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Allthingsgw2.com Needs Writers/Mods/Opinions

28 June 2012 - 11:54 AM

Hello everyone!
I'm Oceanus of www.allthingsgw2.com I'd like to start off with just a few things we want out of our site.

First of all, I'd really like to bring the "all things" to the site. What I mean by that is, all current and future knowledge of the game can be obtained here (or links given to where It can be found). We want to build a strong and supportive community, all connected and helping each other, including other fan sites, blogs, forums, etc. The Second thing we try to do is make an easy to navigate website, unlike a wiki page for example, where some, might just get lost. Don't get me wrong, I think wiki pages are great, just may be a little confusing sometimes. A third thing I want out of this site is, I'd like for the community and other Writers, Admins, Mods, etc. to be able to shape the site, as if it were their own.

We are a new-ish site, and we are looking for a few more people to help us fill up the team.
If you're a writer and into GW2, we'd like you to come try out over at our site.

You can find of a little about what were looking for here---> http://www.allthings...oking-for-more/

We could also use some administrators/moderators for the future of the site, or just anyone that can help us build and spread the word that were are out there. If you have any interest in this, please contact us by email with experience, why you'd like to join us, at [email protected]

So any other questions/ideas to change the site for the better, just drop us an email, or post here. And I'll try my best to get back to it, as soon as possible.