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In Topic: Mix & Matching Armour

30 July 2013 - 01:59 AM

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Head: Sylvari T3 heavy  Chest: Sylvari T2 heavy Arms: Knights heavy Shoulders:  Knights Heavy Legs: Sylvari T2 heavy Boots: Knights Heavy

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Head: N/A  Chest: HOTW medium  Arms: HOTW medium Shoulders: Arah medium (want to change)  Legs: Pvp Studded (don't know the pve version) Boots: Pvp commando ( don't know pve version)

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Head: N/A  Chest: Whispers medium  Arms: N/A (chest keeps gloves from showing) Shoulders: Human T3  Legs: Pvp tactical (karma pants from Fireheart Rise and Straits of Devastation) Boots: Winged boots (pvp champion)

In Topic: Details on Upcoming Custom Arenas & Spectator Mode

27 April 2013 - 08:42 PM

I think it would be really interesting if custom arenas involved gambling. For instance putting up gold for a match or other items of value. Maybe I'm a gambling addict but I think this may provide a interesting incentive. I remember this being the reason why I first developed an interest in pvp in Runescape way back in my tweens when the wilds still existed. Maybe that will help drive people into pvp.