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Any news on potential Longbow buffs?

15 May 2013 - 02:30 PM

I've looked around, and I can't seem to find any official word on longbow's future.  You'd think they would do a bit more with it, considering it was an iconic weapon type from GW1.

Is there actually a use for it that I'm missing?  I can't seem to figure out why this is left how it is without any word on future plans on buffing it.

Why hasn't Anet addressed the current zerker or gtfo pve endgame?

10 May 2013 - 11:27 AM

The current optimal group layout only favors teams that stack full berserker armor and faceroll DPS through everything while simply learning what and when to dodge.  Most classes are pointless in groups when you have things like mesmers and guardians putting up reflections and other classes like warriors, among others, just DPSDPSDPS everything to death.  

Dodging mitigates far too many sources of damage, reflections are far too powerful against PvE mobs, and as mobs don't coordinate their abilities or assist each other we can always have our way with them.  I hate to compare to gw1, but it atleast made you feel like you were fighting a group composition when fighting groups in Hard Mode (when you weren't running an afk faceroll Hero set up, and playing regularly).  Conditions and hexes were cleansed, melee mobs had either powerful AoE or CC that gave backliners trouble, positioning meant a whole lot more.  

Right now, it's simply stack in the corner so mobs line of sight, then just dodge into the wall to avoid the damage while keeping everything balled up for ez AoE or blind fields.  I have to say that it just isn't that fun.  It's hard to give a build personality when it won't be effective in any PvE unless i'ts maxing DPS and 100% damage mitigations through traits and skills.

MOD EDIT: Merged in another thread. That thread's OP and the video about this discussion can be found here.

Just hit 80, looking to do Arah exp

17 January 2013 - 07:53 PM

I have experience in just about every other dungeon, except for Arah.  I hear it's incredibly difficult to complete with pugs, and there's many mixed feelings on glass cannons vs balanced set-ups.  

What do thieves usually run in Arah exp?  What's the recipe for success?  I know dodging is incredibly important for any class in any situation, and thieves have a ton of dodges.  Does this mean I should go glass cannon and just learn how when to dodge everything?  

My gear:

- 4 pieces of berserker armor, 2 valkyrie
- All berserker jewlery + zerker quiver, 2 valkyrie gems instead of zerkers for a little more vitality.
- zerker shortbow + sigil of energy
- zerker s/p, haven't decided on sigils yet (sometimes p/p for ranged fights or when I'm feeling lazy)

2k power
1.8k precision
900 toughness
1.3k vitality

50% crit with 100 crit dmg

My traits:


I maintain decent damage and have a lot of dodging, as well as good ini management.  But this has only been tested in simple dungeons like CoF, AC, CM etc.  Nothing seemed too hard and it worked out pretty well.  

Is this a good set up for Arah?  I feel like I'll never know for sure as I see a lot of players who inevitably don't pull their weight and I can't tell if I'm not supporting them enough, doing enough damage, etc.

Thanks for any answers.

Thief or Elementalist

18 August 2012 - 02:01 PM

So I've been pretty set on Thief for awhile, and I never actually gave an ele a chance during the betas.  But I'm coming to realize that the ele can do a similar job in pvp as the thief and also has much more versatility to.  I'm mostly a support player and intended to play the thief that way.

I'm not too interested in damage numbers too much, as I know that both professions are kind of geared towards it.  But I'm wondering about mobility and survivability as well as how technical the profession is.  

Thieves seem to be one of the most mobile professions next to the ele, which is why I want to play them so much.  And if played correctly due to all of their evades and stealths, have great survivability to.  Do ele's have similar options?  I love moving around maps and such at high speed, both pve and pvp.  Maintaining decent damage as I do.  Are ele's durable?  They lack stealths and a lot of evades, but i know earth magic is supposed to be defensive, and they have conjure earth.  But can they last a long time like a thief can if they pay attention to all their CDs?

How technical is the class?  I love being able to get very creative with builds and the order I use skills in, is it very fluent and have a lot of room for creative combos?  Or is it more about using a set damage combo with a weapon set and not having any other option?  Are there big damage combos that outshine much else and require me to give up utility and survivability to pull off?

Feedback is appreciated.  :)

Tried the default Thief loadout..

11 August 2012 - 02:07 PM

..Didn't have much of a problem.  I'm not saying this is by any means an optimal build to use for any situation, rather that it covers the basic stats and what not of a thief and isn't a venom or condition build.  I wasn't a pub star or anything but it didn't feel bad like most make it out to be.  I replaced haste with shadow step. it had fine survivability in most instances and damage wasn't bad either.  You don't need to be getting 10k backstabs or 15 stacks of bleeds ticking 100's to be effective.  That's a warriors job to hit those numbers.

The condition damage could be up a little bit, but the damage I was doing overall did the job against most professions and builds.  D/D set for evasion, running away backstabbing.  P/P for unload spike assists,  auto-attacking at low initiative, headshotting to stop stomps, black powder for, chip damage while applying blinds, blind support for allies & soloing forest bosses

I focused most on being defensive, so that means I hit a little less often but the bleeds and poisons available, while weak, made up for some of the damage without getting in the way of a defensive play or spike.

The utilities spider venom and signet of shadows were great to, the poison negated healing that followed most of my spikes and made up for any lost damage by a small margin, and signet of shadows kept me alive and roaming from spot to spot to assist allies as needed.  Shadow step I'm sure any thief knows can be invaluable for many situations.  I used it to escape, trick people, remove conditions, sometimes to teleport to downed thieves mid-stomp to save time.  

The point of this thread is to show that while we're physically weak, we have the tools to survive and all it takes is creativity and knowing what players are thinking.  Getting inside people's heads in pvp can months or even years of experience depending on the type of player you go up against and how often.  Thieves and mesmers benefit the most from this with the use of stealth and evasions.

Also, steal isn't weak by any long shot.  Once you learn what you can get from all professions and their icon, you can change a fight very easily.  A warrior's whirling axe in a team fight can be devistating if put into your spike rotation, a necro's aoe 3s fear is even better.