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In Topic: The Lost Shores Grand Finale: A Survivor's Memoire

19 November 2012 - 08:32 AM

first of all,

congratulations for the post, i enjoyed it immensely.

for me, the worst was simply that anet hasn't realised the following, which i am not getting tired (yet) to repeat:

if you pommel an single enemy for over 2 minutes, it is enough. adding more minutes to it doesn't make it any more interesting or fun

. ok, i get it, normal mobs are relatively easily killed, veteran ones harder, champion ones ... good luck if you want to solo these ones.

at least the new Fractals are better, mainly because they do not take that long.

In Topic: Ascended items appear to require an insane grind...

16 November 2012 - 12:50 PM

We'll have to wait and see how the rewards really turn out.


Exotic stat armor can be acquired through various means: crafting, karma, dungeon tokens, or PvP.

Of those methods to acquire Exotic stat armor, crafting requires materials which you can purchase or gather yourself. You can earn gold and acquire materials all over the game.

Karma is acquired through events and daily/monthly achievements. You can earn karma all over the game.

PvP and Dungeon exotic skins are more grindy but you already have two easy methods to acquire exotic stats, dungeon/PvP armor is more for appearance.

Ascended items, however, appear to require high amounts of grind of one specific area, the 9 random mini dungeons. Anet has said you would be able to craft or Mystic Forge the items, but those methods likely will require items from the dungeon (Gift of Ascension).

Even in GW1, skins could be acquired through gold (platinum) alone (and a short run to FoW).

Fractal tokens appear to be account bound. So for the short (more likely, long) term, until Anet adds crafting recipes, you are forced to do a dungeon to acquire better gear, not just a fancy skin.

But let's just wait and see first, before storming Anet with torches and pitchforks. After all, they love to get us all worked up, teasing us with partial information.

thank you very much, this is mostly what i have been saying a few times in other threads. i got all my exotics by crafting them myself, and i got my resources from different activities, all over the world. some mats i farmed, some i bought, and i levelled all my professions ( except cooking, but i am getting there ).

i want to be able to get max stat with my method of choice. and i go to dungeons, i just find them less interesting, than the rest of the world, so i am glad i did not have to get dungeon tokens, even tho i have a few lying around, and might eventually have enough for the legendaries crafing.

In Topic: Ascended Items

15 November 2012 - 12:21 PM

You forgot to mention that exotics are kind of easily crafted. If crafting Ascended armor is between crafted exotics and legendaries, it could require us up to half the materials needed to craft a legendary, which is a lot.

I'm certain that we'll be able to craft them, but I have my doubts on how easy/hard it will be.

yes, that could be possible. we will see, very soon as it is.

what i really want is, that it stays like it is now, that i can get max stats without any special content, like it was in GW1. i have stated before in another thread, getting max stats was indeed some more grind as it was in GW1, but it was doable in a reasonable time, since we do the crafting ourselves, i have no objection to have to max my profession, to make myself max stat items. getting the materials was ok, since what i did not farm or salvage myself, i could buy by selling mats/stuff i did not need.

In Topic: Ascended Items

15 November 2012 - 12:04 PM

How is grinding for Ascended any different than grinding for exotics? They already said they'll be introducing more ways of getting ascended gear via WvWvW or other means. All this alarm feels like a repeat of the whole exotics issue we had a few months ago, where people were going crazy over the fact that exotics have 13% stat advantage over rares, and it ended up being a non-issue.

there is a difference, i can CRAFT exotics, like i did with my draconic, i did not go to dungeons, etc. if i can't craft ascended, then crafting is not anymore interesting, except if you want to get legendaries, in which case you still need to. but to max your crafing ONLY for legendaries, adds to the legendaries grind. right now i have maxed everything, except cooking, which is probably done in a week or so, when i have farmed some more stuff.

In Topic: Ascended Items

14 November 2012 - 12:47 PM

You guys do realise that Agony is an old mechanic from GW1? Do you know how it worked back then, how easy it was to get infused?
Please don't compare GW2 to WoW or LotRO before seeing how it's implemented here. It's not GW2 that is tainted with gear treadmill and resistance gear, it's the players who come from others games and see the shadow of failures of other titles everywhere.

the difference was, that to infuse your armor, you did an infuse run, and that was it, ok, in the first year or so, you had to do the run for each armor piece, but it was still the same armor, it did not make the armor you already had obsolete. it was a bit of a pain, ( ok, it was not, it was kinda funny, eventually ), if you had new armor, you'd go and make a quick infusion run.

but here, i can't have my self-crafted draconic armor infused, i have to get me a new one ? are you -ing serious ? that suxx! yes, yes, i know, only rings and backwhatever. still, my rings are now obsolete ? self-crafted, by my own ( ok, my toons ;) hands ? i do not like that at all.