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#2135563 A Guardian's Guide to Giganticus Lupicus

Posted Mend to the End on 04 January 2013 - 10:27 PM

I have done arah a lot.  I have earned over 20k tokens and have soloed lupi with my set up.  Whether you are new to Arah or a vet, this guide should help you.  You can really carry a group and this would be a great set up to have if you lead a guild group.  I usually take 1-4 first timers and rarely ever wipe at lupi even if the rest of the party dies.

Outside of the lupi fight I run Strife025's build.  

Here is my guide

Updated given the dungeon changes and my new set up is a lot better

http://gw2skills.net...mlLLZWLCGEs/Y B
10 II
30 VI  IX  XI
30 II  V  VIII
Must have skills -  "Stand Your Ground!",  Renewed Focus
Other good skills to bring - "Retreat!", "Save Yourselves!", Wall of Reflection


Before lupi to get precision stacks
Any weapon + Sigil of Perception

For Lupi

Scepter - Soldier or Knights + Sigil of Accuracy
Focus - Soldier or Knights + Sigil of Energy

Scepter or Sword - Soldier or Knights + Sigil of Accuracy
Shield - Soldier or Knights + Sigil of Energy

Soldier or Knights + Soldier Runes x6
You can go with more offensive gear as you get comfortable but it is key that you have the highest toughness for aggro purposes

Mixed Berry Pie
50% Chance to steal life on critical
+60 precision

Potent Potion of Undead Slaying
9% damage vs undead, -8% damage from undead, +10 Experience from kills

These aren’t the best but they are cheap and what I use.  You can get the best of each kind if you want.  I used to go with blood + accuracy + endurance food but the food doesn't stack with vigor.  I used the food since I revive and run away a lot so i had vigor up half the time but this new set up is far better regardless.

Skills and uses
Signet of Resolve - Use at 50% hp
"Stand Your Ground!" -  For kd at phase 1&2, dodge out of bubbles at phase 3
"Retreat!" - If you need a block
Renewed Focus - Panic button for phase 2.  Walk out of bubble at phase 3
"Save Yourselves!" - If you need endurance or protection/heals
Wall of Reflection - Help kill grubs during transition, help revive while aoe is not up, for damage at aoe in phase 2 & 3 (some can go over the wall so you will still need to dodge behind it still)
Focus 5 - Use during red circles for phase 2.  Use at phase 3 if you are trapped in a bubble and stand your ground and renewed focus are recharging
Shield 5 - Use during red circles for phase 2.  Use outside of the red circle at phase 3.

The Fight

Phase 1
  • Stack
  • Use sword/sheild set to attack grubs and locusts
  • If you are kd by a grub use stand your ground or save yourselves to get up fast
  • Once he starts phase 2 spread out, call target on grubs, use scepter 2 and 3 on grub
Phase 2
  • Kill grubs first than range lupi
  • If he is not following you focus on reviving people since you are the best equipped and get a shield to block sparks.  If the shield is still on recharge or he is in mid shadow walk to the downed person use retreat or virtue of courage to revive safely.  If you are the one being targeted by shadow walk lead him away from the downed/dead players and do not try to revive.  Only revive people downed next to lupi if he has used his aoe recently or if you have shield 5 available to protect the both of you from his aoe.
  • Swap weapon sets between aoe attacks when you have used up 2 dodges and need another or when the red circles are about to appear and you need skill 5 on the other set
  • Attacks and counters
    • Single spark - Dodge. If no endurance use Retreat or virtue of courage, Wall of Reflection, strafe and hope it misses as a last resort
    • Shadow walk - Dodge. If no endurance or need to revive someone being targeted by it use Retreat or virtue of courage.  If you are knocked down use Stand Your Ground and get away before he swipes at you.
    • Red circles - Use shield 5 immediately and stand there.  If shield 5 is used up use focus 5 and run away from the cirlces.  You can use Reteat or virtue of courage if both are recharging and feel like you won't need it for reviving or an extra block.  You can use Renewed focus but not when he is near 1/3 hp since you will need it for the bubbles and it will be on recharge.  You can use Wall of Reflection but some sparks can still fly over it and hit you so dodge once at least behind it when they are about to hit the ground.
Phase 3
  • Lupi usually follows the highest toughness person this phase and does bubbles and a big red circles with sparks directly in front of him.  If you have multiple guardians or warrirors in the group stick with your shield unless you really need focus 5 for the bubble.  This will help keep aggro on you since the shield will add a lot of toughness given the stats on it and the trait.
  • Do not revive during this phase if he is following you. Lead him away from the dead/down people and keep him busy while your team revives others.
  • If you have full aggro which would be life steal and bubbles on you then stay in melee range so you don't have to deal with the single sparks since they miss in melee range
  • Attacks and counters
    • Bubble – Quickly use stand your ground and dodge out or walk out with renewed focus and use virtues if not spent before it runs out.  If both are used up use focus 5 and retreat or virtue of courage and stand there.  If you don't have full aggro utilize focus 3 and keep your distance so you don't get as many bubbles
    • Red circle of sparks – Dodge once out.  Get away from the circle since it hits slightly past the circle too.  You can use shield 5 outside of the circle if close to block it all.  Use Wall of Reflection before you dodge out if you can do it fast or think he is about to use it soon if you are not fast
    • Big red circle of life stealing – Dodge once or twice if you are in melee range and swap weapons if you have full aggro
    • Single spark - You should be in melee range if this is on you but if not then dodge, retreat, virtue of courage, Wall of Reflection, strafe and hope it misses as a last resort
    • Life suck – Dodge twice.  Swap weapons mid attack if you have 1 dodge left or after to replenish a dodge


Melee only group

Solo fights with my setup

Giganticus Lupicus Guardian Melee Solo

Giganticus Lupicus Solo as Guardian with Scepter

I removed my old videos since they were using my older set up and were prior to the wp change patch.