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[Answered] Help, I am not getting invasion messages

26 August 2013 - 07:08 PM

Dear all,

I play on Gundars Hold and was online today for more than 2 hours (18.30h till appr. 20.40h) and did not get any invasion message. :mad:
Yesterday I was online for a great part of the day playing my warrior...no messages.
Changed to my ranger for a quick check, saw a message, returned to my warrior (my only leel 80 character) and was too late. After that no more messages. :qq:
Last Saturday I took part in an invasion event (can't remember which) and got disconnected. :eek:
Maybe this caused it? I seriously doubt it, but otherwise I have got no clue.

Is there a time table for the events, so I can keep an eye on it?
I am only 1 short for the Vopp event.

Any ideas? Thanks