no need for you to swap weapon all that much, because there aren't really any weapons that compliment the longbow in it's role; it's quite stand alone.
The shortbow on the other hand can be complimented immensely well by picking up the axe (or alternatively the MH sword). You can swap often between these weapons and use them both to their strengths.

This is a factor that is just impossible to regard for such situations. I totally see JDPs point and I think he's right that the fact that the LB can put more arrows faster down range than the shortbow (even though the speed is suppose to be the SBs advantage). However since the combat mechanics are so complex it's hard to put numbers to it.
The longbow's attacks might be a bit more solid, but the shortbow tends to fight in a range where weapon swapping is more optimal and that gives the shortbow user a bigger toolbox.

That all said. I currently feel like the Shortbow (by itself) could use some minor tweaks. Same goes to the MH sword / OH torch and especially the OH dagger.
Although I'm pretty sure that ANet will be balancing builds, rather than individual components eventually.

#1579433 Ranger Questions

Posted Swiftly on 07 July 2012 - 11:51 AM

Hi Degx  Welcome to GW2.

As JDP stated that build may or may not be "good" any longer.  ANet is currently in the middle of changing all of the classes and I would expect to see those changes right up until release.  I would encourage you to jump into the game during Beta Weekend 3, July 20-22 and try out many different classes.  Through play you make find a class that you like a lot more than Ranger.
A lot of people can tell you that they are going to play a totally different class than what they first thought.

But Ranger is a very fun intuitive class that can play many roles and require many different levels of skill management.

I would recommend the Wiki: http://wiki.guildwar.../wiki/Main_Page

And reading the threads here.  There are several good posters in this forum that already have some good knowledge of the GW2 Ranger.