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#2221191 Vote For Evon! Or...Ellen!

Posted Perm Shadow Form on 22 July 2013 - 03:46 PM

Hate both of them and I have no issues with WP costs, so I rather pick the Charr and get Abadon dungeon.

#2220383 Looking Ahead: Guild Wars 2 in 2013

Posted turbo234 on 18 July 2013 - 02:50 PM

View PostRitualist, on 18 July 2013 - 02:43 PM, said:

CoF is broken because the rest of the game is utterly unrewarding. The demanded a change.
Making CoF as unrewarding as the rest of the game shouldn't be said change.

That's not at all what they said but okay.

#2220379 Looking Ahead: Guild Wars 2 in 2013

Posted Dirame on 18 July 2013 - 02:39 PM

LEGENDARIES WITH ADJUSTABLE STATS????!!!! I think I'm going to pay to win that one!

View PostRitualist, on 18 July 2013 - 02:31 PM, said:

Posted Image

That's one of my favourite bosses in the whole game AND my absolutely favourite type of enemy. Seeing that I should have know it was too good to be true.
Because that shot was followed by:

Removing rewards from the stuff I like doing will not make me want to do stuff I don't want to be doing: it will just transform stuff I like doing into stuff I don't like doing. When you guys nerf CoF, I will not move to a different dungeon: I'll simply stop doing dungeons. And since this is one of the few things I actually still enjoy doing in GW2 ...

Wow.... so you complain that they aren't making improvements to the game and when they do make improvements you complain because the improvements affect a dungeon which you are literally exploiting because of how easy it is? .... I need to go sit down for a sec....

#2219603 GW2 guru NOT one of the top ten sites for GW2 players?

Posted Mordakai on 15 July 2013 - 10:02 PM

I think the key word in the OP is on guru "information is buried"...  person coming here for the first time will have to dig to find anything useful.

#2219588 GW2 guru NOT one of the top ten sites for GW2 players?

Posted The Shadow on 15 July 2013 - 09:11 PM

I'm not surprised it's not top 10, even the official forums weren't mentioned, who wants to spend their time reading other's complaints when you could be enjoying the game and using resources to augment the experience.

#2218476 An Open Appeal - Obsidian Sanctum Kite

Posted Feathermoore on 10 July 2013 - 05:23 PM

This is a tall task seeing as the point of it is that it is a PvP jumping puzzle. It really is only challenging with other players there as well. Add that on top of the puzzle normally being empty and you get a big draw of people who like the PvP aspect of it when the puzzle becomes populated.

Use the invisibility shrines. They are positioned in places that allow you to pretty easily get past the dangerous locations.

I do find it odd that it is included in the event though.

#2218342 An Open Appeal - Obsidian Sanctum Kite

Posted Gerroh on 10 July 2013 - 07:08 AM

I'll abide.
You guys can go out and kill people like crazy anywhere else in WvW, and any other time of the year in the JP. There's no reason you guys can't give it a break for a week or so.

#2218267 An Open Appeal - Obsidian Sanctum Kite

Posted The Shadow on 10 July 2013 - 01:12 AM

Yeah... but, killing people is fun.

#2218385 So now that's it's out, what are people's opinions of Bazaar of t...

Posted Trei on 10 July 2013 - 11:16 AM

View PostBohya, on 10 July 2013 - 09:59 AM, said:

It's not free. You still had to buy the game. The promise of updates that comes with it is a part of the initial purchase package.
No... dude... The monthly achievement, what with the champs and vets popping it all over the place.
Thanks for making this month so damn easy.

#2218376 So now that's it's out, what are people's opinions of Bazaar of t...

Posted Lordkrall on 10 July 2013 - 10:44 AM

View PostBohya, on 10 July 2013 - 09:59 AM, said:

It's not free. You still had to buy the game. The promise of updates that comes with it is a part of the initial purchase package.

I wonder how long people will live on that.
It has been almost a year since the game was released, will every single release ever made for the game be considered paid for with the original $60?

View PostRitualist, on 10 July 2013 - 10:36 AM, said:

It's even worse: this "free" content means that we aren't getting other kinds of content because A.Net's limited resources are spent on it.

A PART of A.Nets resources are working on this, while other (most likely bigger) parts works on other stuff and new features and such.

#2218023 Update Notes for July 9th

Posted Guest 34905 on 09 July 2013 - 02:53 PM

View PostFeathermoore, on 09 July 2013 - 02:38 PM, said:

Because GW1 costumes were a flat cost with 0 "games of chance" involved? There is a fundamental difference between the two systems.

Depending on how the scrap generation works this could be moving to a compromise between the two systems. Say the skin costs 50 scraps and every box gives you a single scrap guaranteed, then the skin "costs" 50 boxes worth in gems. With the chance of getting the skin out of just one box every now and again. But if the boxes can give you 1-5 scraps and the skin costs 50 scraps you lean more towards that RNG gambling deal.

Anet is likely trying to find how far they can push the RNG aspect in order to get the maximum number of sales. They will likely tweak the number of scraps required/the number given from boxes in future events until they get the max return.

I don't see how it is different, as the final result is still something completely optional.

View PostMazingerZ, on 09 July 2013 - 02:36 PM, said:

Pretty sure it was because you could just buy the costumes outright with no Cox Boxes.

No one's complaining about the cosmetic item, just the implementation of distributing it.

As usual, you're looking for smoke when there is no fire.

If you knew GW1, you'd look here, and point to me the number of items being sold whose results were entirely determined by RNG.

You're complaining about the acquisition of a completely optional item.
It's entirely up to you if you want it or not..

#2217905 Why I'm probably quitting the game after only a few weeks

Posted Kany on 09 July 2013 - 09:08 AM

what do you expect, to mourn you? you won't be missed. hope you'll envy - I'm having lot's of fun ingame....

#2217868 Why I'm probably quitting the game after only a few weeks

Posted leongrado on 09 July 2013 - 06:27 AM

View Postadamjr4, on 09 July 2013 - 04:45 AM, said:


I'm not exactly sure what your intentions are for writing such a long post. If you didn't get the gist from the other threads, there's plenty of other people who are dissatisfied with the game and quitting. You're really not that special.

Why do you make such a big deal out of quitting? I stop playing different games all the time. Heard of single player games? If you're going to quit, just quit. I don't understand why you have to have a huge rant about it. If someone influential had a rant about something, I might actually listen. I have no idea who you are.

#2217859 Why I'm probably quitting the game after only a few weeks

Posted Saul Spotter on 09 July 2013 - 05:48 AM

Why post something like this?

I disliked my fair share of games but I didn't make a big deal of it.  When I decided WoW wasn't worth my time I just dropped out of it, and went on to other things.  I've yet to pick up Star Ocean: Til the End of Time since I bought it all those years ago.  The time and energy you put into writing this manifesto could've better been spent on a new PS3 game, like The Last of Us, that was a great game.

And then you chose to post it on Guild Wars 2 Guru, like you're Martin Luther or something.

What, seriously, do you hope to accomplish?  Validating your oppinion by finding other like minded individuals?  That fine, but again, you're chosing to do it on a fan forum.

Which means the only logical for your doing so is to try to poison the game for those of us who do enjoy it.  Which you can't really, but you do do kinda ruin Guild Wars 2 Guru.  Also, that's the technical definition of a troll so, you have to live with that.

In summary, sorry you didn't like the game, if you that dead set against it you really have no reason for posting here.

So can I politely ask you to leave and not come back?  Same goes for the other haters.

#2216489 CoF 4 Ranger 1 Mesmer (normal weapons)

Posted Bebibu on 03 July 2013 - 09:19 PM

This is for all you warriors... f*** you! We can do it too.
I forgot to record , so add 1,20 min and u got the real time in the first video.

With a little better Coordination towards skills and weapon sets to minimize the bleed overlay and maximize dmg output im pretty sure we rangers can do it a little faster.

This is not a we are the best class video. I just hate the fact that you cant join a speed run group as a ranger cuz everyone is a stupid warrior. I know it's easier to go with 4 warriors and probably faster but i just wanted to show that we rangers are not that bad!

2nd and 3rd run was kinda fail in many ways.

For everyone interested my own build was:
full zerk, ~90% crit with sigil of strenght ~ good might stacking. pretty much not switching weapons, cuz i wanted to see how good/bad the shortbow is, and i thought someone else can stack vulnerability.