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AW + RR: Condi Viable?

23 March 2014 - 02:15 AM

I fully expect the answer to be a resounding "no."  But I'd like to hear the opinions and thought processes behind whether traiting Amplified Wrath and Radiant Retaliation make for a viable Guardian condition build.  If it were just AW, certainly not, but converting retaliation into a "condition" that does not suffer from the inherent issues with other conditions makes me wonder.

I've seen retaliation do quite a bit of damage, especially with AOE and channeled damage.  Of course that limits the types of enemies that it is most effective against.  As most PvE enemies hit rather slow.  And it requires taking damage to deal it.  Plus it takes quite a bit of skill to keep retaliation up optimally.

I feel I'm answering my own question here.......

Lore: Guild Wars vs Warcraft

20 December 2013 - 05:37 PM

I'm curious for those versed in the lore of both the Guild Wars and Warcraft universes on what they think about them with respect to their depth versus each other.  I played WoW (through WotLK) without any prior WC experience or knowledge; likewise, I took up GW2 with no knowledge of GW1.

And while I love GW2, even though I've not touched WoW in 4-5 years, I still find the Warcraft lore deeper, more engaging, and enticing.  And leaving me wanting to learn more.  Tons of factions wither their own stories and complex relations and interactions, and lots of good stories to be told.  Lots of great characters to love.

But I don't feel quite the same with GW.  MOST of the characters I have any interest and knowledge in whatsoever are the members of Destiny's Edge.  And they only make scant appearances through the early personal story quests, then mostly disappear and have little impact on the open world in general.  The dragons and their minions are often mindless, monstrous threats.  Things to be killed, not characters to follow a story on.

Do others have similar opinions, or different insights?  Would it help to have done GW1, read the novels?  Is ANet not introducing enough story in game?  I mean the most in depth lore surrounding the despised Scarlett was in a short story blog post on the GW2 web site.  Heck, ANet just posted a lengthy blog on the evolution of Ho Ho Tron..........it wasn't until I read that that I even realized it was a recurring character.  Am I just that obtuse (possibly), or did they not do a good enough job highlighting the character, that apparently they are quite proud of?  I DO have a habit of not retaining character knowledge without repetitive introduction.  Especially when not questing with them like Rox or Bro-ham (lol).

Thoughts?  Opinions?  Should I just shut up and stop babbling? :)

Precursor Crafting (Speculation)

09 November 2013 - 10:01 PM

ANet has said they will introduce Precursor crafting and that it will require a lot of the new T7 mats.  This information came out in their big "what's coming in 2013" post, so I hope that means it's coming before the year's end, but it doesn't necessarily read that way.

Regardless of it's release date, I was wondering what people think it will take to craft?  Perhaps not specific numbers, but on a more general level, what will it take relative to an Ascended recipe?  Do you think it will require a GREAT deal more mats than a straight up Ascended?

Personally, I think it should be on par material-wise.  After all, we're talking about crafting just another Ascended stats weapon (ultimately), and the recipe itself will only get you an exotic.  A very special one, granted, but just an exotic.  And as long as crafted precursors are account bound, that seems most reasonable to me.

"But this isn't just any old Ascended you get in the end," you might be saying.  True.  But then what is all the other stuff we have to go through for then?

I think an Ascended level amount of mats for an exotic that can be made into and Ascended level statted weapon, after several other extensive grinds, is more that fair.

Sadly, I expect that will not be the case.


Crafting UI enhancement suggestion

21 September 2013 - 09:13 PM

Does anyone else think the crafting UI needs some work?  First of all, whenever I open the crafting station, it seems like my recipes are sometimes sorted in random order.  Regardless, the list is so long at 400-500 it's still hard to find anything.  Yes they have the search field, and the filters, but if you're looking up several different items, it can be tedious to continually change the filters or redo your search to find what you need.

Plus when I bring up a recipe and see I need to craft one of the ingredients, all I can do from that page is right click and buy more from the TP.  But why do that if I can make it?  But I still have to find it in my list.

It would be nice if I could right click on an ingredient and jump to it on my list.  But I think I have an even better idea.

When you click on a recipe, it would be great if they had an ingredient tree, so ingredients had their ingredients listed as well.  That way you can see EVERYTHING you need, if you want to craft something beginning to end.  And it would be great if you could craft all the ingredients and sub ingredients (if you have the mats) from that tree interface, instead of having to navigate to each and every one.

This would be especially helpful in cooking, as those high level recipes can be quite elaborate (not just two piece and an inscription/insignia).  But even the complex recipes for Ascended gear would benefit too.  I do like the crafting system they have, but the UI needs a bit of enhancing.

Also, it would be nice that once you max a crafting profession, that they use something other than light grey for your recipes.  It's fine for leveling, but when they're all grey it is just blah.  Maybe color based on their rarity, or tier.

Interim Magic Find Idea

29 May 2013 - 10:58 PM

With the recent ANet admission that the current MF system needs to be fixed, I came up with something, that at the very least, could constitute an easy to implement temporary solution.  If it's good enough, maybe a permanent solution.

Give every character a count up timer.  After X amount of time, your character would gain one stack of MF (say 5% or 10%).  This MF buff would continue to stack up to some cap.  These stacks would be removed, and the timer reset, under certain circumstances:

1) Death - naturally.

2) Entering a major city - in fact, the timer would stop in the city, so you can't AFK in Lions Arch to get up your MF.

3) Waypointing - WHAT?!  Hear me out.  I think this fits in perfectly with ANet's philosophy of encouraging exploring.  Now you are rewarded for running around the map, instead of just waypointing from event to event, or would boss to world boss.  Sure some people would say "not worth it" and continue jumping around the map.  And that's fine.  It's a cost/benefit thing.  I don't know if traveling between maps should reset the counter or not.  Probably not, or it will counter some of the exploring benefit.

PROS: Take MF off gear, encourages exploring.
CONS: Perhaps too simplistic, harder to keep high MF stacked, perhaps a bit too punishing to lvl 80s who don't want to run from Fire Elemental to Shatterer.