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Minions <> Wells --- Landscape <> Dungeons interchangable build.

18 August 2012 - 09:16 PM

Personally I love the minions, so I wanted to create a build that includes them. In dungeons however they aren't the wisest option because they would be killed rather quickly. So I aimed to find a build that has the joy of the minions for landscaping and by swapping traits and skills adds a whole new dimension for dungeons where a support role seems to be where a necromancer will shine.

The hardest part of the trait point allocation is the following: Is Death Nova worth the 30 points in Death Magic or will I be better off just putting the 30 points in Blood Magic? If there is anyone with some extra info on Death Nova it would be greatly appreciated because that's the only part I am not too sure about.

The builds are as follows:
Landscape/Minion build: http://gw2skills.net...IFFTMA;TIAg0CnA
In this build I will mostly use the staff because the Mark of Blood is just a lovely skill and getting it on a nice 4.8s cooldown will provide plenty of regeneration for the minions. It's not the fastest, but incredibly solid.

Dungeon/Well build: http://gw2skills.net...IFFPMA;TIAg0CnA
Pretty straightforward. When more conditionmanagement is required I will swap out Well of Blood for Consume Conditions and Well of Corruption for the Plague Signet.

I'll gladly take advice on these two options. They don't seem too bad to me but looking for comments on the Dungeon setup most. In theory they do provide a lot of support and options but in practice they may not work at all so please enlighten me.