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#2022660 Anet sad that more people aren't charr and asura

Posted The Servant on 16 October 2012 - 12:17 PM

It's not just armor. Let's look at the non-human selection:

* Asura. Demons in Hindu mythology. In GW2, they are small like children, ugly as rats, arrogant, and their technology level is from 26th century and so out of place that in PvP they should just instantly disintegrate other races, instead of fighting on a balanced equal level.

* Sylvari. Mentality of children. Dreamy. Ugly faces. Instead of looking beatiful like flowers the class looks like a tree bark (maybe good for lore but not for aesthetics). Anti-elves (they are opposite in characteristics to Tolkien elves). Also the biggest hypocrits in the entire GW2, with oft-repeated motto: "All things have a right to grow". And then each of them goes into the world to kill everyone painted red.

* Norn. Huge bulky tribal people on a pre-civilization level, trying to prove themselves by killing innocent animals for sport. You cannot select a thin or normal-width (male) tall Norn, it just does not exist. It just has to be someone who spent last 10yrs in a gym on steroids, instead of an agile slim tall hunter in the wilds. Abs over brain race.

* Charr. The supposed-to-be-cool bad*** race. It partially fills that purpose. If you want an aggressive and savage-looking yet technologically and magically advanced race (unlike Norns), this is it. The problem with the Charr is they are a niche race. If someone likes their distinct look they will be a nice choice. Personally, I don't like it, but they are the only race other than Human that actually fits GW world (logically and otherwise) and is made properly. One important downside: this race has visually only one gender.

* Humans. A neutral race, with best aesthetics. Somewhat boring choice, but clearly the best option. Even if you don't want to be a Human, in the end you have to choose between hyper Charr or calmer Human. If you want to play female characters, it's no-contest. As a Charr you can only choose between males and feminized males.

Personally, I hope that the selection improves once we get an expansion (it will have Dwarves in it).

PS: As for non-human races, Argonian one from Skyrim is great.