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#2322698 I just miss Guild Wars

Posted Feathermoore on 09 May 2014 - 01:21 PM

You know what I miss the most about GW1? The HUD. More specifically the insane amount of control you had over it.

My enemy cast bar was stretched out to be almost a third of my screen in length and placed right on top of my character model, my skills were shrunk down to the smallest possible scale, XP was removed, and mana/HP were put on top of each other and also stretched out to a third of the screen right under my skills. I plopped the effects monitor right under that and stretched the party monitor until it displayed everyone at once. The damage monitor was moved to show up at the bottom middle of my screen above a thin chat window. The weapon slot indicator was placed next to the HP bar and the notifications kept in the middle of the screen but made bigger/lowered a bit.

Basically, everything was moved right into the middle "sector" of the screen excluding anything that was "extra" or situationally needed information. I was able to change the size of specific items to give more importance to priority information (I played mesmer primarily so the massive enemy cast bar was absolutely crucial to improving my skill) and even just remove things that only caused clutter. It was so powerful and I loved it dearly.

#2322188 I just miss Guild Wars

Posted Haggus on 06 May 2014 - 12:09 AM

I just miss the uniqueness of all the character models.  In looks, alone, they did a great job.  You had unique armor sets for every class.  In GW2, it doesn't matter if you are an ele or a necro.  other than the death mask gimic, you might as well be an ele or a Mesmer.  

Ugh! Speaking of mesmer, that was my favorite class in GW; and they killed it in GW2.  Of course, that's because they went the 'full retard' way of DPS-DPS-MOAR DPS.    Condi is weak in comparison; and unless you are a thief with headshot or a ranger, forget real interrupts.  The days of a P-Block mez, or a Panic build, are gone.  

The closest thing to a real utility class is the engineer.  They are the only class that seems to have their strengths not in DPS, but in supports of the team.  Thanks to Anet, however, and their hard-on for DPS, even engis are forced to work their builds to push out DPS.  

They lost their creativity when they made GW2.  From stiff acting of characters, with that stupid face to face style; to the same "just add snow/vegetation/hills" squared-off zones; they really went the simplest, easiest route.  And that's just the PvE side.  Don't get me started on the PvP!

#2320669 I just miss Guild Wars

Posted KQ on 27 April 2014 - 09:22 PM

Oh boy, I've fired up GW1 recently (after a few years of being absent), and it's still as fun as the day I first started. My only regret is that I haven't played more of it (I have only four thousand hours on my account), and my fear is if I progress towards new goals it will occupy most of my time again. As it stands right now, I've tried so many games, both new and old, and have gotten bored with them, with the exception of Hearthstone, as I find that game really fun. Most of my recent gaming years were occupied by Guild Wars. So then I've been playing in Dragon Arena and working towards my second GWAMM; Random Arena is still active, but otherwise the PvP scene is pretty much dead.

It's really a shame about GW2... I've spent so much time pre-planning and researching just to get ready to wreck in PvP. The end of result was a travesty, and ArenaNet managed to troll their community in every way imaginable. The combat is pretty good, the PvP format (Conquest) is good for premades, but horrible for pick-up groups, and the balancing and other PvP "features" is... I don't even want to comment, as it's too hurtful a topic and makes me angry. I did play for a year before playing that game became physically uncomfortable.

GW2 was just released way too soon, they lost a lot of their original and best devs, and they catered to the wrong audiences. There are like a bajillion MMOs out there and they ALL suck imho, but there is not a game like GW1...

/end rant

#2342729 The Banner Saga

Posted El Duderino on 15 November 2014 - 03:47 AM

I don't play a lot of single player games much, but I just played my first run-through of this game and oh my, what a story. The battles are OK, but the story does not let you go and, like a good movie or book, it pulls at your heart the whole time. Unbelievable. Two thumbs up.

#2343023 Living Story.......One step closer.....to Exit

Posted Alex Dimitri on 19 November 2014 - 02:07 PM

Ok, i`m one of those uber persistant  guys who goes beyound 100% when he puts his mind into something.As long time GW player and fan i was in 7th heaven when i heard about GW2 being made, i followed development religiously, bought game in pre-order and started imagination/ego trippin here on Guru back in 2010 !

I played GW2 past 2+ years and i was in denial, i simply didn`t want to believe that company that made one of my favorite games ever (GW1) cannot make sequel at least "worthy".
Yeah game looks beautiful.....and that`s about it, it goes skin deep empty shell style.
When i first saw map of Tyria i said "awesome such a huge place to explore" but to my suprise 2+ years into game`s life and we still can`t go into any of those areas, we have like 2-3 lvl 80 maps and endleslly boring dungeons, that simply don`t pose any kind of challenge even to noobiest of new players (don`t even wanna mention seasoned MMO veterans).
PvP part of the game is also weak, WvW was good idea but people mentality on one side hideous low performance (lag) and no real improvements made it stale, predictable and farmable crap that makes little to no sense !
Competitive part sPvP has only single mode ?!? And that is set in stone, they never did spoke about different modes or anything to improve upon, so i guess that isn`t realy high on priority list !

And in the meantime Anet`s stuborn focus on LS continues.......first season, story, called it whatever you want sucked (Scarlet was awful antagonist/bad guy), i hated much more Thraehern then i ever put attention to Scarlet`s doing.....that says a lot about story imersion.
Second season is just same `ol same `ol....go there talk to this dude, ah he`s a bad guy, go there talk to this, see a vision.....bla,bla,bla.....zero !
And every single time new episode pop`s up it`s shorter and shorter !
Last night i played and finished entire new part in 20 min !!! So twenty minutes for expansion that you get for a MMO game, really ?

I`m sorry i tried really, really tried but this is going nowhere and i cannot force myself to look how people with limited imagination destroy a game that promised so much.With sadness in my heart i say goodbye to Tyria and nice people i met along the way this past few years.

Maybe somewhere along the road things change......who knows, until then goodbye from Alex !

#2343044 Is GW2 dead now or is it just the forums?

Posted Haggus on 20 November 2014 - 01:14 AM

View Postraspberry jam, on 17 November 2014 - 11:15 AM, said:

I think one reason is that the "forced" partying and the instancing were catalytes for each other when it came to forcing people to socialize. It makes it feel like it's the little team you formed before going on a mission or whatever against the entire rest of the world (or area, at least). Also, the feeling of loneliness made each decent other player that you met more valuable, making you want to make new friends. In GW2 players are everywhere, so it's not really worth it to start talking to them.

True enough, leading players around by the nose makes for a boring game. Quest trackers and checklists really do kill parts of the game that they seem totally unrelated to: when you are out killing boars for fun or for challenge, combat is exciting, but when you are out killing boars just to kill 5 of them (or to fill up a meter, which is the same damn thing), combat is just in the way of getting 5 kills (or a full meter). And that's just one example: QoL features end up killing the fun in so many ways. Not all of them, and sometimes it's worth killing what wasn't so fun to begin with, I'm not against these features as such, that's not what I'm saying. But when implemented wrong, they really do detract from a game more than they add to it, even though it seemingly is the other way around.

On the other hand, as an example: I've seen a complaint that Mass Effect was very confusing to players because they were just "thrown in" into the game, and an example of that was that the health bar turned green when the player was poisoned and there was never any explanation of why it was green. :unsure: Sometimes leading players around by the nose is important for sales and for player retention.

I disagree, at least regarding fractals and Teq. Now sure, yes, it sometimes requires some communication, to the level of "let's go" and "go over here". Admittedly, even the most difficult parts of GW1 could be done with almost as limited communication. But as for individual skill it's just that; the skill required in GW1 was not so much about individual performance as it was about team performance. You could play perfect and yet die because the monk stupidly aggroed some bad guy and had to run away instead of staying to heal you. In that case you could lower your own performance to preempt that bad guy so that the monk wouldn't be targeted. Or maybe the team had to split up and act in two different locations, and one sub-team had some difficulty so your team had to send one more guy over to the other side. Or maybe the entire team. And you'd have to decide, on the spot, what to do. I'm shit at explaining this. It wasn't about you, it was about how you fit in with the others.

Good monks prot.  Bad monks heal.  and good teams had a Domination mesmer.

#2342957 Where did Blizzard go wrong with D3 and what A.Net could learn from it.

Posted Baron von Scrufflebutt on 18 November 2014 - 08:41 AM

There must be some sort of misunderstanding so I'll try this one last time:

View PostPhineas Poe, on 17 November 2014 - 02:29 PM, said:

Because that "feeling of power" alienates new players. You can't have a large divide between veterans and newcomers or else you run into the issue that ArcheAge now has where players with a delphinad weapon and celestial/divine armor buffs are three-shotting fresh 50s.

The point of a vertical progression is tuned to the latter word: progression. Legendaries are another example of the right kind of vertical progression. They don't make you feel any more powerful, but a lot of work goes into making them that requires necessary conditions of completion that you can feel proud/accomplished in doing. And while there's no stat advantage over ascended gear, legendaries will always remain best-in-slot should they (and likely will) add more tiers above ascended.

I am familiar with the elements of a vertical progression system. Some people consider these elements to be an intriguing addition and some people consider them to be shortcomings.
The question is: if one considers these elements of a vertical progression system to be shortcomings, why implement a modified vertical progression system rather than a horizontal progression one? If vertical progression is bad for GW2, why implement a modified vertical progression system rather than a fully horizontal progression one?


View PostMiragee, on 17 November 2014 - 03:19 PM, said:

Skills: ...You have to be careful and plan along to end up with a build that is able to tackle the content you want, each with different difficulty and you as a player adapting a bit. ...
Items: ...  uniques that were build enabling/level items/BiS for certain builds, ...

I am going to disagree a bit with you here. The skills issue, as far as I understand your reservations, is a different way to approach building a character. D3's AH was a case of a poorly designed feature. It was simply bad. D3's skills, on the other hand, are a case of a feature that's implemented differently. (By "differently", I don't mean in a unique way, I mean in a way that you might not enjoy.) D3's skills aren't bad in themselves. So this would be a case of a simple dislike, rather than something actually being bad.

As far as items go: aren't (some) legendaries what you are looking for? For instance, take Mask of Jarem, which is a simple legendary item (which means it has the highest stats possible), but it also has a unique property (your pets deal extra damage). An item like that makes a build. Or if you look at green sets, they also have properties that completely change the way skills are used: for instance, Zunimassa's set allows your Fetish Army to be up until the fetishes are killed, rather than simply its usual 20s. And for a skill that comes with 120s cooldown, that completely changes the way this skill is used.

#2342477 Where did Blizzard go wrong with D3 and what A.Net could learn from it.

Posted Shayne Hawke on 13 November 2014 - 01:37 AM

View PostBaron von Scrufflebutt, on 12 November 2014 - 08:29 PM, said:

Honestly, I think a lot of the game's issues stem from the fact that A.Net is selling gold in the cash shop. (Which is very analogous to D3's AH.) Basically anything that requires gold to obtain (outside of legendaries) has been almost completely devalued and it feels quite meaningless as a reward. And since gold is the game's main currency of progression ...

Player skill as a measure of distributing/earning rewards is an area left mostly untapped by ANet in GW2, being done only in the cases of titles for being at high rungs of the PvP ladder during a season long ago.  Rewards for the WvW seasons hardly fall into this category since only minimal participation was necessary to get rewarded from that.  Everything else is a matter of throwing money at it to buy it or spin slots or logging in enough times over periods of days/weeks/months.

#2342258 Is GW2 dead now or is it just the forums?

Posted Kattar on 08 November 2014 - 02:38 AM

View PostShayne Hawke, on 08 November 2014 - 01:51 AM, said:

There are more interactions, better interactions, and more easily understood interactions in the average Hearthstone match than in PvP matches of GW2.  Despite ANet seemingly wanting their game to become an eSport, there is nothing about the combat that makes me feel it was designed with that intent.
And that was all it was, them wanting it to be an esport. Closing your eyes tightly and wishing for something doesn't mean it's going to happen. Seems like that was their whole strategy.

#2342219 Is GW2 dead now or is it just the forums?

Posted draxynnic on 07 November 2014 - 11:03 AM

View PostEl Duderino, on 05 November 2014 - 07:08 PM, said:

Many others, including myself, feel that (coming from business backgrounds) specializing in a few select things can often lead to higher retention rates and more profitability.
You don't need to have a business background to recognise that in a saturated market where one or two players have already established market dominance, it's often better to target consumers that are dissatisfied with the existing offerings rather than aiming for the same player base as the dominant player. I've been saying it for years.

#2341607 I get the feeling GW1 lore is incoming...

Posted Miragee on 25 October 2014 - 08:35 PM

Posted Image

Really? As I said, from your originally posted picture ou can't see a thing. You don't even see a mask. Now in your new one, the mask is certainly different from the one abaddon wore when we fought him in Nightfall. What is really telling is the six eye "slides", three on each side.

#2341601 I get the feeling GW1 lore is incoming...

Posted Miragee on 25 October 2014 - 07:17 PM

You can't even see if he is wearing a mask. Could be tentacles proliferating from his had. lol

#2341592 I get the feeling GW1 lore is incoming...

Posted Miragee on 25 October 2014 - 04:38 PM

View PostUnDeadFun, on 25 October 2014 - 03:52 PM, said:

Nightfall campaign(expansion) , http://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Abbadon

Read my post again: Abaddon didn't look that way when we fought him in GW1. Hence I don't remember that boss. Even from wall painting you could only guess that it could be the same as that new pic only shows him from behind. I don't see how people made the connection before it was datamined. I just assume it was wild speculation like always. Someone will always throw in Abaddon/Mursaat/Tengu/Cantha, doesn't matter what it is.

#2342108 Is GW2 dead now or is it just the forums?

Posted El Duderino on 05 November 2014 - 07:08 PM

View PostKymeric, on 04 November 2014 - 06:21 PM, said:

This, IMO, is one of the biggest issues fueling player dissatisfaction.  ANet doesn't seem to have a target audience.  As far as I can tell, they're trying to please everyone, and their "iterative approach" and tendency toward big ambitious ideas means that they will develop the game for six months in a way that pleases one target audience, only to seemingly abandon it completely in favor of another big push for the next six months.  Pre-launch looked like the more casual, immersive player, a period of adding a new gear tier and revamping/adding dungeons for the traditional MMO player, another period with guild missions and world boss revamps for the large, coordinated guild types, periodic stabs at WvW and sPvP.

At some point any given player can end up on either side of "this just isn't the game for you" because the overall vision for the game, as far as I can tell from design priorities, keeps lurching between competing goals.

GW2 launch success might have been the worst possible thing for this game.  I fantasize about what it might look like if they had sold a fraction of the boxes they did, but still enough to keep the game profitable to continue developing.

This is much more to the point. The game's target audience literally felt like, "anyone interested in MMOs". Remember, we constantly heard the, "If you like GW1, you will like this game," "If you like MMO's, you will like this game," "If you hate MMOs, you will like this game."

The fact that his game was supposed to have a very strong eSport push, much like it's predecessor, was what I loved about the first game and assumed would happen with the second. So, I don't think I was ever NOT a part of the target marketing.

I think, looking back at a lot of posts, it seems that many of the white knights seemed to push the agenda of needing to make everyone happy, the right way to tackle a AAA MMO. Many others, including myself, feel that (coming from business backgrounds) specializing in a few select things can often lead to higher retention rates and more profitability. I do think that the lack of direction has been apparent from the beginning and a part of the reason why no one feels satisfied and thus, mass exodus; or, at the very least, much less time playing and spending money on the game.

#2341889 The game's content is poorly distributed, while its progression is simply...

Posted I post stuff on 02 November 2014 - 10:18 PM

I think A-Net should've had faith in what they had going with GW1, instead of trying to appease the wider MMO playerbase.

It's truly unfortunate that while they were already busy making the sequel, grind and zergs stopped being cool.