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What Anet didnt tell us about the dungeon changes, and how do we work around the changes?

19 September 2012 - 08:48 PM

Hi guyes!

As we all know, Anet has been very silent about the changes they have done to the dungeons, maybe they were scared to see the players reactions...we do not know why, but we have certainly noticed and seen the changes.

It would be helpful to see what changes in different dungeons you players have found to help eachother by discussing these changes and how to work around the new added things in the dungeons (tactics etc).

Ill start with CM storymode dungeon:


- More mobs in general
- Mobs that cast bombs have been added
- Most Mobs now have knockdowns
- Mobs now do geater damage
now have higher health or defense
general aoe damage by mobs are bigger (red circles)
- New champions
- Added more dogs and they now cause fear and cripple (before they only had knockdown)

NEW Quest
  - has been added that you need to finish to continue the dungeon

The difficulty is now severly higher, and reward you get is now 21.000 (ish) experience and 13 silver.

Feel free to post changes you have noticed and how the difficulty level has changed.

Why isnt the pc running gw2 better?

12 August 2012 - 06:58 PM


My friends computer specs:

Intel core duo cpu E8400 3.00 GHZ  3.01 GHZ
ATI Radeon HD 4800 512 MB memory
4 GB ram
25+ space on disk.

Still, even today, when he play gw2 the game lag so hard that its unplayable and his fps is +-10 at all times. He run the game on lowest graphics.

Its not a internet problem since he also has a laptop which run gw2 better, but since it gets heated up fast, he doesnt want to game on the laptop.

Is the game really finished with the optimization? My friend has more than the minimum req but still the game is unplayable and i really mean unplayable since ive seen it with my own eyes. He cant even dodge in time from mobs.

Anyone here know what the problem can be?


Joining guilds on different servers than yours - Possible?

15 July 2012 - 04:22 PM

Hi everybody!

I bet a few out there are wondering if joining other guilds on different server than your own is possible when GW2 launches. The reason why in asking is that ive heard rumors that this will be avaliable in gw2, but it could be just that...rumors. I know that you can only represent 1 guild at a time on the server you have chosen in wvwvw. Lets say you have friends on different servers and you want to play with them, the guesting system makes that avaliable in gw2 but i havent heard if there is a possibility to actually join your friends guild from a pve perspective and represent that guild in pve.

Have you heard if there there will be this option in gw2 somewhere and is this confirmed by Arenanet? If it has been confirmed by Arenanet could you link sources please? :)