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[Answered] vanishing mystic coins from inventory? has it happened to you?

16 December 2012 - 08:52 AM

hi. the last 2 days in a row, the mystic coin i got from the dailies has vanished from my inventory. i receive the coin, and put it in my last bag with the jug. however when i look later the space i put the coin in has been empty.

i can confirm that i am not:
- selling the coin
- deleting the coin
- banking the coin and forgetting (it disappears before i get to any bank...)
- otherwise misplacing the coin (it is NOWHERE in my bags)

1st time this happened, i figured it was an anomoly and would not happen again. today, it happened again.

odd thing is that the jug does not disappear at all. only the mystic coin.

im just wondering if this has happened to anyone else or not. kinda starting to piss me off, seems i cant collect mystic coins anymore...

how do people join full servers?

15 November 2012 - 05:19 AM

hi. so, recently a friend of mine bought the game, between 1-2 weeks ago. hes been playing on kaineng instead of with me, cause the server i play on is always listed as "full". i figure he just has to wait until it says high, and both of us have been checking the status of the servers. but so far none of the servers listed as full ever change to high.

however, now i find that theres a few new guilds on our server. and these guys arent new guilds made up of people who were already on the server, they transferred onto it within the last week or 2. but i dont understand how a couple of guilds that are 30+ could get all their members over when i cant get 1 guy over.

i heard a rumor that the server might not be listed as full in offpeak times, but i have yet to see proof of that. we are in asia, and joining north american servers, so we check the server list at times ranging from after american peak in their early hours, to pretty much any that is also offpeak for oceanic/asia times. i check early morning, middle of the day (on weekdays), after midnight...but, the same servers are ALWAYS full. they are never just "high"...

still, people on my server talk about recruiting MORE people from other servers to help wvw coverage. and reading this forum, all the servers that i see as "full" all the time are constantly talking about how new guilds joined them, or how they need more players. i dont understand how this is possible. so...how do people join en masse to these servers when they are full all the time? seems nobody else is having trouble transferring to full servers except for us...

id really like some help with this. i like my home server which ive been on since beta, and my guild, and i would really rather have my friend join me there. thanks.

what are the exact start/end times for wvw matches each week?

01 November 2012 - 08:15 AM

hi. i am just wondering what the exact start and end time is for wvw matches each week?

feel free to post the time in whatever timezone you know it in, i will convert it myself.


log in server down?

19 September 2012 - 07:04 AM

im getting the "unable to connect to log in server" error right now. anyone else?

difference between the orders? how to make the choice?

13 September 2012 - 08:13 AM

hey. so im really far behind on my personal story and im just about to make a choice between the 3 orders. but, i dont want to make the wrong choice. ive read posts here where people regret their choice cause the one they picked was really annoying, but i dont remember which ones people thought were annoying and ones people liked.

so, whats the diff between them gameplay wise? what things are you aunhappy about with the choice you made or are you satisfied with your choice? which orders have the most annoying or hardest missions in their storylines?