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Suggestions for reworking of Dungeon Encounters

07 June 2013 - 11:55 PM

I'd like to start this thread for three reasons I suppose. To a lesser extent, theorycrafting. To a medium extent, for the fun (which will probably come from the theorycrafting, if you enjoy doing so). And to a larger extent, to maybe open ANet's eyes to the possibilities of how fun these encounters have the potential to be, while compiling suggestions in a thread.

And I'm talking about any encounter. It can be how you think they could improve a specific boss. Or a specific trash group. Or bosses in general, or trash groups in general.

There's a few specific things I know may come up, and I agree with some if not all of these things. I know that some think that no boss can be fun until they change the gameplay or balance in a way. For example, making Control and Support more viable. But for the sake of brainstorming, I'd like to steer clear of those very broad changes to the game as a whole, and focus more on improving the fun, interest, challenge or whatever of dungeon encounters as the game stands now. I'd just really like to see what you guys think.

I'll start by suggesting that enemy AI and skill set improve in regards to trash mobs. I remember in Guild Wars 1 that in harder content many enemy groups had a specific structure that was thought out and challenging. Groups had healers, melee pressure, etc. so they had a semi-strategy of their own. They would pressure the weaker characters and run out of AoE as a few more examples. Mobs in Guild Wars 2 should have the ability to dodge and even focus interrupts and shutdowns on when you are trying to cast a long spell or when the group they are in are about to spike someone down in a coordinated fashion. Groups of mobs should have at least a basic form of group-think tactics. To implements these changes ANet would most likely need to lower health of mobs, and that would be ok. More mobs, with lower health but higher difficulty and coordination, is something I'm sure most players would be alright with.

Looking forward to seeing what suggestions, general or specific, old or new, we can come up with.

Leap of Faith + Blind Exposure still bugged?

21 May 2013 - 06:11 PM

So this has been around for as long as I can remember playing the guardian, and I've always thought it was a bug, but ANet hasn't even touched it.

When you have Blind Exposure traited (3 stacks of vuln on blind) and use Leap of Faith (greatsword 3), each mob is given 3 stacks of vuln per mob hit. So if you hit 5 mobs, each will get 15 stacks of vuln. No other blinding skill works like this (they give 3 stacks to each mob, no matter the number hit), so I assumed it was a bug.

So my question is: is this a bug? If so, why do you think ANet hasn't fixed it/when do you think they will?

Super Adventure Box

27 March 2013 - 05:00 AM

So lets discuss this rather ninja addition in the latest patch...

First, the info. The Super Adventure Box (SAB) is in Rata Sum and is rumored to be a "Mega 5-Man Scaling Difficulty Jumping Puzzle". In other words, the jumping puzzle equivalent of Fractals. It is ran by Moto (probably named after Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Zelda and Mario). There are new weapon skins associated with this, as seen here http://www.reddit.co...il_fools_joke/ . These also seem to be inspired by Zelda. You can view these skins in the Heart of the Mists weapons locker.

Now how do you use it? Well, you have to have a "Continue Coin", which gives you 5 lives in the box. These can be obtained in the end chest of other jumping puzzles, but they are not a guaranteed drop. These are obtainable now, even though the box isn't working yet.

Now why is it here, and why isn't it working yet? Some think it could be an April Fools joke, or only be available on April Fools day. I disagree with both stances because 1: they have put WAY too much effort into this for it to be a joke, and 2: the fact that you need to do jumping puzzles, which take time, and that they haven't announced anything about it, probably means that they wont just do it for a day. Then you also have all the achievements they've added for it, and all this adds up to make this seem like something that's here to stay and will take a while.

Now what will be in it? To be honest, I don't know. All I know is that it will have different difficulty levels and is rumored to require 5 people.

Thats all I know about it... if anyone has any further knowledge feel free to add. And get on those jumping puzzles! I've already got 3 Continue Coins!

Spear Auto Missing?

27 February 2013 - 10:48 PM

Hey has anyone else noticed that the spear autoattack nearly always misses after the last patch?

Like I cannot get it to hit even on stationary non-hostile targets.

Best Axe Offhand?

30 November 2012 - 06:08 PM

Hey everyone,

So I'd just like opinions on which offhand works best with axe main. This is mainly with respect to dungeons. Just looking at all the choices, I'd say they are all pretty situational:

Axe/MACE: for extra dps and some added control
Axe/SHIELD: for the 3 sec block for when you need invincibility
Axe/WARHORN: for some aid when kiting and for added group support through 10s vigor
Axe/AXE: for dps and superb adrenaline generation.

So is the answer just to have all of them available for different fights? Or is there truely one that is above the rest?

EDIT: I didn't include /SWORD because come on, its based around condition damage.