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glass cannon - why not?

01 January 2013 - 10:09 AM

I am a lvl 80 war in full exotics and i go with full berserker gear, berserk trinkets and ruby jewels. Traited 10/30/0/0/30 and the truth is - i go down a little bit more often then i would if i were more tanky, but i compensate that with insane damage output. Now, i know how to play, i know how to move, dodge big hits, stay alive as much as possible and been doing dungeons for few months this way. Been doing this with guildies and with pugs. Worked both ways. I started this setup just for fun, not expecting much, thought i`ll be dead weight and that the rest of the team would spend half their time getting me up, but that didnt happen and from what was intended as a joke i came to my (now standard) dungeon setup. So, with a little practice (getting to know the bosses) this can be very effective and fun setup for warr. I got this idea from strife`s post, modified it somewhat and am very satisfied with it. Well that is warrior after all - tons of damage and i love it! Here`sthe build: http://www.guildhead...z7kGf70V7ofD70m