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Water Field Whirl Finisher

17 November 2012 - 11:43 PM

My group and I are trying to perfect our current composition so we can reach the furthest levels of FoTM as possible. Clearly we're gonna need to utilize combo fields as well as possible in order to battle these further difficulties. Previously I'd just use my ele to water field + blast blast blast blast via dodge roll to keep the group topped off, but that is no longer an option. Our tank is a warrior, and we're considering whether or not he should try out offhand axe for the axe '5' whirling finisher than can cause healing bolts in a water field.

The problem is, we've never seen how effective water field whirls are, so we tried to test it. I simply got a ranger to drop healing spring, and had him whirl with his axe inside of it as we all gathered around (we took damage via HoM bonfire), and none of us were receiving any effects other than the healing spring itself. Has anyone gotten whirls to work, and what kind of results have you gotten?

TL;DR Can't get water field whirls to do anything, what results are you getting? What do the bolts even do? Is this a reliable source of healing?

Transfer exotic karma skins to alt

25 October 2012 - 05:04 PM

I was looking to get the lvl 80 exotic karma armor for my warrior, who only has 10k karma. My ele has 160k, and I was looking to see if I could buy the Armageddon armor in Orr, and transmute it to another item so my warrior could pick it from my bank. Does anyone know if this is possible?

Jack of all trade stat equipment

14 October 2012 - 04:54 PM

I run a very specific build on my elementalist, that requires a bit of every stat. I was wondering if anyone knew of any jack of all trades stats similar to celestial amulet/jewels in PvP? I've seen the triforge pendant, but that's the only one so far (and it's super expensive)! Thanks ahead of time :).

Xsel's Guide to the Shortbow

06 September 2012 - 03:55 PM

Hey everyone, Isms here (known as Xsel on Ranger). I've had a lot of recent messages from in game players, as well as some here asking for my build. I've had alot of success with Ranger since I started playing him, and It's came from very cookie-cutter builds (according to trait descriptions). The builds may seem weak to beginner players who haven't mastered the art of flanking (frontside SB damage is laughable). Here is a message to someone who previously asked me about my build, or where he could find websites that teach you how to play Ranger SB.

I can't really help you with websites, as most guides are created by top PvP teams (none of which are using Rangers). Ranger is definitely one of the more difficult classes to play, which involves lots of dexterity if you're using shortbow. I'll give you my build, but it takes a VERY long time to learn, and usually teamwork. The idea of using the shortbow is to ALWAYS be flanking, if you're not flanking someone (1v1 perhaps), make sure to roll towards them or side strafe to get behind them or just simpley cripple them, get away with quick shot/lightning reflexes so they get tired of being kited to switch targets, and you switch your target yourself to someone more distracted. Remember, you only need about a 30 degree angle from their front to get the flanking bleed effect. The build I used is very squishy, but once you master it, you should rarely die due to your evasion potential. I'll list you my traits, utilities, runes, and sigils, but mastering it will be your own responsibility.

Build #1: Burst
http://gw2skills.net...GLMOYkwsAZEw AA
3  8  
2  10
6  9   11


I use the sword + dagger for instances where I simply cannot create distance between myself and my target. This usually occurs during immobilizes. Simply switch to your secondary weapon set, hit 4 for an evasive poison attack, 3 for another evasive poison attack (dodging hits in the meanwhile), and finally once the immobilize clears, hit 2 once while facing your target to run away (another trick is to then turn away from them, clear your target with a click, and hit 2 again to dive forwards away from the attacker to create distance. You can then use your 5th skill if you think it's best to cripple them from afar until you have time to switch back to your bow. You can also opt to use  lightning reflexes during this time to clear out even faster if you want an easier way out.

I use runes of the afflicted, as all your damage comes from bleeding/poison, and these runes boost that potential the most. However as you're learning this build, you may want to try runes with toughness on them as a safer but weaker route.

Agony on your SB
Venom on your dagger
Hydromancy on your sword

Amulet: Lucky for condition builds, Rabid amulet provides the perfect 3 stats for this style of play (power builds usually require glass cannon playstyles).

I equip myself with
Sharpening Stone (36 second cooldown with a 30 second duration. Apply this well before fights, so you can apply it again during the fight and get that much more damage out of it).
Quickening Zephyr (Your bread an butter. This is how you will do your burst damage which can drop anyone without quick reacting condition removal in an instant. More on this later)
Lightning Reflexes (Get used to using this. No player should ever go without a stun breaker, and luckily this one also creates distance to get away from those pesky warriors. It also adds vigor, so if you are ever attacked by a thief, roll, roll, and if you have to, quick shot and MAYBE even use lightning reflexes. By then he should be out of initiative and you'll have vigor for your endurance back when he attempts his HS spam again).

Heal: I know alot of you like to use healing spring, but the truth is, you move around so much with this build that you can't afford to use that skill, so I equip troll unguent.Your evasive skills should give you enough time for the HOTs to tick out, without the need for a quick spike heal.

Entangle. With a shortbow you excel at flanking your enemy, and what's better than locking them in place so you can get behind? Self explanatory here, but remember: Your SB arrows pierce targets. Just the other day I got jumped by a warrior and thief in a 1v2. I was able to entangle them, and I noticed they were lined up with both their backs to me. I popped quickening zephyr, and pierced throw both of them, easily winning the 1v2 before they even had a chance to counter.

I choose the black widow spider (Jungle Spider, Thank you Skolops for the recommendation) as my main pet because of the stun abilities. This pet applies a 2 second immobilize, which is great for getting the upper hand early in fights. You are a bursty class, so you shouldn't be in those long-term skirmishes. If you can't get your opportunistic openings, then move on to a better point. I use juvenile wolf for the fear as the secondary. When downed, switch to your wolf and use his f2 skill to fear potential downers, giving your teammates plenty of time to rez you, now that you have 2 forms of cc. If one person makes it back, hit f1 to send your wolf to attack him, causes him to pounce the target, giving a THIRD form of downed CC. Also, switch to your wolf in 1v1 fights, or after your Spider has used his stun skills during other fights. The pounce from the wolve usually leads to a quick death as you get a great opportunity to unload on your target. You can also replace your wolf with another spider for the extra stun, opening up more opportunities to unload with quickening zephyr from behind. This may actually be easier for beginner players, as you have an easier way to stun and unload than concussion shot offers.

Your goal with this build is to be a roamer. The reason for this, is that you excel at flanking players and you want to catch them off guard. Look for teammates at nodes who are in busy fights. If you have vent/skype/etc. try saying something like "Isms coming to graveyard from the south." Soon your point holder will learn to move to the north side of the node so the enemy has his back turned. You can then sneak behind him asking for a stun or using your concussion shot/pet stun to lock the target in place, hit quickening zephyr (make sure you have sharpening stone up too), and unload your auto attack from behind. Within seconds the play should have 20+ stacks of bleed. Immediately after always hit your poison volley to keep them from healing back up. Whenever needed, switch to sword dagger to finish off wounded opponents. Your '4,3,2' combo should apply enough poison to kill them off and then get you to safety.  From there they will usually run which means, as a SB Ranger, you just get to do even more damage. As a roamer, you need swiftness to move around. When moving to another zone and it is safe, hit your character tab and temporarily switch to a warhorn for the speed buff and quickly switch back to your previous weapon.  Whenever you are in a 1v1 fight, you hopefully should be evasive enough to take down most players, but usually you can tell if you're gonna take them down quick. Never be afraid to run away, even in fights you could win. You have enough escape tools to create distance while slowing them to end their chase quickly. You're best situated assassinating targets that are unaware of your coming.
If you're having trouble getting this burst to work, try unloading from behind on one of the dummies in the mysts, that should motivate you to perfect your combos :).

Build#2: Traps
This is also a very cookie cutter build, but I feel it's a great entry point into the build listed above. This build is not for roaming, but for point/choke point control. I usually try and lay traps near walkways, bridges, doorways etc., as your cooldown is relatively short and you can throw your traps easily. This always you to put bleeds, burns, cripples, chills on your target at the beginning of your ambushes, disorienting them before the fight and giving you the clear upper hand.

2 8 11
3 9 11


Runes: I'd recommend something with condition/toughness, or if you're feeling really pro: Nightmare.

Sigils: Agony on SB
Hydromancy on Axe
Smoldering on Torch

Amulet: Rabid of course!

Utilities: I used spike trap for the initial crippling effect, flame trap for the damage it brings, and then chill for the extra cripple once the enemy gets close (and the added benefit of stalling the cooldowns on their opening abilities).

Heal: I know alot of you like to use healing spring, but the truth is, you move around so much with this build that you can't afford to use that skill, so I equip troll unguent.Your evasive skills should give you enough time for the HOTs to tick out, without the need for a quick spike heal.

Gameplay: This one is a little more situation on controlling choke points or entry ways. This build works EXTREMELY well on Battle of Kyhlo. Start by finding an entrance that you know is used alot (entrance to mansion/windmill, or even stairs outside of clocktower). Throw your traps all down on that spot, with your chill trap closer towards yourself (so once they reach you and want to use skills, the recharge time affects them). The idea is to post up on their flank, so once they are walking up the stairs/doorway/etc., you already have the positioning to apply bleeds. I give the torch to your offhand so you can easily hit your 4 button for the initial burning burst (very high), you can drop your '5' for the fire field (since you're allowed to stand still with this build while they are approaching), your 3 for the cripple to extend their pursuit, (2 if you think it will hit them), and then switch to shortbow to finish them off. Of course this build rarely ever works as perfectly as the scenario mentioned above. But usually the traps cause them to burn their condition removals early, or be weak enough that by the time they reach you, you still have your quick shot/rolls to create distance and make it a lost cause for the enemy player. This build is much more about strategy than dexterity as the one listed above, but I find it's a good starting point in order to learn how to properly flank and escape targets as a SB ranger. The only problem with this build is that it is a 'niche' build, being that it excels in certain situations, while others it's just meh. This is why I never run this build in tournaments, but in random pugs (or with my main team in free tournaments for fun, which we almost never lose anyway(except that damn Team Paradigm subgroup. That was just mean...).


I'll post videos of some gameplay examples as soon as I can get my team to tourney again. They're all upset about the billion tourney chests that we've yet to receive from bugs. If I seemed to make any mistakes in the guide, feel free to let me know and I'll change them. Also, feel free to ask any questions in-game. My Ranger's name is Xsel, or you can reach me on my main (Ex Sel, Isms, or X Isms X). Update 2: I haven't really gotten to play my Ranger in a few days, as I've moved towards a guardian/ele role with my tourny team. If I get a chance to record some of the smaller things, like the sword/dagger evasive-escape combo, I'll make sure to at least find a way to get that posted up as an example.

LFM Ascalonian Catacombs Explorable Stress Test

09 August 2012 - 06:47 PM

36 Engineer here lfm for an Ascalon Catacombs explorable mode run during the stress test. My tag is ISM.1598. Send me a shoot or post here if you want to join.