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[EU]Seafarers Rest - Precept - PvP/e

09 October 2012 - 11:48 AM

Are you fed up of running around on your lonesome or trailing the zerg hoping to snag a few points? Fed up of standing around outside a dungeon spamming the channels in the hope you'll find someone who can string a sentence together and not demand 'Moar Dots!' over and over.

Fed up of having joined that guild there's noone logging on any more but don't want to join another giant guild where you're just another number?!

Then we might have the answer for you.

We are a small guild, team first and our focus is primarily on having fun in this game. So whether it's 5 of us out in WvWvW taking on 20+ spanish folk (you know who you are Baruch Bay guild we killed!), 2 of us trying to take Dreadfall by ourselves (ninjapult), hijacking a server in sPvP and slaughtering each other etc etc

We have people on primetime (6pm GMT onwards) through to vampire time (2/3am) so always someone around doing something.

Check us out at http://www.precept.cc post in the recruitment section on forums and see you in game!


Song Weasel
Team Weasel - PCP

[EU]Seafarers Rest - Precept - PvX

08 September 2012 - 12:42 PM

All the usual recruitment blurb over on http://www.precept.cc so won't bore you with all the details you can read it there :D

Looking for people to join our band of WvWvW'ers and PvE'ers (we mess around in sPvP), we run groups mainly from 7pm GMT till the vampire hours so there's usually people around most of the day/night.

Team first, teamspeak capable (you don't have to speak if you're shy), capable of speaking coherently and a whole bunch of other stuff you can read on the forums.

Poke one of us in game (tag PCP) or poke us on forums http://www.precept.cc/forums

Guild Leader Precept


16 July 2012 - 10:37 PM

We are looking forward to running a guild in Guild Wars 2 and are looking for members to join our ranks.

http://www.precept.cc - go take a look

Our aim is always to experience end game content, this is invariably some form of organised raiding content 6,10,12,25+ man content....but not in this game woohoo!!

Our primary focus is to excel at end game, that means PvE, PvP, WvWvW etc etc etc we will organise and run groups, do stuff together as a guild, support the servers endeavours etc In short we do stuff!

2: Competence:
Precept was founded on the basis that all our members had come from past raiding or endgame guilds and therefore had some level of skill, aptitude (call it what you want) at playing games (primarily MMOs).

Whilst we do not neccesarily require you to be fully equipped and of maximum level depending upon the games current recruitment policies we do expect you to show good, well rounded skills and to be able to play at the height of your game from the get go. (handholding is at a minimum here)

This will include learning how to best play and equip your character, while members are willing to help you must learn to master your own class.

This also includes reading up on raid content (there is none yay!!), do not expect to turn up and then have the raid leader spend 20 minutes explaining the fight to you (for example)

Failure to meet our high expectations will ultimately result in either demotion or removal from the guild.

3:Guild first
Precept is all about the community, your guild is the first priority as such we will dictate loot if it helps our progression, we do expect people to offer things to guild members first.

We do not want you to stop making profit and there is nothing wrong with selling items at cost, however we expect to see you pushing the guild first mentality at all times.

There are no individuals amongst our ranks we are team first always, you let your team down you find another one and we'll wish you good luck.

Precept has members of all ages from 15 upwards however we generally aim for members to be at least 18 years old. Maturity and the ability to listen to advice and follow orders when necessary are a must have quality.

Exceptions can and are made, but will not be the rule.

5: Your Trial:
When you are on trial you will be monitored for at least a month.
During this period we expect trials to be playing in the game they have applied too regularly, getting to show their skills with the members and being a part of the guild they applied to.

Not logging on, logging on as alts unguilded, spending all your time without the guild and avoiding opportunities to join in can all end in a sudden and unfavourable ending to your trial.

Logging onto teamspeak, even if you do not participate in conversation is a must. Communication is key in everything we do, all endgame requires teamspeak as our primary method of communication. Log-in get to know the voices and characters you're playing with.

Most importantly of all enjoy yourself. We cannot form any opinion of you if you do not participate.


Competency, maturity, aptitude and communciation are all key assets we look for in a future member of Precept. We have been around for 5+ years by working on those assets with each new member we recruit.

Take note of all of the above and you won't go far wrong, good luck with your trial and welcome to Precept.