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Attack on Titan (Game)

24 July 2013 - 02:51 AM

Do you like the anime Attack on Titan?
Do you like Spiderman?
Feng Lee, a Chinese independent game developer, has been working on an AoT web-game for the past couple of months.

It uses Unity's web-engine; and it very well optimized for the pace the game can get to.
The hit-detection for the Titans can be a little off, and they're pretty rough models - and the first map is untextured - but it's still really fun, with a modest learning curve.

There are 2 characters available: Mikasa; who can stop her momentum mid-swing and slice straight down to the ground; and Lev; who can latch onto a nearby surface (or Titan) and swing himself in that direction while spinning his weapon.
Aside from their special attacks, there's no difference between the characters.

The game is updated every other week with bugfixes and new content.
It's a lot of fun, and because of how modest its resource requirement is, it can run on pretty much any computer. Awesome slow-work-day activity. ..Or, if you're like me, all-day-activity.


Hope people enjoy it--and give Feng Lee a Like on YT / Facebook if you do

Effort-to-reward ratio

13 December 2012 - 02:06 PM

A major problem with GW2's Dynamic Event system is that there are a ton of events people just ~don't do~.
Every event in a given level tier gives the same Experience, Karma, and silver - no matter how much time it takes to complete.

Champion events are an obvious example - they are generally uninteresting scaled-up normal mobs that have more health and damage on their abilities (the same kinds the normal mobs do). These are generally labelled as Group Events.

I have an example to show, in the new area (meaning they had time to see which types of events were well-done, and which were skipped in the original areas - but they made this one like this anyway).
It has you kill 2 Veteran Karkas within a camp infested with smaller ones - and is not labelled as a Group Event.

(Video playing at 2x original speed)
It wasn't too challenging, but it took a long time; and gave the same reward as the event where you give the NPC 10 Karka Eggs acquired from interacting with nests.

This amount of time investment/challenge is not justified. It is the reason nobody goes out in the world, after FotM was released.
Is it really that hard for ANet to add neat little things like tokens from hard events, so that over time you can buy a weapon or armor set with a neat skin after doing them enough?

The grind

06 December 2012 - 11:19 AM

Good players are not rewarded for overcoming challenges – the majority of the game’s status symbols and cool items are gained from performing an easy task for an inordinate amount of time. This sums up my opinion, and why I think GW2 is not as good a game as it could be – but I implore you to read the rest of the post if you’re going to add to the discussion.

I believe that Guild Wars 2 was designed with the philosophy of urging players to spend money to buy Gems to convert to Gold – first and foremost; with every system in the game pushing players to spend money on the Gem store for gold.
Every single item that is even remotely neat or hard to get in this game is received from the Mystic Forge.
Not only does tossing a huge amount of trade materials into the forge remove flavor from the items you’re getting; but it empowers players who have a lot of RL capital to spend far more than it should.

The exotics for a fresh 80 are cheap enough – 12g maximum to deck yourself out, inclusive of exotic jewelry. This ignores runes and sigils.
After this, players go for cosmetic gear to transmute their stat-gear into. Here is where the tacky design starts up.
When you transmute gear’s appearence, you lose the actual item you’re transmuting. The two items fuse into one. That means that if you ever want to use that item’s skin again, you need to reacquire it.
After getting the item skins and transmuting your exotics to what you want, what do we, as players, have to strive for? Vanity items, like Mystic Weapons and other neat-looking gear from the Mystic Forge.

Mystic Weapons are Okay. They have a feasible grind attached to them. To make a Mystic weapon, it usually costs between 7 to 12 gold , which is entirely feasible. I wish it were more than a simple grind for gold, but hey, it's from the Mystic Forge. No big deal. ...Or it wouldn't be, if there were unique items to get that were ~not~ tied to the Mystic Forge (and thus, gold).

Check these recipes out:
Most of these unique equipments take an excessive, unfeasible amount of goldto get. No flavor. No quest. No challenge. No adventure. No journey. No ~fun~. Just grind. Plain, boring gold grind.
These equips don’t even have a unique sigil or rune.

With the way the market works, it’s nearly impossible for the average player to amass money at a decent rate without grinding, unless they convert bought gems to gold. Killing a champion in the world does not give you appropriate reward for the effort involved. Aside from this fact, Champions are generally pretty bland – just normal mobs with more health and damage. ~That’s it~.

As you can tell, I am very disappointed with how GW2 turned out – and have seen these sentiments mirrored by many other players. The game’s combat is fluid, and the gameplay is solid – but gameplay should be supported by strong systems that reward good players – and GW2’s economic and legendary/vanity item systems simply do not deliver on that. They reward spending real money on the gemstore and converting to gold; or grinding easy content until you drop.

As far as discussion goes, I’m interested to see what the broad community of GW2Guru forums think about the state of the game; and what they feel about my opinions on the underlying item-acquisition systems of GW2; independent of the gameplay.

Water Combat sucks.

14 September 2012 - 01:05 AM

Can we all agree on this, now?

Underwater mobs take forever to kill.
The dodges feel clunky.
Movement is too slow.
The variety of mobs underwater is too narrow - and most of them are a pain.
Underwater bosses are even less worth it than normal ones.
The map is awful at showing things at varying depths.

Overall, I wish they'd just give you water variants of your normal skills - speed up the movement a bit - and made dodges not take twice as long underwater.

Be careful when purchasing anything

12 September 2012 - 07:09 PM

The other night, I made a missclick when buying Karma goods. I doubleclicked the Karma NPC because he was swarmed by other interactables, but apparently my previous interact was just delayed--With my mouse over the part of the discussion that says "Show me your goods", it opened the Buy screen, I heard the familiar coin-clatter sound effect, and went "Aw, crap."

I had just bought Heavy boots for 42k Karma on my Thief.
My initial reaction was to try  to sell them back. No avail. Then to google for a way to resell Karma goods to the vendor. None.
I then went to the support site and opened a ticket. Here's my response:

"While I would like to replace your items, the Guild Wars Support Team is unable to replace individual items in the manner you are describing."