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#1993990 Dragonbrand vs Blackgate vs Fort Aspenwood

Posted Kurthos on 05 October 2012 - 03:01 AM

As far as the Dragonbrand organized guilds go, it has been an absolute nightmare trying to reach out to every guild in order to coordinate. This match up has been a wake up call to every guild who thought they could run the game by themselves. It has been very humbling to the overconfident and unorganized.

We have unique problems on Dragonbrand due to our size. If we could organize our population just slightly more efficiently it could have been an entirely different outcome, even at prime time. We hope to play against Blackgate again on better terms when both of our servers have matured and developed with our complete potentials.

Our players who feel like they've been abandoned by cowards do not see the work that our organized guilds put in everyday to make our server a better place. That's an issue we will slowly push into the public eye as time moves on. There were players so misinformed on all kinds of subjects such as our players not even knowing Blackgate had pushed ahead (which is still something people are realizing as they log on), the accusation that Blackgate and Fort Aspenwood have teamed up or hired/recruited other guilds to just beat us (A silly excuse), and guilds leaving Dragonbrand because of the matchup. Every time something like that is said, it perpetuates negativity and will cause atrophy in moral for our server. It gives the idea that we're helpless and nothing can be done.

However, our organized guilds have asked members to put in doubled schedules nonstop this week to the point that I am worried about the real life health of some players on our server. We, as a server, have put in more effort than I've ever seen between guilds and player in any other MMO or game and it only inspires my guild and I to try even harder.

#1629687 Racial Armor Extravaganza!

Posted tr1age on 24 July 2012 - 08:55 PM

Does anyone know where the human female necromancer outfit comes from? The one that looks like Alice from Madness returns? I wanna see if it is profession specific or my mesmer can wear it.