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How Would You Change "X" World Boss?

19 August 2014 - 06:44 AM

So my server successfully downed Tequatl today. It was the first time I personally had even attempted the revamped boss since returning to the game and it was AWESOME.

That single win was far more gratifying then any of the other facerolls back in the day.

It made me excited for future reworks and that got me thinking of how some of the other world bosses might be redesigned so that they're more fun or challenging.

So how what boss would you guys like changed and how?

For me, off the top of my head I'd love to see the Megadestroyer fight utilize the environment moreso than it actually does.

For example, and this could just be one phase of the fight:

-The Megadestroyer shields itself with a wall of lava at like 75% health or something

-2 predetermined players have to run over and pick up an Asuran laser beam (one each).

-The laser fires a cooling agent. It channels for one minute max and the player can't move while using it. Being attacked interrupts the channel.

-The two players fire the beam at the lava, cooling it.

-During this time, veteran destroyers amongst other trash spawn and need to be kited away from those players channeling the beam.

-The event UI changes to reflect the rate at which the lava is being cooled. When the bar fills, the lava becomes solid rock.

- At this time the entire group must break through the cooled rock in order to attack the Megadestroyer.

That could just be ONE phase or something. The idea is to make the already established time limit more pressing by requiring the use of channeled weaponry. The longer the laser fires the beam uninterrupted, the faster the lava cools.

Perhaps at the same time, the lava cooling mechanic can be used to keep the magma from enveloping the entire arena.
For example...

- At 50% health the Megadestroyer performs a massive ground stomp, stunning everyone in the vicinity.

- The stomp causes lava to burst out of 3 or 4 holes in the walls around the arena, causing hot magma to spew forth and slowly spread on the ground.

- players have to use the cooling agent to plug all four holes before the ground is covered in magma and everyone slowly burns to death.

- This will have a separate time limit from the actual boss fight itself. The boss time could be paused or something.

These are just some rough ideas I had.

So what other ideas do you guys have?

A Rewrite. Because it Needs it. Yesterday

11 August 2014 - 12:51 AM

We all know that Anet's writers are frikking awful and the common meme said is "I can do better."

Well I decided to literally do better by reworking a particularly painful piece of writing that I received in my mail today as I was finishing Dragon Reach part 1.

The photo shows the original letter. Below that is my rewrite, written to show more logic and less stupidity.


"My friend, it appears that the Pale Tree has deemed it necessary that I attend the summit you are arranging to discuss Mordremoth and the ever quickening expansion of his corruption. I am eager to see what results a gathering of such influential and respected representatives of our world's diverse populace may bring, though I suppose in the end there can only be one acceptable outcome.

Though the Pact was formed of similar allegiances to face down Zhaitan, we are still only but a piece of the whole of Tyria. We are her sword and shield but not her mind, nor her body. Mordremoth demands Tyria's full attention. I am confident my presence at the summit will assist you in convincing everyone of this as I have little doubt they they'll want an update on how the Pact plans to move forward.

In doing so, I will stress the importance of a united offensive against this perversion of nature. If you'll please meet with me in the Grove prior to the summit, I shall brief you personally.

I look forward to our meeting.


In What Unique Ways Are You....

05 August 2014 - 05:47 PM

.......making gold?

I've been looking around since I came back for season 2 and a lot of ghe old methods seem out of date or simply less effective so I figured Id inquire as to some of the clever methods folks hsve come up with for this most recent build of the game.
This is EXCLUDING buying and flipping on the TP. Thats an obvious one. :P

This is what I do.

-Black Lion Key Farming.

I know the lottery gimmick behind these chests isnt quite a fan favorite but i feel that you gain the most value for minimum effort. If there's anything that rewards patience with a buttload of gold, it's this.

The idea here is to throw on the radio, grab a snack/drink and knock out five key runs per day. Doesn't take much more than an hour.
What youre looking for ideally is a black lion ticket. Get one and pick up the most popular weapon skin of that update, then sit on it for a couple weeks.
The price of the skin inevitably goes up and you can net yourself an easy 100 gold at least.

If you want larger profit all at once, then youd want to farm five tickets for skins that are currently going for 4 or 5 hundred gold.
Like I said, this method rewards patience and thats really the only barrier. Youre not wasting real money or gold on keys but youre gaining all kinds of useful quality of life items in the process, especially those BL salvage kits for your ectos.

This is where the value comes from.

Silver Doubloons

11 August 2013 - 02:34 PM

I did a search on this and turned up some results, but the main thread devolved into an argument about trade laws and ethics. Gamers are morons sometimes  


I'd like go know what the best way to acquire silver doubloons is.
The TP is obviously the quickest and ill no doubt buy a good amount that way but I'm looking for alternative, financially friendly means.

I'm not trying to find the most efficient method, really. I'm just looking for a way or a number of ways that reward a silver doubloon at a reliable, steady rate.

Some methods I've heard that I would like some feedback on concerning their level of success:

-T2 gems/pebbles in the MF
-farming JPs in lvl 20-30 zones
Or conversely
-farming JPs in lvl 20-30 zones with a toon in that rĂ nge (not sure if thats more effective over simply using my 80)
-buying and opening bags of skritt shinies

Lemme know if these are valid methods or if there's any other ways I'm missing. Thanks  

New Content Update and Making a Last Ditch Grab For Kite Fortunes

30 July 2013 - 01:50 PM

Content update information: https://www.guildwar...august-06-2013/

Not sure how widespread this knowledge is but for anyone looking to get at their fortune scrap rewards before they go away, apparently heavy loot bags drop kite fortunes.

It's a lil over 3G per 100 bags on the TP. I averaged between 10 and 20 fortunes each time (on top of T5 or T6 mats).
I once got a charged lodestone and it paid for everything. Lolz