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Gear stats for Auramancer ?

28 February 2013 - 12:10 PM

I just wanted to ask, what kind of gears do you guys wear?

I'm running around with:
Full Knight Armor (Toughtness/Power/Prec)
Full Berserk Trinkets (Power/Prec/CritDmg)
Full Berserk Weapons (Power/Prec/CritDmg)

I always tought this equip was very well balanced with my traits allocation which is:

Basically i provide HP + Boons and a bit of Prec + Toughtness from traits and i balance what i lack of with equip: Power + Toughtness and Precision + CritDmg.

Now i was thinking... could be better go Half Berserk and Half Soldier in Armor than Full Knight?
(not changing trinkets and weapons which remain full Berserk)

Share ur opinion and explaine why!

Thanks everyone :)

Theory Crafting a Trapper/Crit Ranger

13 February 2013 - 10:11 AM

Hi all guys,
i was theorycrafting with ranger and i decided to ask guru's community opinions,
here is the build:


Equip should be full Rampager (maybe 1-2 pieces P/V/T for surviveability)

The build relies mainly on Condition Dmg (still cant decide the 2nd weapon set, main weapon is Shortbow ofc) given by Traps + SB #1 - #2
Weapon should have full Undead runes (they add a bunch of Thoughtness + Condition Dmg) and a Superior Sigil of Earth for massive bleeding!

The playstyle is not that hard to understand... kite in circles, placing traps under mobs, disable them with SB #4 - #5 if needed.

Pets will do good dmg, we have +50% endurance regen and a built in evade on SB #3

The 2nd weapons set i was thinking about:

Longbow: for Opening Strike and massive vulnerability stacking + an interrupt (not to mention the great dmg of LB #2)

Axe/Torch: to further increase condition dmg but we will miss any sort of disabling/escaping tools

Sword/Dagger: a couple of built in evades but lacks in Condition Dmg compared to the previous set

Last but not least a Mix of the 2 sets above (like Sword/Torch or Axe/Dagger)... i really cant decide!!

I premise my ranger is only lvl 20 and i'm theorycrafting so this could be totally crap and/or nothing new to "veteran rangers" ...

Let me know what you think about it!!

Ranger or Thief?

13 February 2013 - 12:40 AM

As title says...

i have both char lvl 20, i'll lvl up em playing solo 99%
then doing dungeons with my guild and some WvW....

Which class would work better? (especially in terms of team-play in Dungeons and WvW)

Dye Request on a Charr Heavy T3 Armor

04 February 2013 - 12:38 AM

Hi guys,
i'm here to ask a few preview of dyes on a T3 Heavy Armored Charr,

I need to see how that armor looks on:

Black Dye

Abyss Dye

Midnight Fire Dye

Midnight Ice Dye

If someone has that armor and those dyes and can post a screenshot...

Thanks in advance!! :)

New to PvP, need tips about WvW

31 January 2013 - 10:45 AM

Hi all guys,
i'm not new to GW2 but i'm fairly new to PvP (low end PC + initial hate against the combat system moved me away from any kind of competitive gameplay)

Now that i can i wanted to give a chance to this side of the game (starting from WvW since my guild atm doesnt do sPvP), i wanted some tips about builds and general playstyle.

This is the build i use in PvE, i'm very used to it:


As you can see it's an Auramentalist and i know that they are used fairly well in PvP too (correct me if i'm wrong)

I'm sure the build should be different, maybe with some trait points moved and some utilities changed (maybe more cantrips oriented?)

I'd like to play in small groups or alone as a Roamer (my PC freezes when i join big zergs :( )

How should i adapt my build to WvW?

I'm very used to dodges and attunements switches and i know pretty well the class specifics, i just need a bit of tweaking on the build and some strategic/tactic tips on fights :)

Thx very much to anyone who will help me!