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#2356880 Heart of Thorns Available For Pre-Purchase

Posted Phineas Poe on 18 June 2015 - 06:21 PM

View PostSatenia, on 17 June 2015 - 02:59 PM, said:

Personally, I don't see the HoT expansion as a static thing. On the contrary, I expect the content to grow along the lines of how the core game did with the living story and all the other improvements they added in the following months and years. As such, what they announce to be in at launch is somewhat secondary to me. In my opinion, they did a fine job these past three years overall, that is reason enough to warrant my pre-order.

This is very true and a good point. Buying Heart of Thorns doesn't just get you expansion content on launch but also is an insurance for content access down the road.

My concern primarily stems from the quality of the content and not its quantity, though. I could attach X amount of dollar for Y amount of content hours and be suited with that, but this logic breaks down when you consider that certain games are a more enjoyable experience than others. I can pick up Mass Effect 1 for five dollars, burn through it in eight to ten hours. and have a fabulous time with it. I could also buy a deck of cards and have limitless hours of "content" available to me. I'm still going to have more fun playing a video game than I will a card game, so I'll always opt for the video game even if it ends up costing me more money down the road.

The concern with the expansion shouldn't be about its price or even what the content is being offered with it, but the quality of the content that's being included. Stronghold, in all due respect to ArenaNet, is a complete ♥♥♥♥ing mess. It's just not done. And let's be realistic here ... they've only created one good PvP map for Conquest since the game came out: Temple. They have spent years balancing and rebalancing the game only to continue to fail to find a happy medium between condition and power builds, between bunker and burst builds. They let the Celestial meta crumble build diversity over the past year and let turrets---a low skill floor build---dominate matchmaking play during a reward-based month-long tournament. They've tweaked, retweaked, and tweaked again their matchmaking algorithm and leaderboard systems, and they have resulted in only creating less accurate, more volatile, and less entertaining match-ups. They eliminated solo queue entirely, shoved Skyhammer into the unranked map rotation, and still haven't given Courtyard its own queue despite constant requests by the PvP community.

And it's not like the PvE really fared all that much better over the past few years. I mean yes, we've gotten a lot of updates, but these are just shaky paint jobs over rusted foundations. The Living Story Season 1 had its share of good content, but it also had a lot of bad. We accepted this because it was free, but then ArenaNet started charging incoming players for Season 2 content, and is now pay-walling future content in the form of the expansion.

They simply haven't got the track record to have my trust that PvP will ever become a competitive space, or that PvE will ever challenge me as a player, and they've shown so little of the expansion on top it to disprove my concerns. They've had three years to do it, and they've gotten no where in anything: PvE, PvP, or WvW. People are still grinding CoF for gold and still voting en masse for Legacy of the Foefire over anything else they've added since launch; if that doesn't explain the quality of post-launch content in Guild Wars 2 I don't know what does.

Guild Wars 2 also doesn't exist in a vacuum, and it's important to establish that there are other MMOs that will exist and future RPGs down the road in general. Crowfall and Star Citizen continue to march along in their development, and FFXIV continues to churn out new content on a regular basis that is actually turning heads.

And so I am finding myself at an impasse: do I take a leap of faith and pay $50 for an expansion that might as well be a metal bucket on a sinking ship? Or should I count my blessings that I had as much fun as I did in this game, as long as I did, and made all the friends I did, and move on to greener pastures?

Like everyone else I am in wait-and-see mode, but ArenaNet's vow of silence on what constitutes "challenging group content" leaves me unconvinced that they'll ever get their ducks in a row. If they had something to show, they would have shown it already--just as they did with Stronghold.

#2356796 Heart of Thorns Available For Pre-Purchase

Posted UnDeadFun on 17 June 2015 - 06:56 PM

I would like to start off by saying that I've bought multiple copies of GW and all the expansions, I've  pre-purchased  multiple copies of GW2 for myself and family members. I have spent money in the gem store but I am NOT expecting any kind of entitlement. I have played both games and enjoyed them and the sub free game. I acknowledge that they have provided a ton of content( also remember that this is a business and they would not have provided that much content if they were not making money on it, so people should stop acting like Anet & NCsoft were being generous).

Gord some of the knee jerk reactions maybe be coming from lack information provided about the quantity of the content and still no given release date. Neo you might be right, perhaps they will announce and release more information about more content is coming with the expansion and maybe it will change peoples attitude.

Myself I find it a bit hard to accept that kind of price when they have released a new profession and not given a character slot, as they did with GW. It took them 3 years to address the condition damage issue. They have not fixed the pet/ minion ai mechanics which have been broken since launch. The list could go on and on about broken parts of the original game, that have been broken or not working properly since it's release. They finally revamped the poor trait system(again) and then teased/ hyped everyone up with these new specializations and then locked it behind the expansion. It all just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I do like the game and will keep logging in however, I will not pre-purchase the expansion. Perhaps down the road I will purchase it but that is yet to be decided.

#2356742 Heart of Thorns Available For Pre-Purchase

Posted Phineas Poe on 17 June 2015 - 11:31 AM

It's pretty normal for expansions to be $50 at launch, and to usually package the base game with them.

What's not normal is (1) not supplying a release date after listing pre-order options and (2) not giving us anywhere near enough information to justify spending $50 on this expansion. It's still very unclear what is actually going into this expansion versus what isn't, since from what I understand everyone will have access to Stronghold and the new WvW map.

It seems like the only thing that's truly expansion-gated is the PvE content, which doesn't really seem to me to be worth the $50 price tag given the quality of the Living Story. I'm in wait and see mode.

#2356706 Heart of Thorns Available For Pre-Purchase

Posted Arkham Creed on 17 June 2015 - 04:19 AM

View PostTellia, on 17 June 2015 - 04:15 AM, said:

Regina made a post on the official forum stating that the expansion itself is $50 and that the base game is "free" with it. so any hopes of an account upgrade at a lower cost just went out the window.

It seems a bit high to me, but I can deal with paying it. What really bothers me though is the core game bundle. I wouldn't mind giving new players that bonus, hell it already means my guild will be growing a few slots, but that is we vet players got something too. But we don't. New players get $40 worth of content free, while vet players get nothing. Completely forgotten about. They could at least toss us a few gems or a character slot or something. But nope; they are so focused on chasing new players that they effectively screw over and piss off their current ones.

#2328299 Would you pay?

Posted I'm Squirrel on 16 June 2014 - 03:50 PM

wouldnt pay for anything arenanet releases after what gw2 has become in the past 2 years

#2332154 Don't you dare, ANet! [slight patch spoiler]

Posted MCBiohazard on 15 July 2014 - 06:28 PM

View Postdakka dakka, on 15 July 2014 - 06:01 PM, said:

Well seeing as how Trehearne is the leader of the pact and they get attacked in this episode it makes sense that he would get involved. I don't see him having a huge part to play as he is vulnerable to this dragons corruption.

And personally I feel all the rage thrown at him is overblown and unfounded. Every GW game has a character like him. Rurik, Togo, Kormir, Ogden just to name a few of the mains.

Why the shock and anger over Anets well entrenched plot devices confuzzles me honestly. Did you REALLY expect to be "THE HERO"? we the players have NEVER been the hero in any GW game, the story has always been about someone else. That is how its always been and it works well for the lore writers.

Trahearne is more egregrious a writing mistake than any of the other examples you listed. He is the archetypal Gary Stu because he hijacks your story and also is never allowed to fail. The second part is important. Every one else got some humbling through their story, Rurik died and got turned into a revenant, Togo got murderated, Kormir got her eyes plucked out for her hubris and Ogden really isn't even in the same category, he's a side character and a source of dwarf flavored comic relief at times. Meanwhile, Trahearne gets a sword of destiny from his mom after some other guy lost it, he gets to lead the Pact without any major setbacks along the way, and he finishes his epic quest and leaves you to clean up the mess. Not cool.

#2326388 Introducing the Story Journal

Posted Senatic on 05 June 2014 - 02:19 PM

So a new player wants to start playing gw2 a few years from now. lets say 3 years from now after an expansion. After he's done with all the normal stuff in the core game/expansion content he wants to catch up on what happened in the living story up to that point. Now he has to buy what, lets say an average of maybe 15 epiosdes/year ? That's 60 episodes, at 200 gems each he's looking at 12,000 gems, the equivalent of 150$/110£.

Yeah sure anet, makes perfect sense. Season packs incoming?

I mean, this is just more greedy shit. Why have to pay for content that is free to those who play the game? Just to try to bully people to stay in the game? What happened to "We have no sub fee, it's okay if you wanna pause for a few months and then come back to see what's new!".

Looks like now it's becomming "We have no sub fee, so we're gonna nickel and dime you on everything we can!"

#2326385 Introducing the Story Journal

Posted Miragee on 05 June 2014 - 02:17 PM

First I thought "finally, good feature". Then I read the part with the gem purchases. So it's basically either loging in and playing in that time frame or you have to pay for the content. Seriously, anets marketing department should be hanged.

I thought about playing the LS2 when it's over so I have the whole without breaks. But now if I want to do that I need to pay or I play broken scraps like in LS1. Just stop this wanna-be free content and give us either a full fleshed out story add once through an paid expansion or the scrap-like content but for free and forever. But don't try to force players into login schedules. I'm seriously pissed about this.

#2317876 GW2 has a content, not a feature problem.

Posted Konzacelt on 17 April 2014 - 09:56 PM

View PostMCBiohazard, on 17 April 2014 - 09:05 PM, said:

How would it not still be this theoretical slap to the face if they came out with a Canthan/Elonian expansion and it didn't live up to your expectations? Wouldn't it be an extra slap to the face since you would be hyped up enough about such to buy said expansion?
It still would be, but at least I'd know something about it beforehand from utube if I waited a week.


There is nothing but a price wall in difference between an expansion model and the current buy once free to play model. The content would be the same either way, whatever A-Net decides to release.
Doubt it.  How it is now they are forced to uberly promote gem-store stuff to stay viable.  I really don't see how you think that given the current content of GW2.


You're saying you would rather pay more money to be potentially disappointed than wait to see to it for free. That seems off to me.
I'm saying I'd rather pay money on a system that promotes solid, quality content rather than one that promotes trite, temporary content.

View PostFoxBat, on 17 April 2014 - 08:28 PM, said:

Half of them working on a long-term actual expansion, but some people have trouble believing that unannounced projects exist in the game industry.

If that's true, why not say so?  What do they have to lose?

#2318383 Unlocking traits.

Posted Improvavel on 19 April 2014 - 10:58 AM

Another amazing feedback from forums that couldn't keep their mouths shut about "how amazing it was to cap elite skills in GW1".

It wasn't amazing. It was incredible boring, dull and annoying. That is why skill tomes, elite or otherwise, were hot items in GW1.

#2315000 How Players are Permanently Changing Guild Wars 2's Living World

Posted swordmagic on 08 April 2014 - 02:13 PM

Well... if they are gonna continue with LS and NOT bring an expansion into GW2, i am most likely to quit the game in a month or so.
I want new area's to explore, new enemies, new sights.

Whatever is the plan with LS, it's not for me.
Its a little quick content - sometimes nice, most of the time annoying - which i really don't care about anymore.

Lately, i find myself logging in to the game, do some dailies, maybe a few world events and then ... i get bored.
Could be only me, but thats the way it is for me atm

#2290929 What's the thing with GW1?

Posted Desild on 05 February 2014 - 02:25 PM

View PostHaruka Zahm, on 05 February 2014 - 02:05 PM, said:

It's mostly due to rose-colored glasses.  These people are unhappy with their expectations of GW2 and revert back to the "golden years" of GW1.  It's impossible to please everyone, and those who are most upset happen to be the most vocal.

It most be due to jade-colored glasses that you must feel the need of diminishing those that truly enjoyed the original, were upset when they announced they were going to cease all development in favor of a sequel, got ensured that the sequel would be just as good, and got something else entirely.

This is not a matter of being pleased. We were robbed!

#2279699 ArenaNet to "address [...] the dominance of Berserker/DPS"

Posted Noob Alts Ringleader on 13 January 2014 - 04:04 AM

I have serious reservations about this.

In an ideal world, this is a fine step, if it's done by buffing other types of classes.

Knowing Anet, however... Anet is terrible at balancing anything. These are the people who seem to have serious issues letting rangers have decent condition cleansing and pets that work, engineers have working turrents, et cetera while seeing no problems with warriors have a variety of condition cleansing, easy access to high damage and tough defense, and incredible mobility. Oh, and Signet of Healing. WHAT they will do to berserkers scare me.

#2267162 Now, how do you feel about the Living Story? (11/13/13)

Posted Konzacelt on 03 December 2013 - 05:58 PM

I think the idea of the living story is completely at odds with a B2P model.  I mean...the whole point of B2P is that you don't have to keep playing everyday like a sub tries to force you to do.  This wouldn't be an issue if the LS element of GW2 was trivial or not very relevant.  But it just happens to be the main focus of the game now...and for the foreseeable future.  The fact that almost none of this content is permanent totally nullifies one of the prime benefits of the B2P model.

The LS/Gemstore duo is not really B2W because little of it is actually needed for gameplay purposes.  It's all aesthetic.  Yet the end-game content is almost entirely centered around aesthetics so what else can you do besides the LS skin grind?  TP speculate?  Outright buy it off the gemstore?  It's like they want the revenue of a F2P cash shop game...without calling it that.  They stop juuuuust short of it by the simple fact that it's almost all cosmetic.  But what else is there?

The LS is simply a means to an end for ANet.  The means to get revenue.  There's nothing inherently wrong with wanting to make a profit, it's a healthy thing actually.  But there is something wrong with going about it in a backhanded way.  If they want more money from us, give us a good friggin reason to.  This LS crap doesn't even come close.  And yes, it is crap...despite what ANet thinks passes for good story these days.

"Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining." quote from Josey Wales

#2244812 What Happened to the Direction of ANet?

Posted El Duderino on 15 October 2013 - 06:06 PM

View PostLordkrall, on 15 October 2013 - 10:17 AM, said:

That would only matter if they were EXACTLY as skilled, had EXACTLY the same latency, used the EXACT same profession, weapons, skills and stat-combos.
A good player will defeat a decent player even if he have a few more stat-points.

As a developer yourself, do you compare balance based on two unequal opponents, or on two equal opponents? Just curious? Because, and I'm not a developer, but it seems that when two people play a game, one side shouldn't be at an initial disadvantage because one side just might happen to be better than the other.

Of course, there is also the flip side, what if the better player has the ascended gear? Do you like the fact that it would then be almost impossible for the underdog to win? Me, I'm an underdog kind of guy, so I like to make sure they get a fair chance.

My guess is that being fair and balanced isn't a design principle you hold dearly. Makes sense why you defend GW2 so much then.