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#2020729 Sea of Sorrows vs Dragonbrand vs Maguuma

Posted Sinful01 on 15 October 2012 - 03:33 PM

View PostVexy Tree, on 14 October 2012 - 04:34 PM, said:

To all the guilds that left Dragonbrand and are currently on SoS, can we please stop generalizing an entire server and ruining the DB wvw community further?

I wanted to thank Vexy and [AD] for sticking it out on Dragonbrand, as well as all the work s/he does in WvW. I've followed Vexy's blue dorito quite a few times.

I came to GW2 largely for the WvW and ended up on Dragonbrand by basically blind luck, having zero idea that servers were "unofficially" anything. I had no idea there were alliances in place before the game even came out (HoD), absolutely no idea that there were these 'super important' server meetings going on for my own server (I don't sit around LA, and mainly when there totally ignore the /map spam there), and zero idea (ignorantly I guess) that WvW was going to be such a total numbers game and a 24/7 or fail system.  I just pre-ordered with about 3 days left before early access wanting to WvW and jumped in to have fun. I joined a PvX guild and have made friends there.  We field a group or two for WvW fairly often. We've followed Vexy, and AoI commanders as well.

Many times, I've been the one person (I sh*t you not) in a keep shouting in map chat for people to come defend it as it got zerged. I've dropped siege equipment, solo-ran supply, and then defended keeps basically alone.  I've watched our server just zerg-and-flip things without upgrading them countless times. So, I can understand why the AoI guilds decided to leave; it can definitely lessen your 'fun quotient' if you're taking things more seriously than others.  I assumed it was this way for all servers though, not just Dragonbrand (as many in this thread and the one on the official forum make it sound).

... thing is, as a WvW player that isn't part of a WvW guild, having the AoI guilds (and [AD], etc) gave me hope we'd have good, quality & competitive WvW once server transfers and exploits and bugs and .. and .. all got worked out.  I assumed that as more people reached 80 and got geared (yes, even those seemingly much hated 'PvE' and 'PvX' players) more people would be WvWing more. The game is still young, the matchups still uneven (horribly in some cases) and free server transfers keep screwing up the mix.

"At least we have a core of WvW guilds fighting the good fight in there" - "if we can get some offpeak guilds/players to fill our coverage holes we'll be gtg" - that kind of stuff was the talk in guild chat, though.  Ya' know ... hope.  Hope I can have a fun WvW experience on the server I ended up on, with the friends I've made so far.

Now? No idea. A large chunk of the DB core WvW fight cut themselves out and jumped ship, obviously.  Our "well we have some coverage holes" chat has turned into "do we have any actual solid coverage periods left?"  Am I forced to jump to another server too now?  Leave my friends behind?

Exploiters & hackers killed the fun for a lot of us lately - no one wants to fight for 2 hours and see some shmuck fly-hack the orb away.  Rendering issues had even the more WvW oriented players I knew personaly not play this last week. The Blackgate transfer-and-pwn-you situation burned a lot of people out for the time being, and overnight it made a fun match against similarly ranked opponents into a tier missmatch. Many of us had hoped this week would be a refreshing trip back to more balanced WvW and actual fun, yet transfers effed' that up again, and now we have the added pleasure of seeing the very tags (and recognizing some people even) that we fought with now mauling us en masse.  Demoralizing ... demoralizing an already demoralized group, mind you. lol

The "we left to have more even match-ups against bigger servers" argument, however true and sincere, is going to piss people off if you then completely stomp the people you just hugged and said goodbye to. Complain that not enough people WvW'd to be competitive, then effectively double the opposition while cutting your old server's WvWing population at least in half, and then trod all over what you left behind. I can't find it hard to see why people might get miffed.

I also think the demonizing of "PvE" & "PvX" people is silly.  Sure, some people are tools and will only play when winning, that happens everywhere - we all know 'that one guy' that shows up wearing a sports jersey with the tags still on it that smells like the store he got it at still, cheering on the team that is currently winning this week.  I think the real issue with Dragonbrand (and I'd bet many servers), is no one wants to play when it isn't fun.  There is "hey we can make a comeback" and there is "if I leave spawn 60 dudes kill me before they render and then /laugh and teabag my corpse."  One is fun, one is not.

#1790602 Norn Ranger - just far too big ?

Posted velimirius on 22 August 2012 - 10:08 PM

Im enjoying my Norn ranger regardless pve, wvw or spvp.

#1717466 damage meters

Posted Felonius on 12 August 2012 - 09:39 AM

I would disagree with the assessment that 'dps is all'. There are no dedicated healers or tanks because each character must fulfill these roles themselves as well as causing damage. Any character that goes all out on damage at the expense of control and support will not be a good player. A damage meter will do nothing except encourage people to focus on DPS at the expense of these other roles, to the detriment of the overall game.

#1707911 Any UK players a bit miffed about today's stress test?

Posted DrunkenMadKing on 10 August 2012 - 07:15 PM

Wow,  I see lets look at all the other stress tests that on the east coast that only allowed me 30 minutes to play tops...

lets also look at how they changed the start time of the pre launch to midnight pacific time which suits europe perfectly and yet at east coast we have to play at 3 am.  You guys getting miffed at 1 stress test not being convenient... really?  really really?

#1645619 "l337" name-fobia

Posted Strawberry Nubcake on 28 July 2012 - 04:09 AM

Sooooo I guess this means "Destroyer Of Sofas" wouldn't be an acceptable name for my Charr?  Dammit!  :rolleyes:

There's nothing in the ToS that says that we can't get silly with our names.  Some of my characters will have "normal" names and a few will have silly ones.  That's my choice.  Name your characters whatever you want and stop worrying about what we name ours.  There's nothing wrong with people making silly names as long as they don't violate the ToS!