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GW2 and Novelty

20 December 2012 - 06:47 PM

GW2 has major issue with novelty of its content. The developer have spent most of their time developing each unique zone with its own content to complete  and while it was incredibly fun to go through each zone when the game came out, it has now turned into huge desolate world. Now I almost never see another person in the 20-70 zones and even Orr and the starter zones are becoming empty, and why should they revisit the zones? If they have 100% map completion why visit an area that you have completed? The leveling experienced in GW2 was by far the best leveling I experienced In any MMO but it is sad that all this content is seldom revisited now. This translates into quickly getting bored of “end game” material due to having to repeat a very narrow portion of game content and developing need to acquire a gear treadmill in order to make content more interesting and goal oriented.

The issue is novelty with GW2. Everything but dungeons and Orr only need to be completed once. For map completion you only need to do hearts, vistas, waypoints, and POIs once, just once. Jumping puzzles lose their difficulty after the first completion. Aesthetic gear can be acquired through the TP, Mystic Forge, and Dungeons and you can raise the funds for all this by zerging Orr, or running dungeons everything else nets less money for the time. This leaves so much of the rest of the game out, and robs GW2 of its beautiful environments, rich lore, and a chance to continue developing GW2 as a mystical world where saving the world actually involves being out in the world.

Lack of Collectables (Gem store does not count)

GW2 has no form of collectible outside of the cash shop. Collectibles can be a display of commitment to playing the game and a showcase of feats achieved in content. As it is now it just shows that you either converted gold to gems or bought them with real world money. Where is the prestige in that? How does that help someone achieve a sense of completion or achievement? GW2 is greatly lacking in things to display and collectibles could be a great way to revive the now lonely Tyria.

Zone specific/ Meta events

There is a current lack to revisit lower level zones all the shinies are held up through crafting or dungeons. Items and rewards from lower level zones just don’t match to the items from the mystic forge or dungeons. Adding ways to acquire cool skins through being out in the world is vital for a game the marketed a Dynamic World.

-   Meta events should provide more rewards than just silver and karma. There has to be unique items specific to each meta event in order for people to do them.  With the current build of the game people just take the min/max mentality and avoid lower level zones.

-   Maybe add in items that are specific to the zone(or zones that are alike) that have a chance to drop from events  and guaranteed from the meta event.  For example Legionnaire weapons but to a greater extent and not relying on RNG for drops, but instead something along the line of WvWvW honor tokens.This essentially turns rewards from zones into something on par with dungeon rewards

o   Events in general should provide rewards based on level instead of zone. It’s not a huge difference in revenue but it is enough for people to not consider zones other than Orr as an option.

Jumping puzzles/ Mini dungeons replay value

Most jumping puzzles don’t ever get revisited by someone side from the jumping dungeon in WvWvW. It is very obvious why people revisit the jumping dungeon and it is because it provides an adequate reward for completion. It would benefit the replay value of jumping puzzles and mini dungeons to incorporate some form of currency in other to give incentives to replay a jumping puzzle.

Mystic Forge and PVE

The mystic forge was a great idea to provide a fun way to discover recipes from items that would otherwise be sold to merchants. However as it is currently implemented it is required in order to get almost any of the cool skins in the game. Which is fine for some items but not for all of them. The mystic forge also prevents skins to be something that requires a player to visit zones other than Orr. Almost all the mystic forge weapons involve t6 material and requires very little exploration of content.  The Mystic forge should be the end all of all skins.

Of course many other issues have to be resolved and implemented (underflow servers maybe?). I’m not saying that my suggestions are the way to go but GW2 has to address issues of novelty in order to revive the open world of Tyria. Anet has to provide more incentives for player to revisit some of the zones. It could bring back some of the favorite moments of leveling that took place in the first month of release and provide a more unique game that isn't just another dungeon run grind. I really do love GW2 and I’ll play it as long as I can but I really hope this game really does become its own standard in gameplay instead of following other MMO’s layout.