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Twice Avenged [TwiA] - "PvXcellent!" - Now with All Guild Mission Types

06 May 2013 - 10:40 AM

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Twice Avenged [TwiA] - "PvXcellent!" - Stormbluff Isle
Please register on our forum to apply.

We’re the result of a merger between a NA guild and a EU guild in GW1. We coordinate with other guilds on our world to maintain a dominant force in WvW and ensure victory in top tier guild missions. We conquer every dungeon, complete every map, wear the sexiest armor, make insane decisions in our personal stories, and have far more fun than any guild should ever have. We’re just missing one thing: YOU!

We have recurring guild events 7 days per week, including multiple opportunities to earn your weekly commendations from all guild mission types. We know a lot of guilds claim to be PvX when they aren’t, but on top of our regular WvW presence we also have players in the top 100 on the sPvP tournament leaderboards.

While many of us are very active and only represent [TwiA], our roster is open to casual players including those who just want access to more guild mission types. So what are you waiting for? Register on our forum, then fill out an application to introduce yourself. We'll hook you up with a personal mentor to help you integrate with our group of passionate GW enthusiasts. We look forward to playing with you.

Free World Transfer at Head Start / Launch?

01 August 2012 - 10:39 AM

Has ANet mentioned anything about free world transfers for the first 24 hours of head start and/or launch? This was available in the BWEs and it was very useful since it can be difficult to get in touch with old GW1 friends in advance.

This seems like the sort of thing ANet would answer in a Tweet...but I'm a Twitter newb so I don't know how to effectively search those to see if it's been asked. I would be most appreciative if someone would share any info or links regarding this.  :)  Thanks for your time.