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Limit to res in dungeons

29 January 2013 - 01:58 AM

As of last patch: While in a dungeon as long as anyone in the party is in combat mode no one can use a waypoint to resurrect.

Let me start by saying I do like it, it was ludicrous during my first runs when killing the "lovers" way back by continuously rushing to them only to defeat them by breaking their mutual love with our naked beauty, lol. I actually asked for something like this in the forums. But i do have one worry.

Me asking for it was based on the assumption that dungeons would be rebalanced and I see nothing of the sort (for the most part). I don't really mind for most encounters, barring the unavoidable mess our guild does from time to time we don't generally incur in fatalities in most encounters but some bosses do scare me a bit, mostly: Lupicus Giganticus (aka the HP pile) Eeeeek! it was hard enough as it was with that long run, but someone always died there, having it back 1 minute later is beter than losing it for good.

Has anyone tried him after the patch?? What was your impression?

GW2 Patching System needs improvement

23 October 2012 - 03:42 PM

GW2 Patching system is annoying, so I try to log in and behold Halloween is here so I am looking forward to about 30 minutes of downloading, and this is with a decent internet connection (downloading at 0.5Mb/sec) I pity all of you who have worst connections.

I have no problem with the weekly patches, those take less than a minute most of the time, but when patches of this size are coming there should be a way to predownload them so customers don't get stoped from playing the game and as a side bonus I am certain Anet would have a much easier time servicing the download to everyone if downloads are spread on a broad time.

Monk Vs Guardian: Changes

29 June 2012 - 01:25 AM

Hi I am a long time player of GW1 who developed a taste for monking. I haven't yet played the betas since I refuse to prepurchase a game that has no release date, which has changed obviously. So I do plan on buying it soon but next beta is still far in the future.

So since I haven't tried GW2 I wanted to ask those who have about the guardian and how it relates to the monk in GW1. I know heal "bots" are gone and while I understand ANET's reassons in doing so I can't say I like how that sounds for my own tastes. To be more precisse I hated healing -well hate is exagerated I did heal when mission or party composition required it- but what I really loved about monks was protection prayers, specially: protective spirit and spirit bond, what I loved about those two is that they could either be a useless energy sink or "uberpowered" depending on how and when you used them resulting in a challenging but very rewarding game experience. Is there anything similar to that in the new Guardian profession in GW2 or is the pure damage preventing role as oposed to reactive healing completly gone from the game as I fear. Oh and if it is still posible, some details on their mechanics please.