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In Topic: Rate the Last Movie You Saw!

29 July 2014 - 09:25 PM

Edge of Tomorrow - 9/10

I think I've mentioned it before in a review, but I say it again. I don't like Tom Cruise, he's a total sleazeball and not ment to be an action star in my opinion, no matter how hard he tries to make it happen. And that's kinda the strong point of this film, since the main character starts as a total sleazeball and gradually becomes more badass (and by gradually it probably takes him the equivalent of months).
By the way, this movie is basically Groundhog Day as a sci-fi action flick. And that's not ment to sound deprecatory, no it's super awesome. Emily Blunt, Bill Paxton and Noah Taylor are all great. The humor is dark, yet fitting, the twists are not too unexpected but still good and the story overall is probably as creative as it can be (I guess story credit goes mostly to the manga it is based on. Never read it though).
My only complaint would be that it was a bit too "america saves the day-ey", despite having some international soldiers during the last battle. Would it have hurt so much to let the hero be japanese like in the source material? Well what do I expect from an amercian film...

Hot Tub Time Machine - 7.5/10

Uhh another film about accidental time travel! This time not due to aliens, but a hot tub... which is also a time machine. A hot tub time machine! Despite the pretty simple name, this film is actually realy funny. Sure some gross humor here and there and not much highbrow material, but it did it's job and made me laugh... a lot. Hey and it has John Cusack in it. Craig Robinson stole the show though, he was hysterical.
I can't say much more about it, there is a part two coming later this year, the trailer looked promising.

Pineapple Express - 8/10

Aaaaaand another comedy. I don't know why I love stoner comedies so much, heck I never even came close to touching weed my whole life, but there is something about this crazy, facepalm-inducing, stoner humor I can't get enough of. The story is pretty simple, Seth Rogen is a stoner, he wittnesses a murder and flees to his dealer/best friend James Franco, who is also stoned 100% of the screen time. The murderer and his corrupt police officer accomplice now try to kill the two before they can tell anyone. And since those two are stoned all the time the plot takes longer than it has to, yet it's also so much more fun to watch.

In Topic: Rate the Last Movie You Saw!

18 July 2014 - 03:53 PM

As I'm still somewhat struck with the football feaver, I watched two football films.

United Passions - 4.5/10

So yeah this is a movie about the FIFA. It's kinda weird having a sports film about the executives and not the teams but I have to admit I was intrigued by the idea. After all nowadays we take the FIFA for granted, so it should be interesting to see where they come from. Too bad the movie fails to show it. I mean it does show the history of FIFA from foundation to 2005, so about a 100 years. This is however the problem, they have to show too much in the film, they have no time to establish or explain anything. The characters remain mostly shallow, important events are just cut away.
An example: In 1930 the FIFA hosts it's first World Cup a year later the movie shows that they went bankrupt. The characters talk about how their dream is over. Cut to 1937, the FIFA still exists and they talk about the last WC in Italy and how it was influenced by politics. But how did they get out of bankruptcy? Never explained. And that happens all the time.
And how Sepp Blatter is portrayed. I have not much love for that man, but I do believe that he sincerely tries to delevop football in Africa. But that doesn't mean you have to show only his good sides movie! Don't get me wrong they show corruption within the FIFA, but they never really say who is corrupt. What they do make clear though is that Blatter isn't. He is the white knight trying to safe the whole thing. In the end he succeeds and they again didn't even bother to show how.
I still give this movie credit for what it tried to do and it is interesting enough to watch if you like history or football (or both as I do). It just has obvious shortcomings and I can't forgive how they portray Blatter as the unambiguous good guy.

The Miracle of Bern - 9/10

Another sports movie with the main focus on what happens beside the field, but done right this time. I just realize that is the first german movie I review here. The setting is the 1954 World Cup in Switzerland. Though I'd say only about half of the film shows this, the other half is about a german family. The father just came back after being a russian POW for 12 years. He barely fits into the society that has changed so much since WW2. His eldest son is a communist, his daughter dates british soldiers, his wife learned to survive on her own and his youngest son idolizes Helmut Rahn a local footballer and sees him as a father figure.
Much of the movie is the father trying to reconnect with his family and in the end he bonds with his youngest son over football.
Of course it wouldn't be the miracle of Bern if they didn't show it. The campaign is told from the german side, with most matches glimpsed over only the finale is shown in all it's glorious detail. What surprised me is that except Helmut Rahn, none of the the actors that played footballers are actually actors, they were all footballers themself. But their acting was really good! Well I guess Helmut Rahn was the only one who had to be an actor as he has the most screentime and dialog. Still the guy who portrays german captain and Kaiserlauten legend Fritz Walter does a damn good job for layman actor, even if his accent isn't flawless.
Speaking of accents, I have no idea how good this movie is in english (if there is even a dubbed version) as some of it's humorous charm comes from the fact that all the players have their local accents. At one scene it's even somewhat a plotpoint, when Germany defeats Austria in the semi final you hear a radio voice explaining what happens in the match, without seeing it. He just talks about how "our boys are getting over run" but by his accent you can clearly hear that he is austrian, even if it's never mentioned in the monolog. No idea how this is done in a dubbed version.
Anyway a great movie that really captures the spirit of the time and more importantly what this World Cup ment to the german society. This tournament is sometimes even called the real birthdate of the German republic, so yes it was indeed a major historic event for us and the film manages to portray that with great accuracy.

Edit: Something just came to my mind, that I thought would be an interesting bit of trivia: United Passions depicts Horst Dassler, the head of a german sports article producer Adidas, making an exclusive deal with FIFA. The Miracle of Bern has the appearance of Adi Dassler, Horst's father and founder of Adidas, as the equipment supplier of the german team.

In Topic: FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil

17 July 2014 - 11:40 PM

True Courtois was a great keeper, he lacked a really outstanding match though. I'm sure he is time to shine will come at the Euro Cup 2016. Overall the quality of goalkeeping in this tournament was insane, almost every site had a great goalie. Here are some of the greatest saves in this tournament.

In Topic: FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil

17 July 2014 - 03:29 PM

Well the WC is over, but before we abandon this thread and procede with our normal every day live, let's reflect upon the past 4 weeks.

This was definitely one of the most entertaining cups I have ever seen. Most teams played fast, high standing, strong pressing styles. However we haven't seen too much magic in the knock-out stage due to the high physicalness, which led to some bad injuries, like Neymars broken back, or all the concussions players suffered. If Brazils failure will have political consequences remains to be seen. It seems likely though.

Now to the fun part: My top eleven players of the tournament, plus some honorable mentions.

Goalkeeper: Manuel Neuer (Ger)

Without doubt the best sweeper keeper right now and also very strong when it comes to crosses, shots from far away and penalties. Also really good at starting counter attacks. Deserving Golden Glove winner.


Defense: Phillip Lahm (Ger) | Mats Hummels (Ger) | Thiago Silva (Bra) | Marcos Rojo (Arg)

Phillip Lahm is a solid CM, but he is the best right back of his time, almost never makes mistakes, strong defense and offense. Mats Hummels was a wall, he completly took Benzema out of the match against France, also a strong header, scored 2 goals. Despite his 2 unnecessary fouls which both led to Brazil loosing, it is still note worthy that Silva on his own brought Brazil to the semis, by being the glue of their defense line. Without him they fell apart. Rojo is young, but very fast and talented. He rarely made mistakes and helped combining Argentinas defense with it's offense.


Central Midfield: Toni Kroos (Ger) | Bastian Schweinsteiger (Ger)/Javier Mascherano (Arg)

Toni Kroos aspires to be the new Pirlo with his incredibly precise passes. He scored 2 goals and assisted 4, all of the assists happened via free and corner kicks. Bastian Schweinsteiger and Javier Mascherano were both great for the same reasons. They worked on the defense while opening the offense for their team and both took a beating. Schweinsteiger getting up, bleeding and limping but still playing will be one of the pictures I will never ever forget.


Attacking Midfield: Lionel Messi (Arg) | James Rodriguez (Col) | Thomas Müller (Ger)

Messi carried his team to the knock-out stage, then they finally started working. He became often neutralized by good defenses though, so not a worthy Golden Ball winner for the tournament imo. Still always a threat. Rodriguez was a worty Golden Boot winner, his goals were amazing, beautiful and plenty. Müller was the worker of the trio, never tired he played all 7 matches for the full duration and ran more than most other attackers in the tournament. Worthy of the Silver Boot and Ball.


Striker: Miroslav Klose (Ger)

Was Klose the most prolific striker? No. But he broke the top scoring record and despite his high age of 36 he had a work rate that surpassed most much younger strikers. He was always dangerous, always finding his way into those small holes in the opponents defense. My personal favorite current player for a reason. ;)


In Topic: FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil

13 July 2014 - 10:54 PM

I have to say, this was quite a spectacular showing of footballing skills we've seen from both teams. I might also add: