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#2350972 I’ve been playing GW2 wrong, and loving it.

Posted Satenia on 16 February 2015 - 04:02 PM

View PostArkham Creed, on 16 February 2015 - 06:42 AM, said:

... Sometime later, another champion, everybody died except me….

Basically, unlike what some people in this thread would expect, in this particular instance it would be safely said that I was carrying them.

Let me guess, because you were bearbowing safely at 1200 range?

Unless you would actually provide anything about player, class and build compositions, this anecdote means little. CoF is an incredibly popular dungeon and you can find anything from complete beginners to absolute experts. As you are likely not the type to set extra-harsh requirements on the lfg-tool, I would guess you had a bunch of beginners. Maybe they were even average, but because you stayed away from the group, didn't give them any useful boons or traits or generally were dealing less damage than you could have, the champ didn't do down in time.

I'm speculating of course, based on my own experiences with certain rangers in dungeons. But like I said, such anecdotes mean little, what I feel is important however is that when forming a group, players are aware of each others expectations.

This brings me to my actual point:

View PostArkham Creed, on 16 February 2015 - 06:42 AM, said:

You can say I'm doing it wrong if you want to and keep playing your meta builds because "efficiency" and all that, but I'm not going to be changing how I do things because my primary motive isn't topping some damned leader board or figuring out the exact pattern of dodge used in a given boss; my primary motive is to enjoy the damned game. And for my gaming dollar I think dynamic and challenging is way more fun than mathematical efficiency.

Enjoying the game is entirely subjective. As I've mentioned above, the important part is to be aware of each others expectations when forming groups. If you don't like meta-builds and berserker-gear, by all means, but then don't join such groups. Announce and form your groups accordingly.

I have no idea why you had that "raging berserker guy" in group, but obviously you and him expected differently. How did it happen? Did he not read your lfg-message or did you not read his? Did you both join a group that provided no specific information about how they want to play the dungeon? Maybe you should start picking your groups more carefully so that not only you, but also the other players can enjoy the game.

#2332553 Is anyone else sick of Sylvari?

Posted Senatic on 17 July 2014 - 05:14 PM

View PostKonzacelt, on 17 July 2014 - 03:16 PM, said:

[random nonsensical argument here]

You can try to spin it whatever way you want, all of this started in a Guild Wars 1 expansion and Guild Wars 2 is a continuation on that story. That is a fact. The rest is just you arguing semantics, and poorly at that. Whether you  don't feel like Eotn was part of what you would personally define as "gw1 lore" is pretty irrelevant. Technically it is as it was released within the franchise of Guild Wars 1 and has as much right to call itself GW1 lore as any other added content to the game.

And I wouldn't call accepting all parts of the Guild Wars 1 story equally being willfully ignorant. Sure there is a split in the narrative, there is no argument about that. That doesn't mean one part of the story is less part of the history of Guild Wars 1 then the other.

Selectively choosing what you think is "Guild Wars 1 proper" and what isn't just because one part of the lore is connected to GW2 and another isn't is a bit of a self serving mind set to have. Seems like you're just choosing what fits your personal opinion. You are not the director of this game after all, EoTN was introduced as cannon and treating it as if it's not part of the overall Guild Wars 1 lore would just be arrogant on our parts. Who are you to tell people what parts of the Guild Wars 1 franchise is "proper" story and what isn't?

#2227198 Aetherblades = Alternate Universe?

Posted PheBelladona on 17 August 2013 - 03:18 PM

people that have a small understanding of maths shouldnt make proofs like this.. also your assumptions are weighted by your opinion and desired outcome.

firstly you're dealing with people here not numbers, people can have 2 different thoughts in their heads at one time and keep secrets or not mention all sources of influence. think of 2 people that have influence in your life, they dont necessarily have influence on each other or even know each other exist. eg. your mother and the boss of your company. and thats for a simple individual, now add in large secretive asuran organisation and A and C actually being related is even more of a stretch. even if A is related to B and B is related to C.

but the main point is dont use mathematical proof language to try and make your arguements sound more valid.. you're telling lies with maths and thats not cool.

#2216015 GW2 is too easy

Posted Hex65000 on 02 July 2013 - 05:12 PM

And my point was missed by a mile. Please try again.

Perhaps, that is the difference between myself and those looking towards a min/max, I'll get the loot I want eventually. Why rush to become bored faster?

As for combat mechanics, let's try an example:
I do not enjoy playing GSword on warrior. it feels like crap and I don't enjoy or feel effective using it when I select this weapon. However, hammer felt good and there is the burst skill that I find to be amusing to no end -- second only to banish on Guardian.

BUT! BUT! You need GSword to do maximum damage output, and hundred blades! Some will say.

I'm not saying theroycrating is bad, but it's application goes beyond the narrow scope that is typically sited. In fact, that's what I find more fun. Taking something that forum spreadsheet heroes call a waste of a build and make it functional on my terms. With some general guidelines and knowing my own skill level and playstyle I can make 'menial combat' at least a little more enjoyable by using weapons/utilities that work for me and allow me to survive in the field. We are both talking about optimization, but my scope is significantly wider than yours. I'm also more interested in what 'feels good' versus 'loot rate' which is really what focused optimizers are truly interested in. Damage happens to be the fastest way to increase loot rate therefore as long as you can dodge well/not die glass cannons are ideal.

Sure, I could drop all my current builds and just pick a total glass cannon using weapons I may or may not enjoy using, learn to dodge a little better, and hang out here whining that the game is too easy as well, or I can do what I please and enjoy myself and relish the slightly greater challenge that comes with taking on harder content with an "imperfect build" that works for me. I can accept a hit in loot rate for general enjoyment. Others clearly see no joy in combat and only see joy in the loot.

Is the combat good? It's okay for what it is, but not fantastically amazing either. ANet bugs the hell outta me for various wonky choices, but if it ever wears too thin I'll move on from the game and here.

Mazinger also raises a good point about crowd sourced information about a game. Ugh, imagine the howls if you had to do guild treks without the ability to look up the locations? I remember generating dungeon maps for an old-school rpg a friend and I were playing. There was a need to be careful as you explored, and meticulous mapping as you crept through. Nowadays? Google.

[ Strike me down and I shall become more wonky than you can possibly imagine... ]

#2212229 The End of Currency Creep?

Posted Arewn on 19 June 2013 - 01:28 AM

I really don't mind the currencies for each dungeon, I actually really like the way I can pick which gear I want rather then wait on more RNG for random drops. What does bug me about the many currencies is that they take up so much space, they should be built into the UI similarly to how gold, karma and laurels are, perhaps making a currency tab in the hero panel for them.

#2144553 Does GW2 seem overly "Mathy" to you

Posted Menehune on 17 January 2013 - 02:16 PM

Who needs math? Us simple country folk get along just fine without any of that there fancy stuff.

1? Chaaaaarge!
1, 2, 3 .... RUUUUNNNN!!!!
veteran? hmmm, ok give it a shot.
champion? fugetaboudit!
PvP? No way, Jose!

I'm not a min/maxer and I've never used spreadsheets for games. Sure, I equip the best gear that I can conveniently acquire, but I don't go nuts over it. In games with gear treadmills, I ignored dungeons and raids and just played the bits that I enjoyed. If any part of the main quest line or a story arc required specific gear and that gear was difficult or took a long time to get, I quit the game. Anyone wants call me noob because of my gear or attitude towards gear? They can go right ahead. No skin off my nose. Among my 9 characters, I only have 3 pieces of exotic gear and 4 of them have dinged 80. My main, who is level 80, has 1 exotic and the rest is a mix of blue, green and yellow - yes, level 72 blue boots, iirc. Thank all the gods of Tyria and warm fuzzy kittens that none of the PvE content is gated behind minimum gear requirements. Eventually, my characters will have gear that combine t3 racial skins with crafted exotic stats, but that is stil months down the road.

A few days ago, my thief, level 58 at the time, got a green head piece drop. When checking the dropped head piece against what my thief was wearing, I was surprised to see that she was wearing a level 7 mask. Granted that she undoubtedly could have survived some fatal encounters with more level appropriate gear, but those few occasions aren't enough to justify me grinding for higher stat gear.

#2088872 So Andrew Macleod Threw His Jughead Crown In On Ascended and Gear Score / Checks

Posted Arshay Duskbrow on 20 November 2012 - 06:59 AM

And my response in that same thread:


That would've been plausible if they had simply been cosmetic items and not an entirely new plateau of power to chase after, obsolescing our previous equipment. As it is, there's no reason to believe you, or Mr. Whiteside. What you've done is directly contrary to the loudly and repeatedly stated design goals and philosophy the game was supposedly developed around.

Let Messrs. O'Brian, Flannum, and Johanson come out and explain how this move can be reconciled to their many past pronouncements about lack of grind and aesthetic rewards. Let them come out and offer detailed metrics to reassure us that this statistical power boost was a needed addition to the game. Let them come out and promise us that this addition was a singular anomaly that will never be repeated. Then I might believe your claims.

#2083314 Ascended items appear to require an insane grind...

Posted Briar on 16 November 2012 - 03:36 PM

Dear Anet,

I do not like your new more powerful gear
I do not want to feel like I have to drudgingly play through your game for the privilage of having fun playing your game
I will run dungeons because it is fun and I feel like it
I will sPvP because it is fun and I feel like it
I will WvW because it is fun and I feel like it
The promise of shinys does not make me want to do somthing, nore does it make it fun
If I wanted to work for shinys I would do it in real life, real life does it better - its called a job

I play a game to play a game

I work to work

Do you get it if I type in short sentences? Because I do not think you do



PS. When I am bored I will stop playing, this should be a non issue as you already have my money

#654226 Discussion on the Skritt

Posted BrettM on 09 April 2011 - 09:40 AM

Brilliant, Enkidu!

This was a major element in Vernor Vinge's A Fire Upon the Deep, which featured an alien race (the Tines) with a sort of hive mind mediated by constant ultrasonic communication. "Persons" to this race were actually packs of several individuals that, in isolation, were unintelligent. If the individual units of a person spread out too much, communication degraded and the mind started to disintegrate. If two pack/persons got too close to each other, their internal communications became disrupted, causing other problems.

When this race was introduced to communication technology, their options expanded enormously. A pack could be covered in sound-deadening material loaded with communication gear. The pack could spread out as far as it liked without losing intelligence, and could intermingle with another pack communicating on a different frequency.

A bunch of skritt with throat mikes and earbuds could be awesome in operation.

#1976502 Act like you've won before: Don't Spawn Camp

Posted CharliePrince on 28 September 2012 - 01:07 PM

I'll make this short and simple

Don't Spawn Camp

act like you've won before.. in all the matches Janthir has won, we have never spawn camped (hint: pushing people back to their spawn is NOT spawn camping)

spawn camping is something immature bored people do

this serves two purposes
1. it guarantees your enemies will be able to push out giving you fights even if the score is lopsided (case example FA dominating the map last night even though the match has been decided)
2. you'll always have some fights somewhere because people will be able to move out

it's easy to spawn camp

specially when the other team has stopped playing, it's ridiculously easy to spawn camp

really the only servers I can think of that does NOT camp is Denravi and Janthir

I know NSP is dominating the lower tiers so i'm not sure if they're spawn camping since there're no reports of it

but just a psa

don't spawn camp

#1963786 Dungeon Tokens

Posted Alexandriea on 24 September 2012 - 02:45 PM

View PostCandyPanda, on 24 September 2012 - 02:35 PM, said:

What's wrong with most people rushing the content? It hasn't even been a month and people are already complaining that it is too much of.a.farm even though it isn't. my opinion is if they plan on increasing the tokens, then it should be 5-10 more tokens per run, not more. I'm a casual player and i already got 1 weapon and 2 armor pieces.....Nor I find repeating the dungeon boring, aslong as you do different ones from time to time. People these days just want everything handed on a silver tablet. Sorry for a wall of text, new phone.and cant get used to it

This is correct. If you do 1 run per day per dungeon, you gain 30 tokens for that run. If you do all three paths, that's 90 tokens. In less than 5 days, you will own an exotic two-handed weapon.

The point is to not rush content. As it is, I am halfway done for my Inquest Shortbow, arguably one of the worst dungeons to do -- Crucible of Eternity. It only becomes a grind if you force yourself to run it. Do one a day, get your items slowly and don't force yourself to do a dungeon if you don't want to that day.

#1913389 Should I drop my guardian if I want to WvW?

Posted _Belisarius_ on 10 September 2012 - 08:00 PM

I think it's safe to say that if you want to be doing damage at range, you should roll a different class.  But the Guard is far from useless in wvw.

I won't reiterate what others have already said about Wall of Reflection and Sanctuary, because those along with Line of Warding can turn the tide of a battle in your favor if used at the proper times.  Yes, like others have said, you won't get as many drops.  But what you will get is your teammates in vent saying,  "That Wall of Reflection was awesome" or "Way to split their entire team in half with Line of Warding" or "Your sanctuary saved my ass".  I don't hear anyone saying "Man, awesome timing on your Hundred Blades!"

Going full support in wvw, I never have a shortage of things to do and am having a blast.  Even if you're not getting as many drops, I think you would be hard pressed to find a class that is more valuable to a coordinated group.

#1949429 Let's rationally discuss orbs/night zerging/ imbalance here.

Posted Proseidon1 on 19 September 2012 - 08:40 PM

I do apologize for making another topic about this, but I had to.
I had to because I'm miffed.
I had to because I love this game and I want it to be the best it can be.

Let me spew a few things out and then you can give me your thoughts on them.


What is balance? I suppose for most people it's an equal opportunity environment.
Let me explain to you something from a logics point of view.


Allow me to explain. This is PvP. Player versus player. The very name is self-descriptive. The basic act is two players struggling for dominance. The goal is to defeat the other player. You cannot defeat the other player without... you guessed it, and ADVANTAGE. Without an advantage, both players would basically mirror. There is no victor, ever.

Where does advantage come from?
Multiple things, my friend, multiple things. In the context of a gw2 player versus another gw2 player, advantage comes in: position, line of sight, visibility, mobility, gear, weapon strength, weapon range, skills, stats points, levels, boosts, latency, player skill, player reactions, player analysis. These, along with others, are things that, if taken advantage of, will allow you to defeat another player.

What players think they want.

Let's take a look at human nature, if you will. Everyone believes that they have something special to offer. Humans in general love competition, which is basically the act of PROVING your superiority in some form or facet. So, when players cry BALANCE, they don't want two 110lb guys each armed with a dull stick and the same fighting experience hitting eachother until they die simultaneously (because that is what balance is.) PLAYERS DESIRE THE OPPORTUNITY TO PROVE THEIR ADVANTAGE AT SOMETHING THAT IS IMPORTANT TO THEM. In many games, you will often see players only desire to have it based on SKILL.

"It's not about gear, it's not about levels, it's just SKILL that determines the victor."

GUESS WHAT?! SKILL IS A LIE! IT'S A WORD YOU USE TO DEFINE THE UNDEFINEABLE. Skill often is a vague word that players use to describe THEIR advantages or strengths in a certain situation. Skill is in actuality a combination of various things. It could be responsiveness, critical thinking, ability to analyze the situation, ability to memorize, judgement, communication. They're all attributes that we find desirable, so skill is the summation of those. Skill is the word you use to basically define what makes one human being superior to another.

Why players don't like these aspects of WvWvW

Players are notoriously emotional. Although we don't think of it, as soon as something seems to fall outside of our definition of 'skill', we feel like something is unfair. Why don't you like night raids in WvWvW? Because you can't control it! You were not given the opportunity to compete and yet it affected you! Of course you're mad! Why don't you like orbs? You can't get those on your own! You needed a team, and your TEAM let you down! It wasn't fair. Now you have a disadvantage! WTF?!

Well, guess what? Your definition of FAIR is BIASED and WRONG.
If you assault an enemy keep, and a player gets into a cannon, he CLEARLY has an advantage over you. Do you think that's UNFAIR? No! Why? "Because you are assaulting a keep! You have put yourself into a disadvantageous situation on purpose so it's FAIR!" YOU HAD CONTROL! You didn't have to assault that keep. IN REALITY, HAVING A KEEP IS JUST AS UNBALANCED AS HAVING AN ORB OR HAVING MORE PLAYERS.

Why don't we view these other things as unfair? There are probably many reasons. But we believe and know that we ALL had access to these keeps, and we ALL worked to take them. No one started with more keeps. So why are orbs or having more players unfair? They aren't! You just think they are! You can't explain why, but your emotions give you that response!

GUESS WHAT? People worked for those ORBS! People used 'SKILL' (judgement, thinking) to play on a server with enough people, or to get in the battlegrounds ASAP and take the orbs as fast as possible BECAUSE THEY KNOW it's important.

Let's be honest here and I'm going to make a big statement.
If you aren't playing WvWvW with all of your time, spending all of your gold on siege, being level 80 with the best gear, etc, you are not as skilled  in wvwvw as someone who has.

We all knew the rules. We were all aware of what it takes to win. You CHOSE to not be as skilled as you can be, because you have other things that are more important to you. THAT'S FINE! But realize that people who CHOOSE to make WvWvW the most important will be better at it and win more often.

These are just facts.

Don't be a punk! WvWvW should not cater to you and your definition of 'skill'! Part of the fun is seeing if your OTHER SKILLS can make up for the ones you LACK (such as orbs or less players). And if you just don't like it? Don't play it! I do not mean to be one of those people that say 'haha go back to WoW'. But it just makes sense. If you don't like the gladiator arena, you don't join it! You do not decide to change the gladiator arena to make it fit your rules.


#1897787 Dungeons are not hard, theyre just Wrong

Posted Jairyn on 07 September 2012 - 02:52 PM

I much prefer the experience (as in the gameplay and camaraderie  not xp) being the reward. That may not incentivize one to come back to grind again and again and again, but they supposedly wanted to avoid that and that's what the multiple options and high cost dungeon armor are for. Even then, I would try to avoid fetishizing the armor as a relentless goal, but take it as a side benefit of the dungeons you so love to do. If you don't love to do dungeons... Why are you doing them?

Now as for some bug fixes, tweaks, and tuning, there's certainly that to be done, but anyone surprised that it isn't perfect within the first week of launch is insane.

#1883793 what ever happened to horizontal progression?

Posted XPhiler on 05 September 2012 - 12:20 PM

I dont think the elistist attitude will be such an issue. For starters the majority of the people doing dungeons (which is essentially the only place where they can "keep you out") will be doing dungeons to get their exotics anyway! Its a bit of circular reasoning I think.

I will need exotics to be accepted in the dungeon which most people will repeat just to get the exotics. I know that some people just like doing dungeons and will keep doing them beyond getting their Exotics and thats fine that however still doesnt change the fact that there will be plenty of other people who are still trying to get exotics who will be more then happy to team with you. If a group of players think that 4 - 6% advantage is that important frankly I feel Iwouldnt want to join them because chances are it will not be fun playing with them anyway and Exotics or not Exotics If I am doing any content I am doing to have fun first and foremost.

Knowing how to play you character and helping out your team is definitely more important. The first time I did Ascalon Catacombs during the 2nd beta weekend I joined a PUG, 2 of the PUG had tried the dungeon before us but just couldnt finish it and had to give up. The other 3 were going to run it for the first time. We had a really smooth ride and the 2 who had failed before just couldnt believe it! Its not like any of us had exotics yet. I have no doubt that player skill is many folds more imporant than any statistical advantage!

That being said aquiring Exotics is just a matter of time. Luckly every gameplay mode enables you to get them. Yes it takes a huge amount of time but there is no need to get out of your way to get them really. Just play the game the way you enjoy and when you can afford them buy them or craft them. Its a simple as that!