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Partying for instances

28 August 2012 - 10:57 PM

I did a quick search, and I couldn't find a recent thread on this issue, only the mentioning of it in various different threads.

So, days into the game, I'm sure many of you have either reached level 30 and have done Ascalonian Catacombs or are very nearing that point.  I'm certain that some people have been able to take their party into an instanced dungeon, as the Catacombs themselves are a very popular topic on Guru.  However, I wanted to get a quick idea of how many people actually managed to get their party system working long enough to make it into the instance in one piece.

In other words:
1. Have you been able to enter a storymode mission with your teammates?
2. If yes to the above, were you able to make it in on the first time, or did it take some fidgeting before the game would let you?

Personally, I tried for about an hour or two to get a five man group into the Catacombs.  Making the group was quick enough, but not once could we all get into the same instance, if we got into the instance at all =[