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#1633076 Biggest flaw, making WvW casual PvP

Posted Zhahz on 25 July 2012 - 02:34 PM

I totally disagree.

For me, RvR in DAoC was at its best before they added the epeen element of RAs, RPs, and rankings.  Early RvR was PvP with a goal, a point, a purpose.  Once they added the epeen garbage, it went from being PvP with a goal and a point to being a point farming activity.

It went from being, let's go out and fight for the team and the glory of the realm, to defend what's ours or take back what's ours to well, we might wanna do those things if there's lots of RPs in it so we get more RAs or it helps our personal kill count and ranking.  Or we could just make a group and roam the countryside ganking people for easy points.

Something like early RvR or WvW is the more sophisticated and deep PvP worthy of MMORPGs.  But see, that's just how I look at it.  PvP to me isn't about me, or my rank, or my progression, it's about something with some kind of impact for my realm, some kind of persistence, and something bigger than I just ganked you now give me a reward.

I understand that some people like the more gank-oriented style of PvP and want personal reward for doing it but to me that's the lowest quality style PvP.  It's what most MMORPGs offer - the world PvP with zero point, just random murder kind of thing.  There's zero sophistication to that even if it might be fun for some, and there's no point to it other than the FPS style running around killing each other because you can element.

MMORPGs are the grandest of games, IMO, and I expect their PvP to be a little more involved and sweeping than just random murder so a few gankers can get their jollies and compare epeen over it.  Sorry, that's just how I see it.

ANet has stripped all of the trash talking, personal element, and a lot of the ganking out of WvW and it doesn't sit well with those who like that style.  So to me it becomes one of those, if you don't like it, don't do it.  I would imagine the pure gank types don't like sPvP much either since it's also about team and competitiveness.  What's a ganker to do?  Go play WoW or a clone - lots of noobs to pwn in your uber gear there with zero effort, always has been, why change.

WvW may not be perfect but IMO it's more like early RvR where it's about team, your realm, and about goals and purpose with some persistence rather than just about the individual, a progression, and doing whatever to push up your point total.

I don't really see it in any remote way being about casual vs hardcore.  I see it more as being about gank vs purpose or about team vs individual.