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#2159912 Map Completion in WvW

Posted Xukaiwen on 07 February 2013 - 09:27 AM

View PostImpmon, on 06 February 2013 - 02:35 PM, said:

For the people who can't do their wvw map completion I see most of you mention not being able to do it alone.  As I suggested previously you CAN ask for help from other people.  While you stand there raging about not being able to get that vista theres probably 5 other people doing the same.  Combine your rage & use the dark side of the force to get that vista and then you can run back to your completionist ideals.

Hahah!  What, isn't working together part of the light side of the Force?

Anyway, there's some things a happy-go-lucky little PUG can't do.  For example, I'm a player in T2 and a very skilled and organized server is in first place in T2.  There's no way in... Kentucket... that even with the whole might of my entire server that I will be able to map some of their keeps.  This has been the case for several weeks as there are currently four top-tier servers with a serious drop off to the fifth and sixth place servers.  (Guess which server I'm on?)

Not a big deal.  I'll wait patiently.  But I still think that the 500 Badges of Honor requirement is enough to encourage people to join WvW and enough hard work to earn part of a Legendary.  Mapping WvW is unnecessary and counter-productive.

#2125946 Gunnar's Hold [EU] - insane WvW and sound community

Posted JoeVertigo on 22 December 2012 - 03:50 PM

You might be a seasoned borderlands lone wolf roamer. Maybe you're a ruffian commando squad looking for fights just outside Stonemist Castle. You could also be a highly tactical and organized guild loyally following your commander into the heat of battle. Or you're just an average Joe like me.

In any case you might have your reasons to be looking for a new home in this virtual mad world. If WvW is your game, if you feel a rush of blood to the head when charging alone into a group of defenders or if you like to spend your time methodically planning siege layout then we might have a new place for you. If you enjoy some proper laughs on voicecomms or if you try to stay away from drama and mockery and prefer a more mature environment Gunnar's Hold could be the way to go for you.

Gunnar's Hold is a european server with a very solid core of guilds, teams and solo players that have been here for the good and for the bad. We're experienced, bold and laid-back. You'll see us do the craziest things in WvW, because what we lack in numbers we make up in creativity. We're as effective as we are entertaining.

On Gunnar's Hold nobody is a nameless pawn in a soul-less zergy war machine. Here a team of three people can be a force to reckon with. Hell, a lot of us can make a huge difference alone. So if you're tired of being powerless unless being a part of a large group or want to make an impact as a small guild Gunnar's Hold could be the ideal server for you.

We're pretty strong during our prime-time, which is around 7:00 PM GMT to 1:00 AM GMT. While we welcome everyone to join us for fights and giggles in that time of the day we'd be very happy to have more people online outside of this bracket. We'd be much more effective with a proper night and morning crew.

Gunnar's Hold coordinates the war and fun effort via community site and a 1000 slot mumble server. If you want to say hi or just have a look around feel free to drop by at:


If you have any questions or would just like to have a chat feel free to contact:

Catatonic Inertia from Midnight Mayhem [MM]
Tichai from Legacy of [MARA]
Waanderer from Rise of the Reborns [RotR]
Nidhogg Twicenamed from Vitas [VS]

See you on the battlefield, whether you're gonna be friend or foe.


#2112144 List what you believe is wrecking wvw.

Posted MrZero on 08 December 2012 - 06:47 PM

People bitching about problems like the game is 3 years old.

#2112211 Question About Stealth

Posted Obscure One on 08 December 2012 - 07:52 PM

As of late I've been focusing almost exclusively on hunting thieves in WvW and either I'm getting better at fighting them, or I'm just running into bad thieves...not sure which yet.

I figured I'd share some of the things I've picked up on in the past few days. Now despite the fact that the player avatar has a culling delay to render when dropping stealth, the name pops up instantly when their stealth ends if you're showing enemy names in your UI. Additionally thieves focus on attacking from the side or behind to maximize their damage which surprisingly enough can also be countered by any class with the touch of a button and the base level of reflex speed required to consider oneself a PvPer; Hotkey "Aboutface" learn it, use it, love it. As soon as that annoying little guy appears and gets that first hit off on you press it and proceed to use it frequently throughout the fight when they try to get behind you. You'll notice the damage numbers of 5-7k per hit turn into 2-4k per hit. When they drop back into stealth don't bother trying to do damage to them, save those heavy damage skills for when you can see the little buggers. Instead, any kind of AoE CC's your class has that effects mobility such as AoE cripples, immobilizes, or chills will frustrate their ability to re-engage if you center them on yourself. This tends to make the less talented thief swap to a ranged weapon like a shortbow and try to engage me at ranged, which shifts the whole fight in my favor (I'm a rifle Engineer trait-ed for range and damage; 1200 range is my house). But the more talented Thief remains in stealth and continues to get in position, because they know their initiative will recover faster than my health, and they can repeat a full spike with me at less health. If this is the case it's time for me to use my elite Supply Drop, literally the only way I will be able to survive the second spike. With that elite and equipping my Flamethrower (+200 toughness for having it equipped when trait-ed) I stand a solid chance to fight back when the thief re-engages me. If I can survive the second spike, I've found that the vast majority of the time I'll win the fight since I've waited until exactly this point in the fight to unload my heavy DPS and that thief likely used it's heal skill for stealth already.

The fact remains that a solid 10% of thieves I run into out there (and it's almost always a JQ player) can still drop me before I have a chance to do any of the above. I'm thinking it's because I do not use my classes stun break elixir that makes me basically invulnerable for a short time and gives a tool belt that either stealths me or grants stability, but rather the one that makes me immune to blind and grants fury and gives the tool belt skill that inflicts 10 stacks of vulnerability at 1200 range. I'm certain if I make that build adjustment, it might drop that 10% instant loss to a thief to probably 5%.

In my opinion having a 90-95% fighting chance against the thief class in general with my DPS build just by adjusting my play-style when encountering one (and just with the stuff I've figured out in the last few days) leads me to believe my issue with the Stealth and the thief class is primarily my inexperience in fighting them. It's funny that for all the frustration the thief evokes from me, I encounter them in a 1v1 situation pretty rarely. HOWEVER, I maintain the opinion that a skill that de-buffs/removes stealth belongs in every class in the game for one major reason: strategy. Everything in this game has hard counters that force a player to rethink strategy on the fly, but a thief can always rely on stealth to engage/disengage despite the classes extensive versatility in terms of mobility. This means a stealth spec is THE way to play the thief since it is immune to the hard counter. Giving the off switch to stealth to the players clever enough to have it on their skill bar forces the thief to have a plan B, and fosters and environment for more build diversity for thieves.

#2091853 Improving WvW

Posted Mif on 22 November 2012 - 01:25 AM

A new Asuran-tech siege weapon that shoots a chain lightning (on a decent cooldown, lore: needs to charge) which does more damage to each player it hits.

Good luck zerging :P

#2092114 Black Lion Trading Company Black Friday Weekend Sales

Posted caveslug on 22 November 2012 - 07:14 AM

View PostCoren, on 22 November 2012 - 06:29 AM, said:

Ummm care to explain what black Friday is to us non Americans please? I take it it's about selling things waaaayyyy below normal price, but is there a history there? Like approaching Christmas they get rid of their old stock?

Its the day after thanksgiving, stores have really nice sales.

In reality the times have changed, Its gone from a couple of hours to an all weekend thing. The Items they advertise for super cheap are limited 5-10 per store, You have to sit in line 12 hours+ to even have a chance at the laptop for $200 or the 50inch plasma TV for $200.

Now they do have other good deals, but nothing like those teaser ones that con people into camping out in front of a store in freezing weather. Its also morphed over the years from mainly retailers, into everyone and there brother having black Friday sales. Be it a car dealership or a restaurant.

I think the "history" behind the name is also the time of year, retail stores went from red to black in profits.

Forgot to add you will see 1-5 cases of people fighting or even killing people over this crap on national news.

#2081361 Epic Tales of WvW Glory

Posted DerekUrban on 15 November 2012 - 07:40 PM

I feel it's time to bring a little positivity to this particular subforum, so I'm starting this thread for WvWers to post their epic battle stories. Whether it's something you did, your opponents did, your team did or anything else that made you go "Wow, that was awesome!" - post it here. There's nothing like a good war story.

The following is a cross-post from the GW2 forum on the matchup of Devona's Rest, Ferguson's Crossing and Kaineng. For those who don't know Devona has been wrecking the last few matches, and we have pretty much only been fighting each other since release. Still, sometimes your enemy can surprise you. For those wondering, I was playing my Necro for both accounts.

"I’ve had some great times in WvW this week. Mad props to both Fergies and Kains on being great opponents. We’ve had some pretty gnarly zergs completely wiped out by great defenses and a whole lot of “wtf just happened.” I’d like to share a couple of my favorite moments in the last couple days.

A little Asuran Thief (I think Kain, though he could of been a Fergie) harassing our zerg like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It was incredibly frustrating, but man did he pull it off like a champ. He’d appear, down someone, and bounce. Recovered from multiple stuns and immobilizes just to slip away and come back minutes later to repeat the same action. At first it was just a nuisance, but over the course of a half hour or so it really started to take its toll. Eventually, we were just outside a tower and were killing that Champion grub, and still this thief was relentless. Other enemy players came and went, most died, but not this little guy, you could only even see him when he was mid-gank. At some point during this fight that thief managed to pull 5-10 of us away from the zerg, still harassing, still impossible to catch or kill. And then for some reason we see him over the hill, staring at us. At this point, we wanted him dead. Beyond dead, we wanted to kill him so hard his toon un-leveled all the way to level 1 – I’m pretty sure he knew this, we advanced on him hard. As soon as we give chase he turns and runs, not stealthing this time mind you, and leads a good half of our force right into a large group of invaders across the bridge, right in front of another tower. We were decimated, our forces didn’t have the strength to take either of the towers (though we did take out the grub eventually), and it was all due to the efforts of one incredibly annoying Asuran Thief. Props to you, nameless invader.

The second story happened last night, and it was a moment of personal pride and fail all in one. Our zerg just stopped an assault on Durios, and recapped the Umberglade Supply Camp just east of it. All but myself left the supply camp, and I stuck around to try and fortify the camp with a Ballista that had just dropped off the Guild Supervisor. I drop it next to the supply and start building on my own. It was around 60% complete when I look up and see a horde of Kains looking at me menacingly. I keep building, but it doesn’t take long for the first Kain to charge in (naked with a greatsword, I might add) and start attacking my precious ballista. It’s about this moment when all hell breaks loose, it’s just me, a few NPC guards and a half-built ballista verses 10-15 Kains hell bent on wrecking my face. I’m going in and out of DS like a boss, I see someone fall and manage to pull off an execution, trying my best to fear people off my ballista and still try to build it all at the same time. I knew if I could get it up I could rain down at least some death, and I wasn't about to give up that mission. The next kain falls right at the feet of the ballista, and someone was already trying to rez, so I fearbomb and execute. I know I won’t survive much longer, but the fight goes on. Finally I see a third down, try my best to get the execute but fall short and get put down myself. I’m promptly executed and swarmed, only to see my precious ballista destroyed before it could ever be born, as I lay lifeless on the ground. So while I held out longer than expected, and I ultimately failed horribly, for a few amazingly glorious minutes I soloed a Kaineng Zerg."

Post your stories of epic accomplishments or epic failure, and please remember to keep it civil - this is a happy thread for boasting and prop giving.

#2021837 Gunnars Hold - working together

Posted SheepieMezz on 16 October 2012 - 12:46 AM

View PostGenev, on 15 October 2012 - 11:40 PM, said:

Ah well, I know that deep down, you love us really.

You love yourself, and that is the only ones that love you!
CIR had some good players, but had some complete twats as well. But then what guild doesnt?
Here on the forum you come claiming "oh we offered to work together", but in game countless times there was "Nope, dont need you" responses when I said I was just gonna hook up with you for a short time. And im not even KISS, I not had a problem with you guys. So dont come claiming server co-operation when all it ever was, was talk. The ONLY time you welcomed people along was when you couldnt farm easily, or that is how it seemed from the outside. And yet it didnt bother me, if i dont get on with someone I just keep clear and stop prodding them.

CIR/KISS. All that ever goes on is someone says something, it was twisted or taken in a way that wasnt appreciated, the bitching began. No one wanted it to go away because you guys just kept it up (Both members of kiss and Cir).

Now, I speak to disaproval often and work alongside him. But I done the same with any commanders that were around. I also turn my tag off the moment that there is someone leading that isnt a commander so as not to confuse matters. If I am solo, my tag is off because I dont have an ego built around it. Im a GH soldier first, guild commander second. I play for fun and if im stressed trying to lead I stop doing so. It is a GAME. And i play it like that. Which is why i keep out these antics.

I think CIR left for an easy life. If you log on in the afternoon and find that you got a ton of fully upgraded keeps belonging to you, or the enemy hasnt had time to upgrade since taking it back then you can farm the maps all evening without issue. Basically you be living of XAOC success and gaining your own from their initial work.  Personally I dont like free transfers STILL being available because any moves should have been made long ago. But in some ways im glad that something that was tarnishing the server is now gone (Note: Im refering to the public arguing as opposed to insulting a guild with this comment).

View PostLepita, on 12 October 2012 - 11:54 AM, said:

Wow, this thread is preeety bad :P

Where do Lords of England come in to the WvW situation on our server? I like listening to Sheepie Mezz.

Lords of England is a active guild that participates in both WvW and PvE. We have players with a preference for either, however almost everyone participates in WvW at some point.
We are not a big guild, we cant field 25/30+ players of our own into the field BUT we often have 12-15 players trying to make a difference working alongside anyone that wishes to work with us.
I try to develop tactics that work, but because I focus on the game and using the guild TS for communcation I am sometimes poor at getting out what I am trying to get done to the rest. Im working on that though .. and when people listen we have had some great success with attacking things via different methods. The success comes from the server though, not me. I just try and bring people together whenever I can (not often enough but under alot of stress currently)

Now, I missed the meeting because I was sleeping (again note that stress :P ) ... however a discussion took place between various guilds tonight and there is something on the agenda for next week. Over the next day or two I will be having a discussion with those at the meeting and try work out the details then a post will be placed on http://www.gunnars-hold.eu/forum.php ... this will include an open invitation to all members of the GH server and is another step in continuing to bring Gunnars Hold together again.

Remember, no guild is more important then another, the guilds that left dont matter at all, all that matters are those that remain. From the outside I have to say, Gunnar's Hold, was ranked way too high after the 24hr fights and this decline down ranks was always going to happen. We will find a ranking level that gives us tough but winable fights however it may take a few weeks of suffering. Just keep fighting, keep having fun, and dont blame each other because in the end everyone is here for one thing and that is to enjoy themselves!

#1992096 Gunnars Hold - working together

Posted JaKBear on 04 October 2012 - 01:11 PM

View PostBandwagonX9000, on 04 October 2012 - 12:14 PM, said:

Spoken like a true zergling.

Going wherever they see pretty lightshows for the xp/karma train. Choo choo. Coordination? Information sharing? Hell no!

Then you come to this thread to spread around all this fetid hot air that nauseates the forum because somehow in your fantasies whatever internal organisation Kiss is, it's the equivalent of INT? That is an insult to the skill, coordination and effort that INT members put out.
How is this contributing towards making KISS and INT more cooperative? Its not, its nothing but adding fuel to the fire.

Lets not disrupt the unification by making such redundant posts?

Please raise above this.

#1990055 Well played Anet.

Posted Kichwas on 03 October 2012 - 08:29 PM

View PostValkaire, on 03 October 2012 - 07:26 PM, said:

Wow... I guess maybe the referencing real life people thing might have like 0.01% of legal repercussions but that's pretty harsh =/ Sorry man. Some guy must've been super jelly.

When it first launched, the MMO "City of Heroes" was almost shut down from legal action by comic book companies because players started making costumes and names that were from copyrighted comics. They then adopted a very severe ToS on this issue - forcing name changes and costume changes - with bannings on repeat offenses.

(in the specific case, Marvel was losing many of its claims, but using names was one area they had a pretty strong argument for.)

Ever since, gaming companies have learned not to mess around on this issue. Especially NCSoft, as they're the ones who got sued last time... and they own this game...

Its not you that risks getting sued by naming your character something you have no legal right to use...

I'd rather see you wake up and be forced to name change, than ALL of us wake up and find the servers say "taken down by court injunction."

#1990123 Did Guild Wars 2 live up to your expectations?

Posted kook on 03 October 2012 - 08:44 PM

Yep, I didn't let myself go in with impossible expectations like so many people seem to think is required.

My expectation is to be entertained. When I play Guild Wars 2 I am entertained. So yea, it meets my expectations.

#1988971 Is GW2 dead?

Posted Nex on 03 October 2012 - 02:23 PM

When someone says that in their opinion the Earth is flat, you don't nod along and tell them that they are entitled to their opinion. You call them an idiot. Coincidentally, that's also what you do with the posts about how GW2 is dead.

#1988469 Gunnars Hold Reborn

Posted TheSyndic on 03 October 2012 - 08:28 AM

Dear Silent The Legend,

First off I'd like to thank you for looking at the bigger picture. I would like to address several misunderstandings in your post however; the "general flame war" you refer to was titled "Gunnars Hold - working together". I will copy-paste a part of the original post that is most relevant:

"We are starting to work with an alliance  called Golem.

Both these alliances has been trying to work together. We need to take it to the next level on Gunnar’s Hold. Therefore we are either alliance is willing to take on new members or new member guilds.
Additionally and more importantly we are also interested in working with any other alliances and guilds that want to coordinate in a colaltion of equals. No guild need feel excluded, we will talk to anyone. A hand of friendship is extended to all.
This is the opportunity for everyone of the server to start a fresh and get things coordinated.
Let’s see what can be done.

Therefore as you and everyone can see, The Initiative community has already taken one of the first steps to getting the server working together.

What your guild leadership chose to do was take the opportunity to tar and feather myself and CIR, one of the most active WvW guilds in The Initiative community. The Initiative itself was also tarred and feathered for trying to be "kings" of the server, by your leadership. While many including myself saw this as childish self-aggrandisement, we respected that we can't force anyone to cooperate.

In the very same topic about working together; Olgit from PC Gamer, Chey from SnM, Darkademic and Officer Toglos from DkR, and myself from CIR have repeatedly invited your leadership to sit down together in voice comms like adults and start cooperating for the good of Gunnar's Hold. Our only stipulation was that we want to cooperate as equals.

Disaproval not only ignored all of these invitations, but self-admittedly chose to block our most active WvW leaders. While Officer Toglos and Snort Tufmudda have been merely ignored, I myself have been put on ignore and "will never be taken off".

In short, Disaproval went ahead and tried to start a sh*tstorm with the biggest WvW guilds on the server, insulted the most active WvW leaders on the server, insulted the biggest alliance on the server, and then topped it off by deciding to block us all.

Since neither me nor the other guild leaders in The Initiative community are poorly educated sociopaths, despite this one-sided attack we still left the door open. Like we said in the past topic; that door is still open with the stipulation that we are working as adults and as equal entities.

If Disaproval wants to isolate KISS from the community on Gunnar's Hold, thats a choice we have to accept and respect despite what we personally think about it. If it works for you guys, great I'm glad you're having fun. The Initiative community is definitely having fun, we might not win overall on points because of our work and sleep but when we play we give everyone a run for their money and then some.

I should point out that regardless of what Disaproval wants for KISS, we have had KISS members join our mumbles and our teamspeaks and run with us, we had great fun together. On this note I'd like to extend a hand of friendship to all the KISS members who want to enjoy the game and WvW on an organized level - forget about this political bullsh*t. Just hit us up in-game if you see us rolling, hop on comms and come roll with us. Lets have fun together.

The Initiative's door is always open to cooperate as equals for guilds that want that. Some guilds want to isolate themselves from the community - thats fine too, we're on the same server so we'll both just have to learn to live with each other.

Good luck and have fun! o/

#1981673 Social Failure?

Posted Omedon on 30 September 2012 - 03:21 PM

View PostMFGrady, on 30 September 2012 - 03:12 PM, said:

Guild Wars 2 promotes interaction between people who WANT to interact, unlike Trinity games where it is forced interaction for mutual goal. If people could solo all end game content in WoW, they would. You'd probably see a few guilds of friends or mass gaming communities doing it, but your average joe wouldn't bother.

Very very true.

The way I set my goals in WoW (played for 6 years or so, likely never again) was to ask "will I need to bug other people to do this?", seeing as I was someone that disliked being bugged by other people to finish their ill-chosen goals, it was important to my personal sense of consistency that I not become "that guy" to my respected friends.  I didn't run dungeons until the dungeon finder (but I still DO NOT want to see one in GW2, even if it means I NEVER complete a dungeon), I didn't run raids until the raid finder, and had I stayed, I would have practically lived in these new scenarios they have implemented.

As it turned out, I migrated to RIFT and then to GW2, where not only was I generally freed from "needing people," I was freed from the cookie cutter build paradigm through public content that the community wasn't empowered to exclude me from.  This is a glorious freedom that forthcoming games are going to have a hard time getting off the ground if they do not include it in their structure.

The community must be taken out of the seat of power, when it comes to majority content inclusion, and GW2 does an amazing job of that.

#1979614 Social Failure?

Posted ogrejd on 29 September 2012 - 05:30 PM

View PostGhostwing, on 29 September 2012 - 03:03 PM, said:

I'm not sure how some people can come to the conclusion that it's the game's fault though.

It is the game's fault. Due to the nature of the combat system (requirement to keep moving at all times - or else) and the extremely fast respawn times (seriously, you should *NOT* be able to kill a centaur to get at a resource node and have it respawn on you during the second swing at the node - happened to me *twice* yesterday in Kessex, one at a gummo, one at an iron. Even when it's not being insane like that, which I admit is out of the ordinary, it is FAR faster than any other open world MMORPG I've played), typing while in the field is excessively dangerous (as is doing silly things like switching weapons, checking your loot/salvaging stuff, or selecting new skills/traits or placing levelup points), so you can't chat while actually *doing* stuff, only when you're sitting in a "safe" area or are defeated.