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Looking to level alts through crafting...

29 November 2012 - 06:45 AM

So in 400 hours, i havent even touched crafting...ive saved up every bit of material in the event that i get some information on how best to go about getting into it. I wanted to post so that i could ask for help from people that are more familiar with the system. I want to make some alts, but i really can't be asked to grind through hearts and such all over again just so that i can gear up characters to play in WvW, dungeons, and personal story uninterrupted and at will.

I have no clue what best angle to go at to level up 1 alt from 40-80 and then 6 other alts from 1-80 just by crafting. I have no clue how to start crafting without making a mistake and wasting materials, so is there any "best" method to go about getting this done? Any guides for this purpose or tips? I have a large amount of gold as well (about 100g) so buying materials is no problem if required, i'd just like to know the best way to attempt this. How can i get the best out of crafting to level some alts?